Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company

The customer’s objective was to build a full-time team to develop high loaded web applications and portals for U.S. clients. Yii framework was chosen as a platform among high-performance frameworks for Web 2.0 application development by the Customer’s CTO.

  • Technologies and platforms: Yii Framework, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, iOS, Android
  • Team size: Project Manager, 2 Team Leads, 10 Yii developers, 3 mobile developers (IOS, Android)


The relationship with customer started in the 2011 year. The customer is the USA based company with approximately 50 dedicated developers in the USA, 100 dedicated developers in Poland.


Why did customer come to Belarus? We think that partially because of some Belarusian advantages and also because he has been working with another Eastern European country - Poland. Additionally, the customer was in need for inexpensive (in comparison to Poland) but a reliable team of developers.

After negotiation with Belitsoft and other vendors, Belitsoft won the race and the contract was signed. To increase chances building up a successful team, Belitsoft was able to provide proven and reliable Project Manager, Team Leader and Senior developer who has been working for Belitsoft several years and which formed the backbone of the team.


With 15 dedicated developers on board in Belarus, our US client can handle quite big and complicated Yii and mobile projects. 

The customer is extremely happy with the team of our PHP Development Company and to show his respect he sends presents and bonuses to most proactive and professional members of the team on a regular basis. The good thing is that average cost for Belarus team member is only 42 000 USD/year (as per the 2014 year) and this helps to save about 60 000 USD per developer or about million of USA dollars a year! Overall we think that it’s a great success and a good example how to get inexpensive, high-quality and fast development.

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