Platform: Java
Solution: eLearning Solutions

Moodle LMS Course Converter to BlackBoard

  • Technologies and platforms: JRE1.6+, BlackBoard 9.1+, Moodle 2.7+
  • Effort: 7 man-months
Course Converter for BlackBoard to Moodle LMS

BlackBoard LMS course may include quizzes/tests, web pages, video, audio, SCORM packages, book sections and documents of other types and their combination in a learning path/program. Our converter can process all this data and make the exact copy of course to be added and deployed into Blackboard LMS.

The conversion process is simple. You need to give several ID's for a new courses, attach the courses to be converted and click «submit» button to start the process. There are 3 settings while converting the courses into Blackboard:

  • Ignore if exists
  • Update if there is something new in the course
  • Remove old

When system finishes its work, you get a full course from Moodle, ready to be deployed and used in the BlackBoard LMS.

Developing of this tool saves plenty of time as well as funds when we speak about 100+ courses and more to be converted. Once created course shouldn't be developed from scratch each time if you decide to add it into another LMS. Just use converter and copy content from one system into another.

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