We have been developing specialty-specific EHRs for over 4 years. This includes both turnkey solutions built from scratch and customizations of existing systems to the workflows and requirements of a client’s orthopedic practice. We work with focus groups composed of end users (clinical and administrative staff) to make sure the project fits their needs.

Our development team builds products that are convenient to use, secure and compliant with federal and state requirements, (including Meaningful Use and HIPAA/GDPR). We can also provide support services, transfer data from your old EHR/EMR into new system, manage your implementation project, prepare a business continuity plan, and assist with data security.

Our clients include
Orthopedic Software Startups
Orthopedic Software Companies
Orthopedic practices
Orthopedic Practice Management Software Suite
Electronic Document Management

EDM allows to securely store and exchange important documents in various formats - from a Word file to a PDF or even a scan. It usually has a role-based access built in to ensure that the information is accessed only by those authorized to see it.

Workflow & Schedule Management

This solution allows to create and establish efficient role-based protocols, manage surgical, physical & occupational therapy and other orthopedics-related workflows helping practice running smoothly. An intuitive appointment module helps staff quickly and effortlessly manage the scheduling process on a single screen and allows to seamlessly organize appointments, chart encounters, reserve specific rooms or equipment, send reminders and more.

Medical Billing & Claims management

This is a critical part of a PMS, dealing with processing insurance claims, billing, and payments. It helps reduce reimbursement denials thus improving the practice’s bottom line. This module automates the creation of attorney, disability, impairment, workers compensation, and personal injury protection (PIP) cases, statements and claims.

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM aims to track the revenue from patients, from their initial appointment or encounter to their final payment. This feature allows to visualize your cash flow, track and benchmark your estimated financial performance on a daily basis.

Reporting and analytics

With access to a robust set of orthopedic-specific automated reports and interactive dashboards, you can have deep insights into the operational, clinical and financial performance of your practice. Billing, payments, workflow, KPIs analysis as well as reporting of Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) help uncover new ways to close gaps in care, improve outcomes, stop overtreatment, wasteful spending, and revenue leaks.

MIPS automation solution

This feature helps the practice optimize their MIPS payments by tracking the fulfillment of the criteria, demonstrating the benchmarks, generating reports for CMS and more. This is done via a dashboard that allows easy access to all the necessary features.

We build software for practices of any size, from a single doctor to large healthcare providers with multiple locations. This includes both clinics specializing in General Orthopedics and its subspecialties, for example:
  • Hand and Wrist Surgery;
  • Shoulder and Elbow Surgery;
  • Upper Extremity Surgery;
  • Foot and Ankle surgery;
  • Hip and knee surgery;
  • Lower Extremity Surgery;
  • Spine surgery;
  • Orthopedic Trauma Surgery;
  • Surgical Sports Medicine;
  • Total Joint Replacement & Reconstruction;
  • Pediatric Orthopedics;
  • Musculoskeletal oncology;
  • Orthopedic physical therapy;
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics;
  • Orthopedic Radiology
What Can We Help You With
Orthopedic EMR/EHR Integration

We can integrate your orthopedic EHR with any third-party system you require. It can be a patient engagement platform, practice management software or even your partner’s EHR. The secure APIs we create and use allow for seamless and safe information exchange.

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)

Save your employees’ time by integrating PACS with your EHR. It allows to take diagnostic images from X-rays, MRIs, EMGs, CTs and other devices and attach them to patients’ records on the fly, eliminating the need for making and fulfilling requests for those images.

Referral Management System

Process inbound and outbound referrals, securely exchange patient health information, autogenerate orders and more with a custom orthopedic RMS from Belitsoft. You can integrate it with hospitals, ASCs, labs - any entity that can help you provide coordinated care to your patients.

Give your patients an option to check their medical records and test results, request prescription refills, schedule appointments and pay bills online with a custom orthopedic patient portal. The specialty-specific functionality includes pre- and post-surgical instructions, preventive measures and post-operative results.

Orthopedic-Specific Features and Capabilities we can implement in your EHR

Orthopedic Customizable Template Library

We build systems that include premade orthopedic-specific templates and forms. This allows clinicians to create the treatment plans, reports, orders and more with a single click. The template library typically includes the following: chief complaints (CC), history of present illness (HPI), review of symptoms (ROS), diagnosis with ICD-10 codes, lab & imaging orders, and more. All the templates can be easily customized to fit your practice’s unique workflows and needs.

Flexible E&M Coding system

The EHR with this feature can automatically suggest orthopedic-specific ICD-10 and CPT codes based on logical history questions. And should the physician need to look up a specific code, the system lets them do it in a breeze.

Quick Charting & Drawing Tools

The scribing and drawing tools let doctor write and draw directly on notes and diagnostic images, making their job much easier. And the speech and handwriting recognition allows for faster data entry so the clinician can spend more time with the people they’re treating. The patients, on the other hand, can get an option to fill many details in the waiting room and get straight to dealing with their health issue once the appointment starts.

Orthopedic Surgery

This feature set includes automated charting, case management, surgical inventory management, scheduling, arthroscopic equipment integration, and other important functionality.
Patient engagement & education tools

Send notifications, fill the cancelled appointment slots, follow-up on referrals, and decrease cancellation rates with custom patient engagement tools. You can also commission an Interactive Anatomical Atlas, or other educational materials to help your patients be better informed about their conditions and medical procedures.

Patient progress tracking

Use automated progress charts postoperatively, during and after rehabilitation to monitor patients' overall outcomes as well as changes in certain lab & radiology tests, and orthopedic examinations over a period of time. For example, EHR can demonstrate patients’ results in general and specified by body region physical tests including Range of Motion, Flexibility and Strength assessment.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Empower your EHR with a learning-capable AI that will adapt to each doctor’s individual preferences and workflow. This kind of systems can intuitively understand the user’s actions and use the gained knowledge to suggest the most likely diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan. Moreover, the AI can determine the post-intervention risks for a patient based on the gathered data and the person’s conditions, thus improving the quality of care they receive.

Medication Management and E-Prescribing

This module allows practices to precisely track controlled substances, check the drug and allergy interactions, reduce cases of double-entry and improve the care that patients receive.

In-practice Communication Interface

The communication interface allows the whole patient care team to send messages, exchange information, order tests and procedures, and share images to increase the quality of care the practice provides.

Mobile Version

Belitsoft can develop orthopedic EHR/EMR systems that run on mobile devices: including tablets, smartphones, and wearables. Thanks to the user-friendly design and secure connection, the physicians can conveniently access the information while being away from the computer (e.g. in the patient ward).

Benefits of Implementing Orthopedic-Specific EHR
  • Optimized employee time. Specialty-specific features, like coding system and charting/drawing tools, allow your clinical staff members to help more patients in less time.
  • Improved bottom line. Quickly fill the cancelled appointment slots, reduce claim denials, and extend patient capacity to ensure financial health and profitability of the practice.
  • Better patient outcomes. Coordinate with third-party labs and care providers, track prescriptions, and use clinical decision support to improve both the health and loyalty of your patients.
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