Flash Server Live Web Conference

Flash Server Live Web conference was programmed as one more wholesome solution to support Elearning enlargement and further merging with flash-based technologies. The main objective of the project was developing user-friendly interactive tool that would facilitate the communication during the studying process. It was designed as an instrument that would provide people who don't have special skills for coding with an easy and inexpensive means of getting users together.

  • Technologies and platforms: Macromedia Flash, Flash Media Server 3, Adobe Flex
  • Effort: 10 man-months
Flash Server Live Web Conference Flash Server Live Web Configuration Flash Server Live Web Rooms

The conference module is a complete counterpart from our LAMP learning management system and is developed based on Flash technologies (meaning that it requires the installed Flash Player ver. 7 and later) plus it can be easily modified for any platform, for instance we use it in Sharepoint learning management system. Advanced intercommunication between the participants is organized and managed using Flash Media Server.

Hence the functionality of the component includes the following features:

  • Record pane with the possibility of recording the conference and playing it back from the archive later on.
  • Camera and voice pane allows audio and video connectivity and feedback among the participators.
  • Student's list with the help of which a teacher may track students' requests to take part in the conference and filter them by either accepting or rejecting.
  • Chat pane represents chat accessibility for exchanging text messages.
  • Whiteboard pane a main working space with a toolbar for drawing.
  • File list pane allows to work with file resources needed for holding a conference.
  • Customizable in the admin panel colors of the front-end layout.
  • Importing and exporting language files.
  • Ability to sort conferences by rooms and add announcements.
  • Managing users in the back-end of the component and the possibility to handle the received requests to participating in various conferences.

The project is still being enhanced and improved because it's fundamentally needed in many educational establishments. So we're doing our best to enrich it with new features and by far we consider the component to be one of the priorities in Elearning.

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