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Hi! I'm Alexander Kom, expert in offshore R&D dedicated teams, staff augmentation, and extension of R&D development centers [5 teams have been created, 500 team members have been hired].

Hire Dedicated Software Developers

Scale up Quickly with Dedicated Developers from Belitsoft

  • Get High-Quality Technical Expertise
  • Benefit Financially
  • Make Software Delivery Better
"We were amazed that you managed to find such perfect candidates even for the most difficult and unpromising positions in a short time", Head of DevOps at Cyber Security Company (1,000+ employees)

Hire dedicated developers from Belitsoft to get the following benefits

Clear and fair pricing

Our software development outsourcing company offers several cooperation models to choose the most suitable one for your project and business requirements. Hire dedicated developers to work with your own software developers at a significantly lower price compared to your local rates.

A dedicated development team is suitable for large projects with expanding scale, flexible timeframes and budgets, and situations in which it is crucial for the client to maintain complete control over the development process. Hire dedicated programmers who work at a fixed cost, with no hidden expenses. We will calculate final monthly fees after you agree upon all the requirements needed for skilled developers’ profiles. If you engage in long-term projects (12+ months), you'll benefit from discounted monthly pricing for software development staff augmentation.

Top talents without hiring burden

Major administrative concerns in relation to a remote team, like recruiting, HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the entire infrastructure, fall on our shoulders.

Hiring dedicated developers helps to avoid the expensive recruitment process, save time and resources, and find the top talents for your next project. According to your business requirements, our recruiting specialists look for dedicated software developers both within the company pool and on the job market.

HR managers, together with our Senior Technical and Management staff, bring in dedicated software developers that fit your project best and help with the hiring process. Interview dedicated software development team members and select the relevant professionals. We provide a trial period for any new dedicated software developers.

Full control and easy management

Hire dedicated developers from Belitsoft and get the updates of the project's progress, development schedules, deliverables, etc. There is no need for continual supervision, since the entire development process is transparent.

To keep track of the dedicated developer team’s activity, we use multiple project management tools, including Jira, Trello, Taskworld, Worksection, Fusioo, etc. You can check the successful accomplishment, the potential challenges, and planned tasks during regularly scheduled meetings.

In case you are from the USA, hire dedicated remote developers and we arrange the overlapping hours to facilitate the communication process with developers using email, Skype, phone, online conference, etc.

Adaptability and 100% focus on your project

With a dedicated development team model, you can reconfigure the dedicated team at any project stage based on the current project requirements, budget adjustments, or market performance.

Decide when to augment /decrease remote programmers or when to give a direct bonus/salary increase personally to a developer(s) if they perform well.

As a result, you get talented developers you pay for and it’s the key to a successful and beneficial collaboration that may last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Statistics say, businesses save up to 70% when working with dedicated developers. Remote dedicated software developers require fewer resources than the in-house staff. With this model, you cut costs on new personnel recruitment and team management, but still keep the development process under control. Besides, you may save on setting up the next project as well.
Review your project requirements. The dedicated developers model is your go-to solution in the following cases:
  • Large projects with growing scope
  • New product launch
  • New domains and market entry
  • Long-term projects with updates
  • Projects with a constant considerable workflow
  • Rapid scale startups
Evaluate a vendor and its dedicated developer team. Use Google or B2B community portals to check the reviews of the outsourcing vendor. Analyze experience they have, projects they’ve launched, expertise in your domain, etc.
The standard set of documents to manage the legal aspects of cooperation includes:
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA) to specify the terms of the cooperation, including the intellectual rights, payment terms, dispute resolution, product warranties, and liabilities.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your sensitive internal information and define what the penalty for its disclosure would be.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) to define the terms of the project (deliverables, timeline, costs, and special requests).

How to Hire Dedicated Developers

When you choose Belitsoft as your software development company, we assist you in each step of hiring and managing the dedicated development team effectively, taking over all the time-consuming and burdensome tasks.
  • Share your initial requirements with us to scope the task and choose the right tech stack. We gather, organize, and prioritize the project requirements to understand what specialists you need, what tech stack will be the best option, and more details.
  • Get talents hand-selected based on your project tech requirements and tooling. After defining the tech stack and other requirements for your project, we assist you in checking the developers’ skills through a technical interview, coding exercises, or take-home assignments. We focus on developers’ knowledge in software architecture principles, including but not limited to separation of concerns, modularity, and scalability, as well as their experience working with databases and servers.
  • Tell us what developers’ soft skills you expect, or rely on our expertise to find the right fit. We evaluate not only tech skills, but also their ability to communicate, cooperate, act on tight deadlines, solve untypical tasks, and more soft skills. An excellent combination of technical knowledge and soft skills helps developers stay productive in the dynamic and constantly developing environment.
  • Send us your NDA template, or we share ours to ensure the project security. To protect your project, we ensure dedicated developers are legally bound to your enterprise by signing all or either of the following legal agreements: Master Services Agreement (MSA), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Statement of Work.
  • Share your budget preferences to select the best-fitting pricing model. Together with Belitsoft, you estimate the cost of hiring a dedicated team, based on your project specifics, and choose the one that is the most cost-effective for you: fixed price, Cost+, Time and Material model.
  • Test our ability to manage the process, communicate, and deliver. We use modern technological tools like Jira and Clickup to set up regular transparent communication. This allows you to have visibility into the current tasks and the responsible parties. We schedule regular meetings with the client's knowledgeable representatives, who possess the expertise and authority for effective knowledge sharing.
  • Get results fast and regularly with the right PM method selected by experts for your project. To positively affect the speed and regularity of your project's results, our experts identify the methodology based on factors such as project scope, timelines, and team structure, ensuring a successful outcome. We establish a corresponding workflow once we select a method (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, or Three-Point Estimation Technique).
  • Test our ability to deliver from minor tasks and then expand quickly on demand. We have put together guidelines to make recruiting quicker, which enables us to get new staff started in 2-3 weeks, whatever their expertise is. As a result, you never experience reduced developers’ performance or delays in project delivery.
  • Get the job done on time by testing our best practices in retaining developers on the project. By motivating employees to develop, we’ll ensure to discover and use employees’ potential, as well as satisfy their professional ambitions and needs in self-fulfillment. We also avoid interpersonal issues and build a relationship based on trust by regularly reviewing employees to estimate the level of productivity and satisfaction, and to detect timely interpersonal problems that usually lead to bad performance.
  • Stay always informed and connected by getting our insightful reports regularly. We implement a reporting system to allow developers to submit daily/weekly updates on their progress to keep the dedicated development team productive and to keep you informed about the progress of your project. We also establish a culture that encourages feedback from you and your team to avoid misinterpretations and wrong activities during development.

Extend your existing team with technologically capable, motivated and experienced dedicated developers to get robust, complicated projects done.
Hire a software development team for an ongoing period or a certain project.

Rebuild your software with our application modernization services to keep on top of technologies and strengthen its security
Hire dedicated developers without long-term recruitment hassle
Reinforce your existing team by merging it with dedicated engineers into one extended team

Develop from Scratch
Rely on our dedicated developers’ experience in delivering a great software product, web or mobile, in time
Get highly qualified developers with various domain knowledge who can ramp up and down the project’s scope
Receive full-cycle development, from proof of concept to design to maintenance, from one provider
Replace the team members if necessary
Improve your team capacity to meet your customers' needs and offload your engineers from maintenance and support
Create a better version of your software and include new features
Deliver faster the features your customers ask for and keep your revenue growing when hiring dedicated developers
Hire dedicated web developers

Source, hire, and manage top-quality dedicated web developers to build your cutting edge, scalable full-stack web apps. We assure its security, fast performance and the scope for millions of users. Our dedicated web development team covers everything from the basic business analysis, product roadmap and entire development process, initial prototypes, design, and beta to a final product with its further support.

Hire dedicated backend developers

Dedicated backend developers work only for the single client to implement server-side logic, build APIs, set up and manage databases, optimize, and scale an app. They provide more consistent and reliable work and have a deeper understanding of the exact project, as they do not work with multiple clients at once.

Hire dedicated mobile app developers

Bring your vision for mobile apps to life with Belitsoft. Our team assists with front and back-end development, prototype creation, and MVP development to attract investors. We offer a cost-effective solution to augment your tech team and meet an aggressive engineering schedule. Whether you have a new idea for an application or are looking to pivot your brand, hiring dedicated developers at Belitsoft supports you in achieving the goals. Cooperate with our mobile app development company to create user-friendly, intuitive mobile apps that align with your business direction.

Dedicated testing team

From functional to security testing. Get reliable and comprehensive software testing with our dedicated testing team. We have the expertise and resources to guarantee the quality and successful software development for you. Our team works closely with you to ensure we meet all your testing needs.

Hire dedicated .NET developers

Engage dedicated .NET developers from Belitsoft. These developers will work solely on the client's project and be available for communication and collaboration during regular business hours. They possess experience in .NET development and can work on various types of development, such as web development, desktop development, and software integration. The company can provide the developer with the skills and experience to fulfill the client's specific requirements. We also offer flexible hiring options such as hourly, part-time and full-time hiring.

Hire dedicated Java developers

Work with a Java software development company Belitsoft! Our dedicated Java developers have advanced knowledge in the specific technology stack vital for your project and we ensure the skill set and expertise for your requirements and project success. We have over 17 years of experience working with top talent and a proven track record of successful remote collaborations with clients globally. Our skilled developers have a deep proficiency in software development process and domain knowledge in various industries such as HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, telecommunications, security and sports.

Hire dedicated Power BI developers

Hiring dedicated Power BI developers from Belitsoft offers businesses the opportunity to leverage Microsoft Power BI to enable organizations to make data-driven decisions and driving business growth. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, Belitsoft's team of Power BI developers excels in data visualization, data modeling, and data analysis to unlock the full potential of your data, transforming it into actionable insights through interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations.

Our client is a Fortune 1000 technology company in the telecommunication domain with 30+ years of market presence. They were looking to hire dedicated backend developers.

At the start we created an offshore dedicated development team core that comprised 7 experienced dedicated developers and UX/UI designers. In 6 months, the team grew up to almost 20 dedicated specialists: talented developers, QA specialists, UX/UI designers, and a solution architect. In the next 5 years, a full-time dedicated development team of 25 experts was involved in the project.

Belitsoft has created a scalable, well-designed SaaS application from scratch for the telecommunication giant to help them be the first to enter the market with a new product and to maintain leadership and the major market quote for years.

Technologies and platforms used: ASP.NET MVC, Razor; Entity Framework; T4MVC; NLog; FluentValidation; SimpleInjector; ValueInjecter; NPoco; StyleCop; Unobtrusive ajax; Knockout; jqGrid, datatabeles.js; Oracle Database; Redis; Tests: NUnit

Belitsoft's DevOps Expertise

Get your DevOps team with the required skill sets in Belitsoft’s pool of 400+ specialists. Our DevOps engineers automate manual and slow software development processes and apply a tech stack and tools that help bring results quickly. With DevOps, your business speeds up time to market, gets a reliable app that better responds to customer needs, thus, competes in the market more effectively. In addition, you save up to 40% on development and maintenance costs when hiring dedicated developers at Belitsoft.

AUTOMATION Ansible, Terraform
CI/CD TOOLS AWS developer tools, Azure devops, Google developer tools, CI/CD, Jenkins
MONITORING Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Redis
Cassandra, MongoDB, RethinkDB
CLOUD DATABASES, WAREHOUSES and STORAGE AWS: Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon RDS, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Amazon ElastiCache
AZURE: Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics
GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM: Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Datastore

Our client is a global creative technology company Technicolor (17,000 employees) with 100+ years of market presence.

Our dedicated DevOps engineers modernized their key web app to optimize it for the Cloud and migrated it to Azure ensuring the ultimate security of the company's data after migration.

"We are very happy with Belitsoft, and strongly recommend them as a most reliable and fully transparent partner focused on long term business relationships." Ron Edwards, Global Head of Commercial Development at Technicolor Corporation (USA/UK)

Used Azure architecture components: Azure Front Door, Azure App Service, Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database, Application Insights, Azure VPN, Network Interfaces, Network Security Groups, Private Endpoints, Storage Accounts.


15+ Senior Developers to scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment
15+ Senior Developers to scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment
Belitsoft is providing staff augmentation service for the Independent Software Vendor and has built a team of 16 highly skilled professionals, including .NET developers, QA automation, and manual software testing engineers.
Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET and Angular Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company
Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET and Angular Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company
One of our strategic client and partner (a large telecommunication company) provides a prepaid calling service that allows the making of cheap calls inside and outside the USA via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).
Migration from .NET to .NET Core and AngularJS to Angular for a Healthcare Technology Company
Migration from .NET to .NET Core and AngularJS to Angular for a Healthcare Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated EHR software to .NET Core for the US-based Healthcare Technology Company with 150+ employees.
Sharepoint LMS: Dedicated .NET Developers to decrease expenses by 40-50%
Sharepoint LMS: Dedicated .NET Developers to decrease expenses by 40-50%
When the Client contacted us for development, it was just a startup. Nowadays it's a reputable company, Microsoft Strategic Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and ISV Partner with offices all around the world. Working with us, the Client reduced the development expenses by 40-50%.
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Belitsoft has helped the Client to customize web and mobile applications that сombine EHR clinical data with patient-generated health data.
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
Our Client, the US data management company that sells software for managing sensitive and private data in compliance with regulatory laws, needed skilled developers for building API integrations to the custom software.
Web and Mobile Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Web and Mobile Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Belitsoft built for our European Client a functional, user-friendly, and easy to manage ERP that ensured full visibility both for employees and business stakeholders and automated major manufacturing and financial workflows.
Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Our client is an Israeli high-tech company. They’ve grown into a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions (both software and hardware). Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises.
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
We helped our client from the USA who provides legislative required refresher training to teach about 6.000 brokers per month and get up to USD 1.000.000 monthly.
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
Belitsoft helped a British company develop an award-winning SaaS platform. Since its release, the platform has already gained recognition. It was shortlisted for “Most Innovative Cyber Company” and called a “Rising Star in Cybersecurity”.
Customization of ready-to-use InsurTech CRM for individual needs of particular insurance organizations
Customization of ready-to-use InsurTech CRM for individual needs of particular insurance organizations
Our client is a global insurance custom software development company (1.6M+ EUR in revenues in 2016) with the teams in the USA, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The Client asked us to enlarge his team with dedicated software developers to speed up the process of maintaining his system and adding new complex custom features to it.

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