Word to Web Production

WordtoWebProduction program was elaborated as a response to the needs of our customer from Denmark. He needed a tool that would make it possible to put word documents online. At the same time, the product was being developed for a mass user in order to eliminate the process of docs' coding for everyone who lacked it.

  • Technologies and platforms: .NET Framework, SCORM, Microsoft Word, API, DHTML, CSS
  • Effort: 16 man-months
WordForce Presentation Window WordForce Properties Window WordForce Text Entry WordForce Media Window

We expanded MS Word's functionality so that nowadays our product's performance capabilities include:

  • appending flash movies, sounds, and videos;
  • maintaining document's elements including HTML pop-ups;
  • adding interactions using HTML elements;
  • automatic script generation;
  • generating SCORM for various LMS;
  • customizing labels and colors.

Our NET developers discovered a new area for us: Word API - the application programming interface that allows to managing and working with MS Word. Thus we thoroughly looked into it and completed with our programmers' skills to work out a program that would correspond to all the requirements specifications of the customer and would be ready to be presented to a wide range of consumers.

Today, judging by the received orders the program is purchased and regularly used by a variety of clients. They get a simple way of putting documents online plus constant support that is always ready to fix any problems that might arise.

Yet the program is still being worked on diligently. New features are being added, as well as new suggestions implemented. Its continual development aims at employing those essential functions that would even further extend the application's scope.

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