Photoshop Community Photoshop Website)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP 4.x, MySQL 4.x, Ajax, Joomla CMS
  • Effort: 7 man-months
  • Site:

This project was developed according to the customer's idea to organize an entertaining community the main interest of which is photo design by means of Photoshop and creating of so-called photochopz. On this site photochopz designers share their works and battle for prizes on-line.

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Non-profit association community
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP 4.x, MySQL 4.x, XAJAX 0.2.x, Joomla CMS
  • Effort: 6 man-months

This national non-profit association represents more than 570 small and rural independent local exchange carriers providing telecommunication services throughout rural America. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life in rural communities through advanced telecommunications. Our team executed a project of designing a network for that company.

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Showcast Showcast)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO, Joomla CMS
  • Effort: 12 man-months
  • Site:

The ShowCast community was thought out as a sophisticated online community across the Internet dedicated to international modeling business and casting. On the portal models, actors and artists are given an opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience while many model and talent agencies have the option to regularly search the created database.

Case Study Details

Health community website Healthcare web portal interface 1)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL 4.x, XAJAX 0.2.x, Joomla!® CMS
  • Effort: 8 man-months

The idea of the project was creating a community of people challenged with different diseases to provide the live communication among them and help them overcome their difficulties. A serious project as it is demanded authoring and building a respectively considerable site that would with all its features grab peoples' attention.

Case Study Details Oliomobile website interface)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, Java Script, Joomla CMS, Zen Cart
  • Effort: 4 man-months

The purpose of this bilingual (English and French) website is to promote the use of straight vegetable oil (SVO) in diesel-fueled vehicles. Vegetable oil is a cleaner, more reliable and cost efficient alternative to fossil fuels. So that our team attempted at authoring a relevant site for this international network of straight vegetable oil users.

Case Study Details

Software for Pharmacy
  • Technologies and platforms: Microsoft ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, PhoneGap, HTML 5, MSSQL, MS Visual Studio
  • Effort: 16 man-months

When we stop by the pharmacy to get medicine, we want to be sure that the pharmacy actually has it. We do not want to stand in line waiting while each person in front is explaining the pharmacist his health history. We do not want to keep in mind all the possible contraindications we might have for each particular medicine. Now, imagine going to the pharmacy where the pharmacist knows you by name. He has your health history available at a click of the button with the full list of medications you have been taking, allergies and contraindications you have. Your pharmacy is able to ensure that the most suitable meds for you are always available on time. Imaging how convenient it will be to order your meds online and then simply stopping by the pharmacy to pick it up later on. The pharmacist will call you to kindly remind you that your refill is ready for the pickup. This kind of automated information system will bring together the pharmacies, suppliers and customers. It will give the benefits of automated orders and purchases of medical supplies; ensure the control of the flow of the medical supplies; offer the power to choose the most competitive pricing and suppliers. As for the customers, it will offer the automated customer orders and refills online, various customer loyalty programs and recipe production, among many other benefits.

Case Study Details

Social Features for SharePoint Learning Management System Social integrated LMS home page interface)
  • Technologies and platforms: C#, JavaScript, XML, XSLT; SharePoint 2010 platform, with extensive use of jQuery
  • Effort: 70 man-months, ongoing
  • Duration: 5 years

Learning through active collaboration between students and tutors is acknowledged to be more effective than any sort of self-study. This is applicable to distance learning using various tools, like learning management system, for example.

Case Study Details