ERP System Based on IBM Lotus

Frequently it's very complicated for large enterprises to follow the goods circulation between warehouses and to organize timely delivery of the required goods for their manufacturing. So we were contacted by the representatives of a large enterprise in order to develop a software product which would allow tracking of goods delivery and goods storage as well as tracking of the staff responsible for it and creation of report documentation.

  • Technologies and platforms: Lotus, Java, VisualBasic, JavaScript, Formula Languages
  • Effort: 12 man-months
Lotus ERP System Developed in Belitsoft Lotus ERP System Edit Window Lotus ERP External Expenditure Lotus ERP Remaining Items

The main goal of the project was to create a product operation which would bring costs reduce of enterprise warehouse expenses. It was required to develop a system on the base of Lotus notes which would help the staff to coordinate the consignment delivery to guarantee opportune accomplishment of the customers' orders.

The system being transparent makes it possible that all the subdivisions can view income and expenditure of goods, goods move between warehouses, to view the Procurement Department staff responsible for the every single unit delivery, to follow every unit life cycle.

So the challenge was to elaborate a sophisticated software product which would organize all the enterprise subdivisions operation in a well-tuned and efficient system that allows each stage of the project implementation being tracked. For the aims achievement several special modules were originated. They were designed for different enterprise subdivisions which operate in collaboration with each other so that the system was transparent and the data was available for all the enterprise units. Currently the system includes the following modules:

  • classifier - a module where the goods description data is put;
  • warehouse - a module where one may view the report documentation, income and expenditure, circulation of the goods between warehouses cycle and the responsible staff information;
  • a special module where all the documentary on a certain project is kept;
  • a staff database module.

Besides this the system is compatible with many other software applications usually used at industrial accountancy offices.

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