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With its 17-year of end-to-end ERP development experience, Belitsoft offers ERP solutions that enable our customers from the USA and Western Europe to gain a clear view of their business operations, arrange their information flows and enhance their cost effectiveness.

The creation of powerful custom ERP software, encompassing all business processes and roles within a large enterprise, requires software development team augmentation with experienced dedicated developers and analysts. Belitsoft is amongst top custom ERP software development companies providing excellent enterprise solutions, with a focus on building a scalable business-tailored system that integrates all administration procedures and streamlines data-driven decision-making.

Belitsoft ERP Development Services

Our ERP software development company can develop ERP into a web application with complete operation capabilities and a mobile app with intuitive UX and optimized dashboards for fast decision-making. Our ERP developers have extensive experience in designing and deploying software that merges all your business operations into a single, user-friendly, custom ERP solution.

ERP Development Consulting

Our ERP consultants conduct an analysis of your present business environment and gains a thorough understanding of your strategic business objectives and desired outcomes. They act as your trusted advisors and collaborate with you to develop the best strategies for deploying crucial ERP software.

Custom ERP System Development

We customize ERP software development services to meet the needs of organizations of any size and type. Our ERP systems are robust and scalable, providing valuable data insights across multiple platforms, both web and mobile.

ERP Implementation Services

Implementing ERP solutions properly is crucial for a successful outcome. The ERP implementation team is well-equipped to handle ERP deployment, data management solutions, servers, and ensures the maintenance of data integrity throughout the process.

ERP Applications Development

Our technical experts leverage the latest industry technologies and programming languages to develop feature-rich custom ERP applications tailored to your business needs. We specialize in building top-notch ERP applications for all platforms, SaaS, multi-tenant, web, and mobile systems.

ERP Customization and Enhancement

Our services involve designing, developing, and implementing custom extensions and plugins that connect your ERP solution with additional features, modules, and functionalities. We can also adapt an existing ERP to your business workflows, or include specific roles, business intelligence, and interface modifications.

Custom ERP Dashboards

We create service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and develop sturdy platforms for predictive analytics, decision support, executive dashboards, KPI tracking, performance tracking, and other related applications.

ERP System Support and Maintenance

Our team of ERP experts provides continuous monitoring, management, and support for your ERP system. By identifying, resolving, and preventing issues before they become significant problems, we guarantee the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your ERP system.

ERP Migration Services

Rely on our team to migrate from one ERP system to another. The service could involve upgrading the same software, switching to a different one, or moving from an on-premise to a cloud-based ERP system. In the result, you enhance business operations thanks to better technology and functionality.

Cloud ERP Development

In contemporary cloud ERP systems, scaling can be executed without unwanted disruptions or application downtime. Cloud-based ERP systems host multiple virtual machines on various servers simultaneously. This allows system workloads or applications to be moved to larger machines as needed. After scaling, application data is immediately accessible to authorized users on all supported devices, requiring only a stable internet connection and a compatible device for real-time business data access. Users can access and utilize cloud-based applications from anywhere in the world with minimal complications.

The Most Popular ERP Modules Belitsoft Builds

Manufacturing. Arranging production, setting timetables, and keeping control, possibly with sub-modules for product life cycle and quality assurance.

Inventory. Automating the movement of products in storage locations and rapidly completing online transactions.

Marketing and Sales. Enabling automation of customer order management, planning of data-driven marketing campaigns, communication with customers, and gaining visibility into sales dynamics.

Human Resources. Managing HR policies and personnel matters, ranging from recruitment and onboarding to salary processing, attendance tracking, employee training and development, and handling employee requests.

Supply Chain Management. Keeping track of inventory, supervising vendors, and automating sourcing and procurement.

Financials and Accounting. Performing financial planning and analysis, overseeing accounts payable and accounts receivable, administering the general ledger, and automating billing operations.

Project Management. Planning and monitoring projects, assigning and tracking tasks, and using team collaboration tools such as instant messaging and shared file space.

Document Management. Setting up a central storage system for various document types, enabling simple navigation and sharing of documents, and providing document templates.

Purchasing. Reducing inventory and supply chain overheads while maximizing operational efficiencies, which results in enhanced forecasting of demand and supplying beneficial reports to foster superior decision-making.

Customer Relationship Management. Analyzing and enhancing customer interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, leading to advanced customer service, raised customer retention, and increased sales.

Analytics and Business Intelligence. Using comprehensive data analysis and visualization techniques to measure, observe, and maximize the efficiency of every department in the business.

Chatbots and virtual assistants. Guiding users in navigating an ERP system with chatbots, such as for employee onboarding. While virtual assistants can automate specific routine tasks for the company, like updating customer information, sending alerts about low inventory levels, and accumulating data on order shipments.

Hire ERP developers

Our company offers you an ERP development team with expertise in the industry and product-related knowledge, including experienced ERP developers, QA-engineers, project managers, business analysts, and IT consultants. We meet with your staff to understand your business processes and requirements. Our analysts analyze company info to prepare documentation. Then our well-versed ERP developers create a custom ERP system tailored to your organization's needs, for example Custom ERP for Automotive Repair Industry. They resolve functionality issues, work on databases, test software, hold technical meetings, and provide constant communication.

Responsibilities of Belitsoft’s ERP Developers:

  • Plan, analyze, design, and implement ERP systems
  • Provide support and work on improvements for ERP applications
  • Create and maintain ERP designs
  • Manage client reports and develop optimization solutions
  • Enhance ERP software capabilities through API integrations
  • Run gap/fit analysis for current processes
  • Validate custom ERP objects
  • Collaborate with the product team to comprehend business requirements
  • Follow industry best practices and standards

Skills and Qualifications of Belitsoft’s ERP Developers:

  • Proficiency in the development of enterprise business applications
  • Experience in ERP implementation and API connections
  • Demonstrated expertise in designing application tables, reports, and new modules for client systems
  • Knowledge of custom ERP elements and objects
  • Familiarity with database design principles
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit

Choose Your ERP Development Services Option

Custom ERP Development
Creating a custom ERP system from scratch, including business analysis, end-to-end software development, data migration, integrations, quality assurance, and post-implementation support.
ERP Modules Development
Building an ERP module, incorporating architecture, UX and UI design, module development, manual and automated QA testing, as well as continual upkeep and support.

Benefits of Custom ERP Development Services

A custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system fulfills organizational needs. This ERP offers custom features not found in off-the-shelf ERP solutions and has an optimized TCO in the long run.

Enhanced security. Multiple security systems and authorization provide high data protection.

Workflow automation. Automation and optimization of business processes leads to fast and error-free decision-making. The ERP system facilitates the elimination of manual operations, enables easy data collection, and streamlines business processes within the company.

Integrations and advanced functions. Flexibility of a custom ERP system allows for easy implementation of new technologies as your business grows or strengthens. Cost-effective and smooth integration with other business systems.

Data warehousing and centralization. Keeping business data in one place ensures accuracy. It maintains support for either centralized or distributed (blockchain-based) data storage. Improved quality and efficiency of business operations. Use your central data warehousing system to extract, transform, and load information from various sources and establish multiple nodes for data aggregation.

Robust reporting. ERP development services enable each system user to generate customized reports rapidly, facilitating fast access and data analysis. This promotes timely business decisions.

Improved customer service. Enterprise planning solutions enhance the interactions between sales and customer service personnel and customers by granting them easy access to customers' data. A comprehensive ERP solution elevates the quality of customer service. User-friendly experience with a clear interface designed for various user roles.

Belitsoft's ERP Development Process

  • Business analysis. Business needs analysis and ERP requirements engineering. The first stage of our ERP development services includes consulting, identification of project scope, number of modules needed, etc. We begin with thorough comprehension and close examination of your organization’s strategy and existing business processes, and then provide you with an ERP implementation plan based on your individual needs and requirements. We also consider the specifics of your industry building a woodworking ERP or an ERP for car service stations, as an example.
  • ERP design. We continue with designing the feature set, architecture, role-specific UX and UI of your ERP system. We select tech stack for the ERP software and perform ERP project planning: scope, timeline, budget, KPIs, etc.
  • ERP development. At this stage, our team of developers, engineers, managers, and analysts build the enterprise resource planning software as per the details laid out in the design plan. Once built, our team deploys and integrates the ERP software with the existing business processes.
  • Extensions, Data Migration, etc. Integration with the required systems, e.g., CRM, a vendor portal, IoT control systems. Enterprise data migration from spreadsheets or a previously used resource planning system to ERP.
  • ERP testing. Quality assurance, a major element of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), confirms that the ERP is operational, user-friendly, performance-enhanced, secure, and free of flaws. Aside from creating your ERP, we also do testing during the early stages to guarantee that we complete the project efficiently, thus resulting in a superior-quality product.
  • ERP deployment. The deployment involves installing and configuring an ERP system in an organization's production environment.
  • Users Training. Providing instruction and education to end-users of the ERP system to ensure that they can operate the system capably and expeditiously. Effective user training is critical to the successful execution of an ERP implementation, as it allows employees to use the new system to fulfill their job functions.
  • Support. Ongoing support and evolution of ERP software (optional). A working enterprise resource planning system is dynamic, which requires regular aid and maintenance. Our support team is always present to offer help, even after implementing the solution to guarantee constant end-user service and system updates.

Benefits of Belitsoft's ERP Software Development Services

Accuracy of Estimation. With our proficiency in handling complex, time-critical initiatives and an internal Project Management Office (PMO), we can ensure precision in our project cost and time estimations.

Reduced Financial Risks. By conducting a thorough feasibility study prior to project initiation and providing technical product management consulting, we are able to mitigate the financial risks associated with ERP implementation.

Fast Delivery. The iterative development approach employed by our ERP development firm enables us to deliver the initial iteration of a solution within 3 to 5 months, with subsequent versions released every 2 to 6 weeks.

Effective Management and Transparency. Our organization seeks to reduce the managerial load on our clients while maintaining high transparency with consistent reporting and well-recorded operations. We also take steps to minimize the possibility of any issues occurring.

End-to-End Support. When selecting Belitsoft as your ERP development company, you can be certain that we will take care of every aspect, from design and development to implementation to post-deployment assistance.

Custom ERP Solutions by Belitsoft

Belitsoft delivers comprehensive ERP software solutions for all business types.

ERP System (cloud, mobile, web, SaaS, multi-tenant)
Supply Chain Management Software
CRM Software
Business Applications
Human Resources Software
Governmental Resource Planning Software
Manufacturing Software
Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules
Inventory Management Software
Custom-integration Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

The expense of custom-made ERP software is based on several considerations, including quantity and complexity of features, application design, the number of software/app users, total hours for ERP development, and other aspects.
  • Time and Material,
  • Fixed price,
  • Cost+
  1. Dedicated Team. If your in-house team is engaged with other core business operations, they may not have the capacity to focus totally on developing your ERP application. Our delivery teams can be of service. Highly skilled professionals make up our engineering team, so that your product can progress without constant supervision.
  2. Staff Augmentation. Having your IT team develop your custom ERP system is beneficial. However, what if they encounter a problem they can't solve? Entrust us with a Staff Augmentation model that enables you to hire the proficient individuals to maintain your project's progress. Let us know what skills you are lacking, and our engineers will fill the gaps.
  3. Project Outsourcing. If you have no in-house IT team, you can avail of Belitsoft software outsourcing services. Rely on us to handle the project from start to finish. Meet with us to discuss your requirements and regularly monitor our progress. We have employed this model in many projects which have produced several successful tools and applications.

ERP Portfolio

Mixed-Tenant Architecture for SaaS ERP to Guarantee Security & Autonomy for 200+ B2B Clients
Mixed-Tenant Architecture for SaaS ERP to Guarantee Security & Autonomy for 200+ B2B Clients
A Canadian startup helps car service bodyshops make their automotive businesses more effective and improve customer service through digital transformation. For that, Belitsoft built brand-new software to automate and securely manage daily workflows.
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
Our Client, a US-based freight management company, needed a custom core business app to optimize their workflows.
Web and Mobile Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Web and Mobile Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Belitsoft built for our European Client a functional, user-friendly, and easy to manage ERP that ensured full visibility both for employees and business stakeholders and automated major manufacturing and financial workflows.
Custom .NET-based Financial Software  (CRM/ERP System)
Custom .NET-based Financial Software (CRM/ERP System)
Our strategic customer asked us to help him in making conversion to Web application of one of his financial CRM/ERP system based on WinForms.
Custom C# Desktop Application Development for a Football Federation
Custom C# Desktop Application Development for a Football Federation
Belitsoft task was to create a football management system to register and store information about each player, club, event and related information for the National Football Federation. As a result we created a scalable system of information repositories and modules working seamlessly and effectively.
ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
Organizations need to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a software to manage these activities. Belitsoft has created an efficient ERP system for a vendor from Canada.

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