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Efforts :  12 man-months +, ongoing
Category :  Web Application Development  |  Site Development  |  Independent Software Vendors  |  eCommerce and Web Shops  |  PHP
Technologies and tools :  Yii Framework, PHP, AJAX, MySQL

Requirements. A dedicated team of developers were involved in building a brand new bespoke web store aiming at enabling different merchants to sell their goods online to customers attracted via social networking sites through discounts, bonuses and deals. The client uses social media for marketing and advertising so it’s the main source of sales.

Approach. The online web shop design was supposed to be eye-catching as well as understandable, with intuitive interface meant not only to attract visitors, but also to keep prospects online, make them purchase something and convert them into regular customers. Our research led us to choose the Yii Framework as our primary development tool for its high performance, rapid deployment, security, and variety of built-in functions like authentication, testing, MVC , scaffolding etc.

Results. We are about to implement a good looking online store which will not only encourage people to stop, look and purchase, but will also serve as a relaxing playground for prospective customers. Online web shop with the usage of modern 3D web design technique makes a site attractive for visitors. The perfect colour gamut and easy-to-use interface are likely to ensure the gradual influx of customers.

Benefits. The website will make an excellent venue for merchants seeking to expand their sales. Using social media for marketing is a great way to reach success in business. Simple registration process, ability to create multiple catalogues and apply discounts will certainly make a site appealing. This web shop development expands the possibilities of vendors. The developed web store software is appreciated not only by visitors but also by merchants because it increases social network sales. From a merchant’s standpoint, usage of PayPal – acknowledged as the safest payment gateway – will also be an advantage of the online store.

Users are able to make a purchase, and user- friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the site and play with variety of its functions. The web shop allows uploading and sharing photos, creating wish lists, setting up notifications, inviting friends to get bonuses and discounts and many more.

Today we maintain the project and continue adding new functional features to make this web store even more convenient to shop online. We develop online shop to utilize the advantages of social media for marketing and to make the client’s business more effective than ever.

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