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Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO, Joomla CMS
Efforts :  12 man-months

The ShowCast community was thought out as a sophisticated online community across the Internet dedicated to international modeling business and casting. On the portal models, actors and artists are given an opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience while many model and talent agencies have the option to regularly search the created database.

Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, Java Script, Joomla CMS, Zen Cart
Efforts :  4 man-months

The purpose of this bilingual (English and French) website is to promote the use of straight vegetable oil (SVO) in diesel-fueled vehicles. Vegetable oil is a cleaner, more reliable and cost efficient alternative to fossil fuels. So that our team attempted at authoring a relevant site for this international network of straight vegetable oil users.

Technologies and tools:
PHP 4.x, MySQL 4.x, XAJAX 0.2.x, Joomla!® CMS
Efforts :  8 man-months

The idea of the project was creating a community of people challenged with different diseases to provide the live communication among them and help them overcome their difficulties. A serious project as it is demanded authoring and building a respectively considerable site that would with all its features grab peoples' attention.

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Social Communities and Networks Development

Belitsoft offers custom social networking development services. Being a professional web development company we are able to build any social community or network web-service which will meet all your business requirements.

When you build a social network you get a chance to develop your business, find likeminded people, promote your social activities and earn. The more people you meet and interact with, the more business opportunities you are likely to come across. Having a network you get a chance to meet leaders in your industry and to build and grow these relationships.

You definitely can gain the customers' confidence if you can connect to them on both a personal and professional level. Having to do a bit of work, it definitely pays off as you can get an offer from someone who is interested in your products or services. Corporate social networking is a way to connect to other people from your company or from other companies. This is a chance to get references and gain reputation. It's a great way to promote business in your field or industry. Always there is a possibility to earn in your social network using advertising, donation and other sources of investment into your network.

Entrust your business ideas to professionals. We will find elegant and functional solution whether developed from the scratch or using already fully functional Social platform. Contact us now, or check out our social networking development portfolio below.

Note: Having in mind proficiency of Belitsoft developers in building social community using a JomSocial platform Belitsoft was recognized as JomSocial solution development partner . Therefore our customers get a 10% discount for JomSocial Pro license when building a Social solution!

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