Online Typing Courses Ticken Ticken Website Developed by Belitsoft)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, Apache, Flash (Action Script 3)
  • Effort: 20 man-months, ongoing
  • Site:

The main aim of this project was to create online ten-finger typing courses. This is a great example of organizing distant learning process with the help of interactive online courses. JoomlaLMS was taken as the basis of this new eLearning development. Special school functionality with competition features and online games ensure not only great promotion in schools but also a true dedication of site users and success of the project.

Case Study Details

PHP LMS on Joomla! JoomlaLMS Course Subscribtion)
  • Technologies and platforms: Joomla CMS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WEB2.0, Ajax, FlashMediaServer 3, Ioncube
  • Effort: 320 man-months, ongoing
  • Duration: 8 years
  • Site:

LMS is a combo of powerful e-learning tools. It is a fully functional e-learning system with forward-looking training/testing options (self-assessments) and innovative conferencing applications. It is an entirely new approach to the learning procedure. An approach that allows to cut all travel expenses and other costs to receive an even portion of the teacher's attention and help.

Case Study Details

SharePoint-based LMS Mobile Access Application
  • Technologies and platforms: Windows Mobile, Android, iOS
  • Effort: 8 man-months

Modern mobile technologies provide easy access to any information on the Internet. That is applicable to the e-Learning process as well. This mobile application was designed to deliver safe and fast access to the Learning management system (LMS) on SharePoint platform and learning materials in it to learners and tutors by means of any mobile device.

The developed mobile application gives fast access to the SharePoint-based LMS and information in it to all registered users by means of mobile devices with Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPad platforms.

With this mobile application the provider of e-learning solution has a possibility to offer distant learning organization services of higher quality to the users of the LMS.

Case Study Details

SharePoint-based Learning Management System SharePoint LMS Home Page)
  • Technologies and platforms: SharePoint, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, MSSQL, WebParts, MSVisualStudio, Sharepoint Designer
  • Effort: 500 man-months, ongoing
  • Duration: 7 years

After we have created a well-known PHP/MySQL LMS product Belitsoft was challenged with the order to design a sophisticated eLearning software using the Microsoft SharePoint as the development platfrom.

Case Study Details

Driving Theory Courses Theorie Examentrainer Main Page)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (Jquery), CSS3, HTML5, XML, AJAX, Apache, Mobile
  • Effort: 1100 man-hours, ongoing
  • Site:

Theorie Examen Trainer – it’s one of our popular projects developed for Dutch customer. The main idea was to create Car, Scooter and Motorcycle online driving theory course and make it attractive to everyone. According to clients’ goal the project can be named as the approach to the traditional study approach into classroom.

Case Study Details

Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children Naplotu Main Webpage)
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVG graphics, AJAX, Yandex Money Payment System, YouTube API, Third-Party Social Network/Website API, Learning Management System
  • Effort: 20 man-month
  • Site:

Our client wanted to create the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child.

Case Study Details

SCORM Player for Mobile
  • Technologies and platforms: Scorm 1.2, 1.4; Windows Phone, Android, iOS
  • Effort: 8 man-months

Planned list of player features included a possibility to play SCORM inside a mobile player without connection to the learning system. Secure storage of SCORM content and students' attempts information during system utilization was obligatory too.

Case Study Details

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