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Custom CRM Development Services

With 17 years of experience in CRM development services, Belitsoft enhances your business interactions and customer relations by providing custom database software solutions and optimizes business interactions to improve customer relations. Whether you need a fully customized bespoke platform or modifications to an existing CRM, we tailor our services to your unique requirements.

What is custom CRM?

A custom CRM system is a specific software product built according to the business goals of a company. This solution ensures effective management relationships with actual customers and increases the attractiveness of your venture to potential ones. Using all the tools of a customer relationship management system (customer lifecycle and workflow management, easy statistics generation, user roles and permissions settings), you can track and improve all the stages (“contact”, “lead”, and “customer”) of its relationships.

CRM Development Options by Belitsoft

A custom CRM from scratch
If your organization workflows are exclusive to being supported by a standard CRM platform, we create custom CRM development services tailored to your business needs.
A customized CRM system
If the core functionality of a CRM platform majorly aligns with your goals, we enhance it with custom features and modules to address any missing capabilities.

Custom CRM Development Services

Custom CRM Solutions Development

Skilled CRM development team from our offshore software development company creates custom software based on your custom CRM structure and designed layout. With automating regular business processes, our CRM developers help optimize sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

CRM Customization

We create personalized CRM systems that include all the essential features found in enterprise-level CRM software. These platforms assist companies in reaching their customer retention objectives and enhancing sales performance. Our team of CRM developers uses the latest technologies to build bespoke CRM software solutions that can effectively reduce turnaround time.

CRM Mobile App Development

Our CRM app developers build bespoke mobile CRM apps to enable users to access features such as calendar, email creation and checking, account updates, video conferencing, dashboard & report viewing, and more. These features help businesses close deals more efficiently and provide faster support.

CRM Applications Development

Our technical experts leverage the latest industry technologies and programming languages to develop feature-rich custom CRM applications tailored to your business needs. We specialize in building top-notch CRM applications for all platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile.

CRM Business Analysis and Consulting

We provide comprehensive CRM development services that involve analyzing your industry and business requirements. Our team examines your business objectives and workflow to determine the most appropriate custom CRM development features to achieve excellent results. The aim is to maximize the benefits of your CRM development. To create the best CRM structure for your company, we conduct a thorough analysis of various factors, including your business operations, customers, their demand, industry type, and other relevant information.

Data Migration

Our custom CRM development company helps migrate your data safely and quickly if you've switched to a new CRM software. Our CRM system development services ensure they transmit your data from your current CRM to the new one with no loss or negative impact on your business efficiency. We transport your data safely, regardless of the system you are using to collect it, such as Excel or other tools.

Cloud-Based CRM Development

We develop cloud-based CRM solutions and offer easy installation of cloud-based CRM systems. This enables 24/7 access to critical client information from both the office and remote locations, ensuring that you keep in touch with your customers.

CRM Designing

We understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly customer relationship management system. Our design team prioritizes these aspects throughout the entire design process.

CRM Integration

Our team of custom CRM developers offers a secure integration of internal and external systems with your CRM, ensuring seamless and protected information flow. Your team turns out to be more efficient in managing data with automated processes while integrating all your systems, from data collection to analysis and forecasting.

Support and Maintenance

If you choose to create a CRM with us, we strive to achieve the best results and maintain constant communication with you. If you already have a CRM, we can assist you in its development.

Advantages of custom CRM development

Functionality choice option to correspond with your business workflow. Although CRM systems share the common feature of collecting and using customer data, companies' specific goals and desired functionalities may vary. Get a customer relationship management system to support unique business objectives.

A simple-to-use custom solution right for your specific needs and requirements vs. an expensive and complicated out-of-the-box enterprise CRM system, created to meet the requirements of most businesses. We build the functionality and user interface to minimize the learning curve for CRM users and encourage system adoption.

Significant cost-savings in the long run from the custom CRM development of those features you really need. With a CRM that ideally resolves your business tasks, you can achieve a higher lead conversion rate, faster customer service case resolution, and other positive outcomes.

Higher customer retention rates achieved with CRM, since it helps businesses ensure customer satisfaction: the customers feel valued and their needs are being met. This encourages building long-term relationships with them.

Increased sales results carried out as you track and analyze every step of the customer journey. Businesses can pinpoint areas to improve and optimize their sales tactics accordingly.

Higher activity effectiveness through custom CRM solutions. They enable businesses to streamline their processes and improve efficiency, resulting in significant savings of time, money, and resources.

Easy system scalability when new functionality is needed. Receive new features as required, rather than relying on a vendor to upgrade the platform on their schedule.

Ownership and total control over your custom CRM. You can grow your team without thinking of skyrocketing subscription fees.

Increased marketing results thanks to enabling businesses to target specific customer groups more accurately. This results in better marketing results, leading to increased business growth. This was proved by Belitsoft's case of building a Custom CRM Database for effective clinical trial recruitments.

Less time spent on training the end users because a customer relationship management system is created based on your workflow.

Better integration across different departments of your company. CRM applications for different departments, which are based on the same database and fulfill specific requirements of different company levels.

Features of a Custom CRM You Can Get


A custom CRM boosts sales by enabling customer segmentation for personalized marketing, automating routine sales tasks for efficiency, and facilitating effective lead management to prioritize sales efforts. It provides comprehensive analytics and reporting, offering insights into sales performance and market trends, and aids in forecasting future sales. Importantly, a CRM enhances customer retention by offering superior service and personalized experiences, driving repeat sales which are more cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

Pricing and billing

A custom CRM improves pricing and billing management by automating the invoicing process, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the possibility of errors. It also maintains a comprehensive history of each customer's transactions, enabling swift identification of late or missing payments and a better understanding of customers' purchasing patterns. By integrating with existing accounting systems, the CRM facilitates real-time updates, ensuring all transactions are recorded accurately and promptly.

Customer data management

Gather, store, and manage all customer-related data in a single, centralized location. By having a complete view of customer interactions and activities, organizations can improve customer engagement and enhance the customer experience.

Lead capture

Save time and avoid manual lead registration by connecting CRM to all of your lead generation sources. Accurately collecting customer data can provide valuable insights for businesses to determine the actions of each customer segment and the stage in the customer lifecycle.


Collect data to perform customer segmentation. It encourages them to create more targeted marketing campaigns and better understand and fulfill the needs of their customers. Effortlessly handle personalized campaigns triggered by events across a variety of marketing and advertising channels.

Email and apps integrations

Integrate your custom CRM solutions with email seamlessly by syncing your existing email channels, such as MS Outlook or Gmail with the CRM. This enables you to have full visibility of emails, contacts, calendars, and more across both desktop and mobile, supercharging your CRM platform. The integration with your ERP, financial software like Bookkeep, and others.

Customer service

Efficiently manage your contact center by implementing multi-channel case capture, rule-based case routing, and providing quick access to a comprehensive knowledge base for your agents.

Customer self-service and feedback

Establish a platform for customers to find custom CRM software solutions to frequently encountered challenges easily. It proceeds on the workload reduction of your customer service team. Create surveys to collect feedback and analyze customer sentiment in real-time.

Partners tracking

Collect and manage information about your partners. Improve customer experiences by keeping track of important details such as when, why, where, and how issues occurred. CRM enables you to monitor whether and how the issue has been resolved, providing valuable insights to improve your business productivity.


Identify areas for optimization and facilitate data-driven business planning through the use of user-friendly records.

Why Choose Belitsoft Custom CRM Development Company

Hire a dedicated CRM software developer to get a customer relationship management system. Increase the number of customers and drive sales with it. While we are building a complex CRM system for your sales reps and managers and taking full responsibility for your customer relationship management optimization, you focus on the strategic goals of your future business development.

High-quality results. We develop quality software according to ISO 9001:2008 standards that meet all business goals. Belitsoft develops and delivers complete custom extensions with warranty terms.

Using the latest technologies. CRM experts apply innovative technologies, such as VoIP, RFID, and POS, to create tailored solutions that fulfill all of your business needs.

Industry-savvy CRM programmers with hands-on experience. Belitsoft has a well-versed team of professional software developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and project managers that build effective customized CRM systems on time and within budget. Our business analysts study all peculiarities of your business and provide an effective roadmap for custom CRM applications development, CRM integration, and upgrade. The CRM developers know the specifics of customer data processing and regulation in the industries like Healthcare, FinTech, eLearning, Logistics, Manufacturing, and many more.

Flexible forms of cooperation. Choose Belitsoft as your CRM development company and use flexible forms of cooperation and different dedicated team management models. Cut the costs of custom CRM development and its maintenance reasonably.

Ongoing maintenance. Besides deployment and customization, we offer ongoing maintenance service for the businesses running on CRM to provide timely system upgrades to address ever-changing market challenges.

Belitsoft’s Custom CRM Development Process


  • Our team examines your current processes that will the CRM will address, pinpointing manual workloads, challenges, and time-intensive tasks
  • We discover areas for process optimization to enhance efficiency
  • Our specialists conduct interviews and analyze business processes to understand your requirements for the CRM
  • We determine both internal and external data sources for integration with the CRM
  • Future CRM users are mapped out, including their role hierarchy and specific needs
School Management Software

CRM designing

  • We develop usage scenarios for different user roles in the CRM
  • Our team arranges the functional specifications of the CRM
  • We create an integration plan for connecting the CRM to relevant systems and data sources
  • Our team documents the architecture of the CRM, including the programming tools and technologies for each component
  • We provide an estimation of the project timeline and cost

CRM development

  • Our developers create all the CRM features, either by tailoring an existing platform or starting from scratch
  • We establish APIs to connect the CRM with other systems you use
  • Our team conducts comprehensive testing to evaluate CRM's functionality, integration, compatibility, security, and usability
  • Once your CRM passes all tests, we proceed to launch it live

CRM testing and QA

  • We enhance the security of your customer relationship management system and ensure maximum confidentiality by applying best practices of CRM development security
Talent development system

CRM support and maintenance

  • We offer user training to facilitate smooth adoption of the CRM and address questions your team may have
  • We provide L1-L3 support services upon demand

What Is The Cost of a Custom CRM?

If you're considering implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your company, you can either choose an off-the-shelf solution or opt for a custom-built one.

Although custom CRM solutions can be expensive initially, it can spread out their benefits over a longer period. Most out-of-the-box CRM solutions have a per-user pricing model, and as your team grows, the costs will increase. You may require additional features and custom modules that come with higher monthly payments.

We realize the importance of selecting the right CRM solution for your business. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive an approximate quote for the cost of developing custom CRM solutions.

SUGARCRM development services

sugarcrmWhen your business management has SugarCRM as a part of the software environment, we encourage you to use our SugarCRM development and maintenance services.

Customers are the key value of any business. That is why effective and wise customer relationship management is the right way to success. To achieve the greatest results in this area, companies and businesses adopt different software products, including the customer relationship management system SugarCRM. Here at Belitsoft, we offer professional integration services, custom SugarCRM applications development, maintenance and more.

A fine-tuned software solution uniting all access points like PCs, mobile devices, other hardware, and middleware can grant productive end-to-end collaboration between executives, managers, customer service experts and other staff of a company. SugarCRM is an example of such solutions, therefore we choose it for customer management software development.


microsoft-crm We use Microsoft Dynamics development and integration for automation of business processes. You can make a dedicated team of professional developers in Belitsoft to implement, integrate, and support an effective business solution based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Business applications developed using Microsoft technologies simplify tracking of your inner business processes, help you make more accurate decisions, and speed up workflow. If you are ready to change your business productivity and want to save working time, consider our offer and develop a custom Microsoft Dynamics application.

Integration of any system requires serious deliberation. We are ready to delve deeply into your business details and offer you the most effective solution. To make your CRM or ERP efficient, we involve professional designers to configure special UI settings and experienced .NET programmers to create custom functions - search, tracking, modules. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics software to support your business processes management involves the progress of productivity, employees' and customers' loyalty, that turns to a result of profit volume and establishes a strong competitive advantage.

The Microsoft Dynamics products family includes Dynamics CRM (Customer relations management system) and Dynamics ERP (Enterprise resource planning system) which comprises four primary products: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Microsoft Dynamics apply to: Project management; Human resources management; Business intelligence and reporting; Supply chain & distribution; Sales & marketing; Retail point of sale and other areas; Customer relations management and Manufacturing.

Here at Belitsoft, we offer integration of any Microsoft Dynamics product into your software environment and its customization, whether you need any feature that CRM or ERP doesn’t have. We make Dynamics products fully compatible with your business goals and management processes by creating a custom extension or the platform customization.

Belitsoft Works with Enterprises, Tech Companies, and Startups

At Belitsoft, we offer custom CRM development and customization of out-of-the-box solutions. Our team of developers builds a modern approach for managing your customer base, tailored to your business processes and goals. We provide a range of custom CRM development services from analysis to support and are experienced in various industries, including eLearning, Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Telecom, Logistics, and more.

CRM for Enterprises
  • CRM development outsourcing
  • Enterprise business automation
  • Digital transformation
  • Enterprise mobility
  • CRM integration into other enterprise software
CRM for Tech Companies
  • Development team augmentation
  • Product engineering
  • Technology migration
  • CRM maintenance and support
CRM for Startups
  • Prototype designing
  • MVP development
  • Product engineering or reengineering
  • CRM maintenance and support
  • QA and software testing

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM Development is creating software that assists businesses in managing customer relationships. The purpose of CRM Development is to have a system that can track and run all interactions with customers, from the initial contact to follow-up after purchase. The ultimate aim of custom CRM is to get customers' databases for sales, marketing, and customer service enhancement.
If you are facing challenges in managing leads, tracking customer data, or handling many accounts, or spending a lot of time on reporting with limited insights, it's highly advisable to adopt a customer relationship management system. It can help streamline your sales team's efforts and provide accurate insights to plan your future strategy effectively.
In a CRM system, data such as customer contact details, purchase history, and preferences can be tracked and used to tailor marketing campaigns, personalize sales pitches, and resolve customer service concerns. CRM systems offer the next features: contact management, task management, and document sharing to enhance business operations.

CRM systems are crucial for business success. They help identify and address customer needs, leading to stronger customer relationships. This results in increased loyalty and repeat business.

Implementing a custom CRM software can benefit your venture by:

  • improving customer support 
  • increasing referrals 
  • organizing and identifying leads 
  • enhancing sales productivity 
  • boosting lead conversion rates 
  • elevating customer satisfaction 
  • facilitating decision-making 
  • increasing revenue

Incorporating CRM analytics into your custom CRM system allows you to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, market trends, and sales performance. This leads to further business growth and success.

CRM developers may use different programming languages and tools depending on the project requirements. They may utilize Node.js, PHP or Python to build web-based CRM applications or Java and C# to develop software that can be installed on a computer. Database management systems such as SQL, MySQL or Oracle are commonly used to store and manage customer data.


ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
Organizations need to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a software to manage these activities. Belitsoft has created an efficient ERP system for a vendor from Canada.
Custom .NET-based Software For Pharmacy
Custom .NET-based Software For Pharmacy
Our customer received a complex, all-in-one solution that includes all major, high-demanded features suitable for any pharmacy branch.
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
For our client, chief executive officer of a startup company from Germany, we successfully developed a chatbot to convert website visitors to leads and a database application to store them.
Customization of ready-to-use InsurTech CRM for individual needs of particular insurance organizations
Customization of ready-to-use InsurTech CRM for individual needs of particular insurance organizations
Our client is a global insurance custom software development company (1.6M+ EUR in revenues in 2016) with the teams in the USA, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The Client asked us to enlarge his team with dedicated software developers to speed up the process of maintaining his system and adding new complex custom features to it.
Custom .NET-based Financial Software  (CRM/ERP System)
Custom .NET-based Financial Software (CRM/ERP System)
Our strategic customer asked us to help him in making conversion to Web application of one of his financial CRM/ERP system based on WinForms.
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
The Client is the US-based digital health company partnered with Belitsoft to make the patient recruitment workflow much more effective by developing a brand-new custom CRM Database.
EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
The significance of this achievement has garnered the attention of the US government, indicating an intent to deploy the software on a national scale. This unique integration allows for pulling data from EHRs, visualizing them in a convenient and simple way, then allows managing the necessary data to create health programs, assigning individuals to them, and returning ready-to-use medical plans to the EHRs of health organizations.
Custom Software Development  for a Life Insurance Company
Custom Software Development for a Life Insurance Company
According to the USA law, all companies must notify their clients about changes in the company such as mailing address change, changes in the management team etc. within one week

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