American Business Persons Say It is a Good Idea to Outsource Software Development in Belarus

What do real American and British business persons think about Belarusian IT outsourcing companies?

Jul 17, 2017

Belarusian software development companies have clients in more than 60 countries all over the world where 43.2% clients are from the USA, 49.1% from European countries, and 5.3% from Russia and CIS countries (according to the official information, 2017).

Software development clients in Belarus

Very Educated IT Professionals in Belarus

Jason Van Dyke, President at Special Education Solutions (Fayetteville, Arkanzas, the USA) marks that Belarusian developers are “very educated. Great skill sets at an affordable price. Great sense of urgency and time management in comparison to other IT professionals we have worked with”.

Belarusian students successfully take part in many international competitions and win prizes. For example,  Belarusians won the Facebook Hacker Cup, the Google Code Jam,  and much more. If you have a look at the all-time medal ranking of the International Olympiad in Informatics, an annual competitive programming competition for high school students since 1989, you will find Belarus in the top 15 of the world’s strongest nations (and it is ranked 6th in Europe).

Belarus is the Next Big Labor Market for Programming

Adam Nyhan, Business attorney at Opticliff Law (Oregon, Portland, the USA) called to mind his client's words about Belarusian developers: "A client of mine, a software developer in New York City founded by a European and a Latin American, tapped Belarus for their programming talent. They have about 40 programmers in Belarus and have been delighted with them. The client has told me that they and others view Eastern Europe in general as the next big labor market for programming".

According to the Bloomberg: "The nation has been a high-tech magnet ... local universities still turn out 4,000 information technology grads every year... Belarus also produces world-class specialists in mathematics and physics. That's an attraction to companies such as Invention Machine, a Boston-based group."

In March 2017, Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch, said: “Things have improved noticeably during the last decade or two for tech suppliers in BelarusNational emphasis on STEM education, thoughtful economic development programs, and a commitment to superior customer service, are what seem to be responsible for their booming tech industry.

Belarus is an European answer to Silicon Valley

As Brad Krevoy, President and CEO of Motion Picture Corporation of America, noted in his video interview: ”Belarus Hi-Tech Park is a cutting edge European answer to Silicon Valley. Very intelligent people, enthusiastic work force. It’s the one place in Europe where skilled engineers, developers in web and Internet come together to create new ideas. HTP is a perfect place to involve investment, because people from resident companies here are very experienced in programming. I think it is a place to be for the future...

Realistic and Responsible Belarus Developers

Jack Thorogood, CEO at NOVP (London, United Kingdom) says: “I’ve been working with BY partners for about 8 years and they are great. […] developers who are realists (i.e. can provide accurate timelines) and responsible (i.e. they'll endeavor to deliver to the timeline they set out”.

A High Proportion of English Speakers in Belarus

According to the CIO Magazine for technology executives, the skills of Belarusian software developers “coupled with a high proportion of English speakers and only a few hours time difference have made Belarus an attractive proposition for the UK companies looking to solve their development problems by offshoring. The establishment of the Belarus High Tech Park in 2005 has provided a real focus for IT skills in Belarus and has enabled the IT market to develop at a breakneck pace without any loss of quality” (according to Neil Turvin, the CEO of Godel, a software developer company with offices in the UK and Belarus).

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Famous Companies Outsource To Belarus

According to the report of Bloomberg (financial software, data, and media company from New York), Belarusian IT outsource providers work with such top clients as: Google, Halliburton, Chevron, Citigroup, Sears, Colgate-Palmolive, Thomson Reuters, and Viacom, as well as Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Philips, Samsung, Barclays, and the London Stock Exchange.  

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