Music Social Network Mobile Application Music Social Network iOS Profile Page)

Our client asked us to create an iOS mobile application for his music social network web portal which we previously created for him. The distinctive feature of this iOS application is to give its users an opportunity in recording their own multi-tracks with user-friendly interface.

Belitsoft have used special iOS Audio Framework to provide easy use of this feature. Users are able to combine their talents to record what they want. For instance, your friend can record drums, the other one can use guitar for that, and the last one can record his own voice. As a result, you receive the record with all listed instruments and voice. With the integration of sharing options in music social network, users are able to share pre-records so easily and they don’t need to use any external application of sharing.

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Fish Restaurant Mobile Application Fish Restaurant Mobile Application Main)
  • Technologies and platforms: iOS, Android
  • Effort: 3 man-months

The project was developed by Belitsoft for American chain of fish restaurants. Using this application user can easily place orders, check statuses for orders and adjust pick-up time (using special order ID).

This application got so many distinctive features such as: customizing and placing orders directly at selected locations; Earn rewards by checking and receiving special store promotions; Scanning codes to earn Points per visit.

Case Study Details

Mobile Application For Utility Bills Mobile Application For Utility Bills)

An easy-to-use mobile application for utility bills and available wherever there is mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Users don’t need to go to the company's office or call to the contact center. All the necessary information is available on their profile page.

Belitsoft created a custom solution according to client's needs at the agreed terms. Now users are able to have an instant access to the most important data.

Case Study Details

PDF Auto Converter For iOS/Android Applications PDF Auto Converter Developed by Belitsoft)
  • Technologies and platforms: Android, iOS, PHP, MySQL
  • Effort: 4 man-months

Our Customer (one of the biggest creators and distributors of educational materials in our country neighbor) had an idea to: Create around 6 hundreds of schoolbooks (300 for iPhone and 300 for Android) as standalone mobile applications from his digital materials (PDF files).

After passing all development stages our Customer got fully working software set consists of: Automation Framework for iOS and Android for fast creating schoolbooks and fully working iOS/Android store application to sell those schoolbooks.

We have tested our Automation Framework on tens of PDFs and in average it reduced time to create one schoolbook mobile application by 20 hours. Considering customer has 3 hundred of PDFs we helped customer to go faster on market and saved him a lot of his budget: around 12,000 hours for converting PDFs (6,000 hours(300*20) for each Android and iPhone platform) into schoolbook mobile application.

Case Study Details

SharePoint-based LMS Mobile Access Application
  • Technologies and platforms: Windows Mobile, Android, iOS
  • Effort: 8 man-months

Modern mobile technologies provide easy access to any information on the Internet. That is applicable to the e-Learning process as well. This mobile application was designed to deliver safe and fast access to the Learning management system (LMS) on SharePoint platform and learning materials in it to learners and tutors by means of any mobile device.

The developed mobile application gives fast access to the SharePoint-based LMS and information in it to all registered users by means of mobile devices with Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPad platforms.

With this mobile application the provider of e-learning solution has a possibility to offer distant learning organization services of higher quality to the users of the LMS.

Case Study Details

Software For Pharmacy Software For Pharmacy)
  • Technologies and platforms: Microsoft ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, PhoneGap, HTML 5, MSSQL, MS Visual Studio
  • Effort: 16 man-months

Our customer received a complex, all-in-one solution that includes all major, high-demanded features suitable for any pharmacy branch.

The system has received a positive feedback from several long-term clients. The solution has good performance, allowing a customer to save budget on hosting and maintenance while extending its client database and managing client’s subscriptions.

Significant number of configuration options reduces maintenance costs as well, since most of the configuration tasks are performed by its employees.

Case Study Details

SCORM Player for Mobile
  • Technologies and platforms: Scorm 1.2, 1.4; Windows Phone, Android, iOS
  • Effort: 8 man-months

Planned list of player features included a possibility to play SCORM inside a mobile player without connection to the learning system. Secure storage of SCORM content and students' attempts information during system utilization was obligatory too.

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