Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) Dedicated Team Model

This model of dedicated team building and running is a perfect choice if you plan to set an IT department in your company to serve in-house needs or even plan to extend the list of services your company provides to the clients with software development.

The Build, operate and transfer model is much similar to the Offshore development center model. The main difference of BOT is a possibility to transfer your dedicated team of programmers and IT staff into your own company and set up an offshore / nearshore subsidiary in Belarus usually within two or three years.

Build, operate and transfer team advantages are as follows:

  • Set up of an IT department or a dedicated team offshore using IT outstaffing and offshore software development company infrastructure.
  • Stable and scalable software developers group creation for long-term work with a possibility to transfer and own them as an offshore subsidiary in a couple of years.
  • Financial benefit you can save on software development by establishing a BOT in our offshore development company.
  • Full control over the team and workflow organization, transparency of processes and prices, no hidden expenses.
  • You choose each member of the team by recruiting in-house developers or hiring programmers with our HR managers help from the local market in Belarus.
  • Special equipment rent and specific environment creation for big projects.

BOT model is recommended when you want to set up an extended team of developers and IT experts for long term. It suits you too if you need big software product development but have no clear plan of the project implementation.

Belitsofts standard model of building a BOT dedicated team:

  • We provide workspace and inventory in our software development headquarters in Belarus.
  • You choose the team members from our in-house developers and staff. Our HR managers recruit people in the local market too from the most suitable candidates. The team is extended by people you choose, clients participate in interviews.
  • Each team member has fixed monthly cost.
  • The team management can be done by your in-house Project manager or by a Team lead / Project manager you choose to hire at Belitsoft.
  • You can communicate to each team member using email, Skype, phone, online conference and other means. You can get access to the teams server via VPN and protected connection.
  • Each team member signs NDA to secure your confidential information and intellectual property rights.
  • We take all tasks of the clients team maintenance like facilities provision, accounting, utility, beverages and light snakes, other support and management duties.

BOT is a type of virtual captive offshoring / nearshoring. Depending on your plans you can set up a BOT dedicated team which provides full-cycle software development services including analysis, product architecture development, design, implementation, project maintenance and customers' support of products or choose the range of service you would like to outsource to the team.

We work both with small companies or big enterprises. Our aim is to deliver quality software products and provide professional services. That is possible with deep penetration into your specific business processes. So we try to understand your needs and objectives deeply to build solutions facilitating maximum business potentiality realization.

We invite you to set up a BOT dedicated team at Belitsoft.