eSports Betting: What’s on the Market and How Can You Join?

Betting has likely been popular since the times when people were watching their fellows fight for a mammoth leg and guessing who will die first. Today the access to the global sports one click away thanks to online gambling websites that provide a limitless selection of how you can attempt the game with your favourite team. This article will be a guide to the betting universe: what is going on at the moment, who leads and how hard is it to enter. Moreover, we will show an example of how we developed and continue to support a major eSports betting portal.
Feb 21, 2019

To start with, let’s see what’s up on the market in 2019.

Online gambling market

Betting market on the internet covers many sources of excitement, including poker, casinos and sports betting. The notch is on the legality of their existence.

While in most countries online gambling is allowed, in some it’s completely restricted (United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Poland etc). But still, we have Canada, UK, Australia, China and many others who are not likely to let go this source of excitement.

Speaking of sport betting, today there is a wide selection of companies worldwide that provide current results, live streams and opportunity to bet on the matches of virtually any game held in virtually any country in the world. Sportsbook software development has expanded to a point of huge platforms processing tremendous amounts of data.

But the speed bump is hidden underneath the final odds which should satisfy the customer and still be lucrative for the provider.

That is why relatively young companies still keep their heads above the market water. Even being pressured by the rivalry with the giants, newborn organizations try to stand out by analysing their environment. Besides, the market itself promises to grow even more that also holds out hope:

Gambling market
Size of the online gambling market from 2009 to 2020

But as was mentioned briskly in passing, companies need to draw gamblers’ attention. And to make a versed spectator clicking on your website, you had better know where to shoot.

How we developed an eSports betting site

Since video games tournaments and championships are held with the same excitement as football, the market participants have to sharpen their skills and provide better services than their competitors.

Creating a sports betting website is a fruitful idea that comes to many, though not everyone succeeds. The biggest concern is to create an algorithm that runs and pushes the company up on the market.

At the moment Belitsoft cooperates with betting website developers which decided to create an online sportsbook. The key thing was to release a platform where players, gamblers or random bystanders could get all the required information they need and bet on the team they’d like to. On the website the developers displayed recent results on matches and tournaments, with date, ready odds, and a betslip window.

Website interface

Belitsoft has developed an analytical system on the backend of this popular eSport betting website, and two frontend applications:

The first is a Google Chrome extension. Our team developed an in-browser app which automatically checks out odds, results etc on the given resources and displays the updated information. Potentially, it could be done on the backend and run in the background.

However, the client wanted to control the situation (which matches to parse) and track the results, so the extension has a visual interface.

Extension updates

The second app was developed for bookies where they watch the results of the internal research. It was implemented as a table filled with constantly updated information (e.g. competitors’ odds).

At the moment we provide an ongoing technical support and bring to life emerging ideas and improvements.

The main role of the above-mentioned elements is to ease the weight on their bookmakers’ shoulders and make the system work faster and smoother.

The secret of a well-played system inside the running betting app is in the data analysis. The thought of profiting from gathering and structuring information is nothing new. Our sports betting software developers build the algorithmic core of the system basing on the data they have.

If the rising stars to watch for in the next year were transparently obvious, the bookies would perform better being aware. That’s what Belitsoft helps to embody: a forecast analytical algorithms and Big Data principles processing information nearly every second.

Processing Big Data

Big Data analytics provides an ability to adapt to changes. It helps to find the required data and build up the predictions on the market.

Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights.” - Big Data In Big Companies

Big Data is different from simple research. Humongous amounts of information flow into the basket and are processed there to become conclusive answers.

The company Belitsoft works with has an engine that crawls the Web and analyses the markets, existing teams, individual members basing on the information given on different platforms. Each odds’ change, market move and even teams’ success (fail and victory, best and worst periods) displayed on the competitors’ sites are recorded endlessly.

The machine recognizes numerous teams and markets’ names to gather the data. The difficulty is that those are called differently, even peculiarly all over the internet.

The solution for both is different: for the teams’ searching our developers created a dictionary with over 40000 names in it. So, if the program needs to find one, it compares the names inside with the ones on the internet and choses the matches. But the markets do not surrender without fighting.

Here we had to develop an individual algorithm for each market which compares the pre-defined market names with the ones on the rivals’ sportsbook websites. This way the system covers every possible variant and detects the required names and digits.

In the end, the results are set out in the table so that bookmakers could observe the current situation on the betting market and mathematically create better offers.

Odds table

As a result, the company gets constantly updating statistics. This information helps to count odds, track and display the changes and see where you can afford to concede and where you’d better push the price. That leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

Owing to these, the company shines through the rivalry of other online gambling software developers and offer customers more generous conditions.

Technological Challenges

Another crucial aspect is the technology to use in the sports betting website development. Our team relies on a full “tool pack” that includes PHP 7.2, NGINX, Laravel Framework, Node JS, Javascript, VueJS, MongoDB, Chrome Extension API, Socket.IO, Queues.

Our developers also provide an ongoing support so if a problem occurs, they make it vanish using diverse solutions. Here are a couple of those:

The way to find a match. As was mentioned before, to compare the teams’ names from the Web and “our” platform, we created a dictionary where all the possible variants were included.

The speed. When you have 1 thousand names, the program will find the required one in seconds. But what if the talk is about 42 thousand? The problems we faced with the expansion of coverage is that the program has slackened and needed much more time to process the information inside the dictionary.

We solved the issue by doing parallel computations on the server side. Meaning that we divided a comparing process of the team with the database into 4 flows. Basically, 4 independent programs were comparing data in 4 splitted parts of the database with 10K inside. They deliver an individual percentage of matches for each piece so in the end our developers just take out the best (read closest) result.

In the wake of this idea we sped up the comparison and made it run 4 times faster.

The matter of time. Our team started to work on the project in September 2018. And because the client was interested in “as fast as possible” approach, the results were shown in 2 months. The MVP version has proved that the gamble is worth taking, and we can pursue the idea further up till now.


Betting domain expands every year and today it started to conquer the digital world of video games. Gambling on tournaments and championships that are held worldwide are now literally a click away. Esports claims to be a prosperous continuation of the well old sport as we knew it.

Belitsoft has improved an online betting website and helped to sharpen their way of data analysis and application. To become a part of the evolvement and make your own contribution - ask our professional developers and they will create you a cutting-edge betting website.

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