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Hire Dedicated Developers

If you find the right dedicated developers, it can really change your business. At Belitsoft you can hire dedicated programmers to satisfy your software development outsourcing needs.

We follow the best practices for setting up a successful dedicated software development teams in Belarus for our clients from US, UK, Europe, and Israel. Our transparent business model helps you to choose the value for money programmers and be sure that you will not overpay! With our dedicated developers, it's possible to cut budget starting from 40% and more. Our top dedicated developers do their best to help you succeed.

10 years
years of experience
Technological expertise

The wide variety of customers we work with requires Belitsoft to maintain an equally diverse pool of highly qualified employees. Customer-oriented mobile apps, health records systems, ERPs - our specialists have the tools for the job you need done.

Benefits you get with our dedicated development team

You will have your own remote software developers located in Belarus and at a significantly lower price in comparison with your local cost or T&M cost. Major administrative headaches regarding a team like recruiting, HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the whole infrastructure will be on our shoulders.
You benefit from a quick and simple workforce augmentation because you are not limited by candidates from your city. You get talents hand-picked for your project globally. The outsourcing vendor finds the right specialists to meet your requirements. So you skip the expensive recruitment process, save time and resources, and find the top talents for your project.
Each dedicated developer will work at a fixed monthly cost, with no hidden expenses. Final monthly fees will be calculated after all your requirements including needed developers’ profiles are agreed upon. Our monthly cost is constructed in the way that you benefit in the long term (12+ months)! Just contact us and we will give you more details.
You will have full control over software programmers. Decide when to augment /decrease remote programmers or when to give direct bonus/salary increase personally to a developer(s) if they perform well. You are always aware of the project progress, development schedules, deliverables, etc. The entire development process is transparent to you but doesn’t require constant attention saving your time.
You can reconfigure the dedicated team at any project stage based on the current project requirements, budget adjustments, or market performance. So you truly get what you pay for and it’s the key to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration that will last for years. The remote team is 100% dedicated to your project.
The outsourcing vendor assigns a project manager who sets up communication between you and the dedicated team, reports and gives you feedback regularly. So you are always aware of the current situation and progress. The streamlined and frequent communication allows you to stay in full control without spending time on direct development management.
Our domain expertise
Healthcare & Fitness
Healthcare & Fitness
E-Learning & Education
E-Learning & Education
E-Commerce & Shopping
E-Commerce & Shopping
Sports & Recreation
Sports & Recreation
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance

How to set up and manage a dedicated team

Requirements gathering Requirements gathering

The work starts from gathering your requirements, which means researching and documenting the project's exact details. They usually include a project description, the required tech skills, a preferable team size, preferences for organizing and managing a workflow, etc.

Team assembling Team assembling

According to your requirements, our recruiting specialists look for candidates both within the company pool and on the job market. HR managers together with our Senior Technical and Management staff select candidates that fit your project best. You can Skype/phone interview team members and decide whom to hire from the best available professionals. The trial period is provided for any new developer.

Workflow management Workflow management

It’s necessary to guide new team members through all the working processes for the first time. It’s recommended to use tools to keep track of the team’s activity, like Jira, Trello, Taskworld, Worksection, Fusioo, etc.

Regular communication Regular communication

Regular communication leads to faster and more business-relevant results. During regularly scheduled meetings, you can verify what the team managed to do and what they plan for the next few days. Or what problems they’ve faced. If you are from the USA, we agree on overlapping hours when you can communicate with developers using email, Skype, phone, online conference, etc.

Feedback and reporting Feedback and reporting

Our dedicated developers will report directly to you. They will use the project management tools you prefer, or we can provide access to our own tools. This gives you 100% transparency in development processes i.e. no unnecessary people in your project, and an understanding of every person's effectiveness. Also, giving your feedback regularly guides the team in the correct direction.

Successful release and results Successful release and results

Now you have a team of specialists working full-time on your project under your management. You assess the first results and give your feedback. Customers who hire our dedicated teams achieve their goals, release great products, and leave us positive reviews (4,9/5 according to Clutch and in-house client surveys).

Our dedicated team

Front-end engineerBack-end engineerDevOps EngineerUX/UI DesignerQA EngineersProject ManagerBusiness AnalystAccount Manager
  • Front-end engineer codes and tests the components and functionality of the user interface.
  • Back-end engineer creates the inner part and the background elements.
  • DevOp coordinates the development, operations, and testing processes working with the development and IT operations teams.
  • UX/UI designer makes the user interface intuitive, responsive, and easy-to-use.
  • QA engineer guarantees the best quality and bug-free functioning of the end product.
  • Project manager mitigates risks, plans, tracks, and optimizes the development process.
  • Business analyst assesses processes, determines requirements, makes reports, and offers suggestions to CEOs and other stakeholders.
  • Account Manager grows the client's business by digging into clients' goals and helping to achieve them.

Cooperation models comparison

We suggest different cooperation models so that you could choose the one that best fits your project.

Dedicated Team Model
  • large project
  • evolving scale
  • flexible time frame and budget
  • full control over the development process
Time & Material Model
  • medium project
  • changing scale
  • flexible time frame and budget
  • significant control over the development process
Fixed Price Model
  • small project
  • defined scale
  • fixed time frame and budget
  • little control over the development process
Individual Developers & Testers
  • small project
  • limited budget
  • flexible time frame
  • the limited set of technologies involved

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is hiring a dedicated team more cost-effective than internal software development?

Statistics say that businesses save up to 70% by working with a dedicated team. Remote teams don’t require as many resources as the in-house staff. You save on hiring new personnel and setting up the project. Also, you cut costs of team management, but still keep the project under control.

✅ For what project is the dedicated team the best fit?

The dedicated development team is your go-to solution in the following cases:

  • Large projects with changing scope;
  • The launch of a new product;
  • Entering new domains and markets;
  • Long-term projects with updates;
  • Projects with a constant sizable workflow;
  • Startups that scale fast.

✅ What to consider before hiring an outsourcing dedicated development team?

Evaluate a vendor. Check reviews from previous clients of an outsourcing vendor. For that, use Google search or B2B portals like Clutch. Also, check the vendor’s website to analyze the offer. What experience they have, what projects they’ve launched, expertise in your domain, etc.

✅ What is the policy to protect my internal information and intellectual rights?

The standard set of documents to manage the legal aspects of cooperation includes:

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA) to specify the terms of the cooperation, including the intellectual rights, payment terms, dispute resolution, product warranties, and liabilities.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your sensitive internal information and define what the penalty for its disclosure would be.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) to define the terms of the project (deliverables, timeline, costs, and special requirements).

Portfolio for software development

Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
The customer wanted to form his support team by young, initiative and smart people with the good level of knowledge of media marketing, international communication, customer support, and fluent English.
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
Belitsoft helped a British company develop an award-winning SaaS platform. Since its release, the platform has already gained recognition. It was shortlisted for “Most Innovative Cyber Company” and called a “Rising Star in Cybersecurity”.
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
We helped our client from the USA who provides legislative required refresher training to teach about 6.000 brokers per month and get up to USD 1.000.000 monthly.
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
FinTech, SaaS, API, and dedicated team
Custom ASP.NET SAAS Web Application for the International Calling Company
Custom ASP.NET SAAS Web Application for the International Calling Company
One of our strategic client and partner (a large telecommunication company) provides a prepaid calling service that allows the making of cheap calls inside and outside the USA via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).
Dedicated Team with .NET Developers for an E-Learning Software Company
Dedicated Team with .NET Developers for an E-Learning Software Company
When the Customer contacted us for development, he was just a startup. Nowadays the Customer is a reputable company, Microsoft Strategic Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and ISV Partner with offices all around the world.
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
The customer is the USA based company with approximately 50 dedicated developers in the USA, 100 dedicated developers in Poland.

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