Magento - SugarCRM Bridge

Magento-SugarCRM bridge example

Both systems deal with lists of customers and related objects. Magento platform gives a possibility to run multi-level web stores with large numbers of products and customers. SugarCRM is an open-source system that is widely used by businessmen for customer management and support services enhancement, sales and marketing automation.

To connect these two systems and make it possible to synchronize data used in both systems it was decided to develop a bridge between them. In order to combine power of Magento e-Commerce platform with functionality of SugarCRM system we developed the Magento-SugarCRM synchronization bridge. With this solution you can connect your Magento web shop site with SugarCRM and synchronize shop users and purchases with customers, cases and opportunities in CRM system.

Synchronization can be set up by simple mapping of the fields in Magento and SugarCRM so all information you need will be transferred to the CRM database in a way you want it. Live synchronization ensures and adjustable settings please administrators and business owners. As an effective and time-saving solution, Magento - SugarCRM bridge extension will help your sales and customer relations team and therefore will increase the overall revenue.

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