PowerPoint to Flash Production

The execution of PowerPointToFlashProduction was carried out to supply teachers and non-technicians with high-end software that would be reasonably priced and would be of substantial use for them. For while coding is still the competency of programmers, the design of the program was intended to minimize the encrypting procedure that most people are unable to do.

Platform: .NET
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Accumulating our knowledge and experience of working with .NET for Windows we combined it with the attainments gained from the Microsoft PowerPoint API area. Taking this into account we implemented the extended features so that now a user may perform the following operations:

  • recording narrations to each of the presentation's slides;
  • inserting a wide range of objects starting with flash movies and flash videos up to web objects, quizzes and word productions from our own-made applets;
  • converting a presentation to flash;
  • changing color, templates and setting text labels.

But what's more practical is that we worked on the project so that any teacher/user can now publish his presentation for web or LMS using the SCORM standards. Also, once the presentation is transformed to flash, it can be viewed from almost any browser.

The project was finished on time, our main partner was able to provide a large university with the program where it is used today by hundreds of teachers to create their courses, generate flash presentations, etc.

The project is still under development. The features are persistently improved and refined. The product evolves and is permanently supported by our professionals.

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