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Alexander Beresnyakov


Alexander Beresnyakov is one of the founders of Belitsoft Company. He currently holds the position of COO in the company.

From the launch of Belitsoft and ‘till now he has the main responsibility for company’s strategy, finance, management structure and general control.

From 2004 to 2007 he worked as a developer, business analyst, Team Leader, Project Manager, and Resource Manager. Thus having significant experience and understanding of all internal & external business processes he directs the Company to meet the highest professional standards which have resulted in the current confidence of clients and employees.

"In this life, everyone learns to live, love and work. I am deeply convinced that if you should work on something for the people, it is necessary to do your best, and people, who see it will trust you. The Confidence of the people is the highest value of our business.”

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