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How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams: Full Guide for CEOs and Business Owners

Outsourcing software development saves businesses up to 70% of the budget. Even such giants as Alibaba, Google, Skype and WhatsApp use it. Discover what software development model fits you most and when to choose a dedicated team model. You will see the list of countries where you are most likely to find a reliable outsourcing company to work with. And will learn how to make such a collaboration well-organized and budget-saving. Keep reading to discover more insights and get an extra tip from Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon.


Dedicated development teams are a popular business model. It implies the agreement between the service vendor and the client. The vendor provides the client with a team of professionals with the skillset required to handle tasks within the client’s company. Such a cooperation model gives you full control over the project. And permits avoiding the burden of hiring new specialists and daily team management routine.

A dedicated software development team compounds of high-skilled talents. They supplement your in-house staff in positions your business requires.

Working with a remote software development team is a wise and beneficial business approach in multiple situations. For example,

  • You are expanding to the new industries or markets;
  • Your employees don’t have the necessary skills, and you don’t want to go through the tiresome recruiting process of the required specialists;
  • The project scale expanded and you need flexible and fast team scaling;
  • Your in-house team is already engaged in other projects;
  • Your staff doesn’t have enough time to meet the project deadline, to create a demo, or build an MVP in short terms;
  • There are tasks that take much time of the in-house team and could be outsourced for raising efficiency (for example, QA testing);
  • You need to get specific domain and technology expertise quickly;
  • You need an additional workforce for a long-term project, but want to avoid recruitment.

Dedicated Development Team Outsourcing in Numbers

35% of companies worldwide, from small to large, prefer to outsource software development. It frees up resources and permits C-Suite to focus on the core business goals and processes. And here are the major reasons for outsourcing dedicated development teams.

dedicated development team

Approximately 300.000 positions are outsourced every year. And 57% of businesses expect their outsourcing experience to increase. 

The numbers say that by working with a dedicated development team, businesses save up to 70%. Dedicated teams don’t require as many resources as internal developers. You save on hiring new specialists and the project setup. You also cut costs of team integration and management keeping the project under your control.

Working with an external team is more cost-effective for your business than hiring freelancers. Sometimes it’s even more efficient than working with the in-house workforce solely.

See below short comparison among the dedicated team, freelancers, and in-house team.

dedicated team

Dedicated Software Development Team Structure

When you hire a dedicated team, you get an extension to your in-house workforce. Consider them remote employees selected for your project based on the skills they master and the requirements you have. As a result, you get tech experts fully focused on your project. 

This cooperation model includes the following parties:

  1. A CEO or a business owner as a client of the outsourcing services.
  2. A vendor of outsourcing services who gathers and manages a dedicated development team.
  3. Dedicated team members that work remotely but fully engaged in the client’s project.
dedicated development teams

The dedicated development teams typically include the roles agreed for a specific project. It means that this structure may differ. Usually, a dedicated team includes:

  • Front-end engineers. Experts who are responsible for coding and testing the elements and functionality of the user interface - the “visible” part of the product.
  • Back-end engineers. Experts who are in charge of developing the inner part and the background components.
  • DevOps. Professionals working with the development teams and IT operations teams to coordinate the development, operations, and testing processes.
  • UX/UI designers. Professionals who are responsible for making the user experience simple, intuitive, and engaging.
  • QA engineers. Experts who are responsible for ensuring the optimal quality and bug-free functioning of the product. 
  • Project managers. The team leaders who mitigate risks, plan, manage, track, and optimize the entire development process. Responsible for delivering project requirements to the team and reporting to the client.
  • Business analysts. The mediator between the development team and the business. They determine requirements, evaluate processes, make reports, and offer suggestions to CEOs, business owners, and other stakeholders.

As a result of such cooperation, you get a ready-to-go product with all the technical specifications and documents, and product intellectual property rights.

Your role as a client in the project is really convenient in comparison with other outsourcing models. You can interact with the team, regularly monitor their activities and progress within, adjust the process. But you don’t need to search, hire, and onboard new technical staff. You don’t need to supervise the new hires. 

The outsourcing vendor, their project manager, and business analyst are responsible for the entire process. Besides, they evaluate the KPIs of each team member, control the overall performance and ensure the efficiency of the hired team. This permits you to focus on high-level business tasks, as well as control and adjust the workflow if needed. 

Dedicated Team Model Key Parameters: Time, Cost, and Scope

There is a strong demand for a dedicated team cooperation model, which is explained by its high ROI. Besides, considering the availability of project management tools and online communication, you get a similar level of control as with your internal employees.

Cooperation with a dedicated software development team is more straightforward and flexible than it may seem. Let’s evaluate the key parameters of such a collaboration model: time, cost, and scope.

dedicated software development team


You and the outsourcing vendor together agree on how to set and handle deadlines. Usually, a dedicated team comes to a specific project, job, or period that is agreed upon in advance. In case you want to continue your cooperation, you can always negotiate it. 


Every member of a dedicated development team has a monthly salary. Just as you pay your in-house workforce, you pay remote workers monthly as well. Plus, the vendor’s fee for administrative, overhead, and infrastructure expenses. The total cost of your project depends on the duration and scope.


In terms of your business requirements, a dedicated development team is the most flexible cooperation model. You can adjust the workload and scope of a project anytime. The members of a dedicated team are your employees, so you can communicate with them directly to report changes.

Dedicated Team vs. Time & Material Model

Software development companies usually suggest three models of collaboration: a dedicated team, the time & material (T&M), and the fixed price (FP) models. 

Now let’s compare a dedicated team with other software development outsourcing models starting from the time & material model.

The time & material model means that the client pays only for time and resources spent on the project.

The key advantage of the time & material model is that this approach is result-oriented. While the key disadvantage is the difficulty to plan and control the budget.

Time & material is the right option for your project if you

  • have a small project
  • want to build an MVP (minimum viable product)
  • have only a concept or idea
  • need updates or minor features
  • don’t know the target market
  • haven’t figured out the requirements yet
  • can’t fully evaluate the project scope
  • want the flexibility to make changes in the workflow

Advantages of a time & materials model

  • You monitor the development process closely;
  • You have full cost control and can adjust the budget;
  • You can tightly manage the time to ensure faster development and meeting deadlines; 
  • You can change project requirements and adapt the process to changing needs.

Disadvantages of a time & materials model

  • Close process monitoring takes time and draws focus from your principal business tasks;
  • Unfocused and irregular monitoring from your side can lead to elevated costs and wasted time;
  • You may find it difficult to estimate how much time is required to complete the project.

Dedicated team vs. Fixed-price Model

A fixed-price model is a cooperation based on a fixed budget for the project, regardless of the time and resources needed to complete the project. 

It means that you and the software vendor agree on the price, deadline, project scope, technologies, and detailed product requirements in advance. However, the vendor will need much time to prepare the detailed specifications.

The key advantage of a fixed-price model is skippingbudget-related surprises. The key disadvantage - you cannot make changes in the workflow. Actually, you can work it out but be ready for extra pay and moving the deadline.

Fixed-price model is the right option for your project if you

  • have a small-term project
  • have a project featuring many specs 
  • have a project with a clear result or goal
  • know and have negotiated in advance all the details
  • are 100% sure in the pre-defined deadline
  • don’t want to control everything
  • don’t plan to change anything in the project

Advantages of a fixed-priced model

  • No need to spend time monitoring the development process constantly;
  • The responsibility for errors and their costs are fully on the vendor;
  • The easiest model in terms of evaluating the cost and deadline.

Disadvantages of a fixed-priced model

  • You cannot change the project requirements during the process;
  • Possible gaps in the understanding of the project requirements;
  • You have no control over the development process. 
dedicated team

Dedicated Team and Team Extension Difference

Team expansion is a type of outsourcing software development service when an outsourcing vendor provides their experts in the form of external hire. Such cooperation is usually based on the Time & Materials model.

The common feature with the dedicated team model is that you get skilled professionals with the right expertise required for a specific project.

However, they have a significant difference. Within an extended team model, you hire a remote team or even an individual developer that works as an extension of the in-house team. While a dedicated development team is a separate entity with its frameworks and management that is entirely responsible for the project.

When to Choose a Dedicated Development Team

Before you decide which cooperation model to choose, it’s essential to identify and analyze your business needs and to evaluate risks. The dedicated team model perfectly fits the following use cases:

  • Large projects with changing scope

Hiring a dedicated software team for large growing projects will allow you to skip a time-consuming hiring process and build a professional team quickly. You can also optimize the working processes by assigning more important, business-oriented tasks to the in-house staff and passing additional work to the remote team.

  • The launch of a new product

Hiring a dedicated software development team is an effective way to create and launch a new product. Usually in such situations, your company lacks technical specialists with the required skills. So you have to spend a lot of time on recruiting. It automatically delays product launch. When you decide to work with an outsourcing vendor, it becomes far easier to hire a professional team quickly. 

  • Long-term projects with updates

Flexibility is crucial for the rapidly developing tech industry. Otherwise, you risk missing great business ideas and losing opportunities in the end. And that’s what a dedicated development team gives you - flexibility. You can update your requirements and communicate with them to keep up the high quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Projects with a constant sizable workflow

Hiring a dedicated development team, you pay them a salary monthly. So it’s wise to start such cooperation only if you have a constant considerable workload. In this case, the staff can work within one project or switch to another one. The key point is not to stop the process. Otherwise, your remote team will lose motivation, and you will waste the budget. 

  • Expanding companies 

When your business is growing, you need to hire more people. It’s not obvious at first glance, but a hired team that has already been working with the project can help you onboard the new hires. Besides, if your software dedicated team works in the country where your company is expanding, you already have a trusted partner that can share with you some insights about the new market.

  • Companies with a low budget

When you cannot or don’t want to pay high salaries to local technical experts, the ideal way-out is outsourcing. The salaries of remote employees from Europe and Asia are lower and fit even in a low budget. Also, it suits companies that don’t want to go through the hiring process that requires not only time but a significant amount of money.

Advantages of Hiring the Dedicated Development Team

So you have decided that the dedicated team model suits you. And the reasons are a large and long-term project, no fixed budget or deadline. Actually, you’ve made a great decision. Hiring a dedicated development team has a lot of advantages. 

Let’s see the major 8 reasons to choose a dedicated team model.

Top talents at your disposal

Hiring a dedicated software development team you can select from skilled experts from a wide talent pool. And you are not restricted by the experts who live in your city. Besides, this cooperation model gives you a wide range of technology expertise. You can make your business agile and your products versatile because through outsourcing vendors you can find talents in mobile apps and web apps, blockchain, IoT, DevOps, and AI.

Saving time & resources on hiring

Addressing the outsourcing vendor, you skip the expensive recruitment process. You get talents hand-picked for your project and based on your requirements. To build such a team, you would spend lots of effort, time, and resources. And in the fast-paced competitive world of software development, you cannot afford to lose time on gathering a team that would fit every new project. 

When you opt for the dedicated team model, you have the outsourcing vendor who is in charge of finding the right candidates to meet your requirements. The dedicated team model implies your participation in hiring as well. But this duty is limited to selecting the best candidates from the shortlist suggested by the vendor. You benefit from a quick and simple workforce augmentation.

Clear and not time-consuming management

You are managing and communicating with a dedicated development team directly. They are a remote workforce that works in a separate office. You manage and adjust the team size, the timeline, and the budget. So you are always aware of the project progress, development schedules, deliverables, and the process overall.

The best thing is that managing dedicated development teams doesn’t mean your daily focus on the project and routine. As a part of your remote team, you have a project manager who controls the workflow day-to-day and reports to you or your in-house project manager. The entire process is transparent to you but doesn’t require your constant attention freeing up for other business tasks.

Flexibility in time, materials, and scalability

With dedicated development teams, you get the best of all the cooperation models. You get flexibility in time and material together with predictability in cost. 

Also, this cooperation model allows you to increase or decrease the team based on the current needs of your business or project. 

Cost-efficiency in comparison with in-house model

There are no single statistics, but an average outsourcing rate is $35/hour compared with the average in-house rate of $70/hour. Sometimes, the difference in the rates is not so large. But such vendors usually offer the top efficiency that could hardly be reached with the in-house workforce. Also, you don’t need to spend extra money and resources on equipment, office, and infrastructure. Leaving out the organizational part, you get more time and resources for important business processes such as competitor analysis and technology research.

100% focus on the task & adaptability

Your remote team is 100% dedicated to your project. The increased immersion often gives diverse insights into the possible solutions and provides the best results.

Together with a 100% focus comes the increased adaptability and timely response to any changes. You can reconfigure the dedicated team at any project stage based on the current project requirements, market performance, or budget constraints.

Adaptability to Client Needs and Goals

Your company has its own culture, communication model, and mission. A well-arranged dedicated team integrates into these processes adopting your rules. So you don’t need to adjust to a remote team, they tune all the needed aspects to collaborate with you with the greatest efficiency.

Regular feedback and full transparency

The outsourcing vendor assigns a project manager who manages the project. However, working with a dedicated team implies regular feedback and reporting from the project manager. So you are always aware of the current situation and progress. The complete transparency throughout the development process allows you to stay in control without spending time on direct development management.

Disadvantages of Hiring the Dedicated Development Team

Every model of outsourcing cooperation has its pros and cons. The idea is to understand the negatives before you start working. And to choose the model that brings major benefits and minimal risks to your business.

Hiring a dedicated development team isn’t a good fit for you in the following cases.

Insufficient resources

Working with a dedicated team is like working with your in-house workforce. You need to manage and track the workflow, communicate with them, and inform them about updates. Will you manage all these activities? Or do you have a manager for this task?

Your project is simple and short-term

The time and resources spent on hiring a dedicated software development team are not irrational if your project is only 1 or 2 months long. 

Short overlap time with the vendor

Be ready that most outsourcing vendors work in different countries. So you need to choose the one that offers convenient working conditions in terms of availability and response time. Agree with your prospective vendor about the minimal overlap period. Otherwise, the working process won’t be smooth for either of you.

Your deep involvement in the workflow

Working with dedicated development teams implies your complete involvement in all the team processes, starting from hiring to evaluating the results. Otherwise, you risk getting disappointing results. Of course, you have a project manager who is in charge of all the daily routines, but your participation and control are a must. So if you want to give a task and forget about the project, this cooperation model isn’t the best fit for you.

How to Find a Dedicated Development Team

Step 1. Searching for a reliable service vendor.

Now you are sure that a dedicated team model is your fit. The next thing to do is to find a suitable and reliable outsourcing vendor.

But there are so many results that you will definitely need to narrow down the search. And here are great ways to do this:

  • Searching in Google works the best.
  • B2B portals such as Clutch

You will find outsourcing vendors with pricing, descriptions, and real reviews from other clients. It will facilitate your choice.

Step 2. Evaluate a potential vendor.

Before establishing a communication, check reviews about the vendor from its previous clients. Also, check their website and study the offer. What guarantees they give, what experience they have in your industry, and the overall impression from their website. If all the information is clear and coherent, pass it to the next step.

Step 3. Building a consistent interview process.

Build transparent communication with the vendor you are considering. Make sure that the selected vendor understands your strategy and goals and has a clear idea of how to deliver the result. Keep your goals clearly prioritized. Personally check the candidates for the future team, their experience, and skillset. All this gives you a clear and complete vision of your future partner and team.

Best Countries to Hire Software Developers

There are countries that have proven to be the leaders in providing high-quality and reliable outsourcing software development services. 

Countries of Eastern Europe are lately the top software outsourcing countries. They offer a high level of technical expertise and affordable costs. Eastern European countries are the closest in mentality to the Western market. It ensures productive cooperation, even despite the time difference.

dedicated team


Belarus is home to the famous World of Tanks, Viber, PandaDoc, Apalon, MSQRD, Maps.me, and multiple other startups. Belarusian developers are among the best in software development. They rank 1st in Google Hash Code 2018, for example. A hard-working mentality and great education make them better every year. And their average pricing is really attractive. 


According to the Kearney Global Services Location Index research, Poland is the twelfth most attractive outsourcing country. It has a vast pool of software development services and is budget-friendly at the same time.


The IT industry in Russia is well-developed. The export of software development services equals $5.3B, according to the Russoft Association. The rating of top developers SkillValue ranked Russian programmers 20th in Europe and 22nd globally in 2019. The costs are standard for the Eastern European region.


Average Service Cost

# of tech professionals

English level

























How to Set up a Dedicated Team Workflow

The next step after selecting an outsourcing vendor is to set up the workflow with your new team. That’s how we recommend arranging the process:

1. Outline your requirements

To start the work, you need to present to the vendor your requirements. They usually include a project description, job descriptions, preferences for arranging a workflow, a preferable team size, the necessary tech skills, etc. 

2. Let your vendor assemble a team

Usually, outsourcing vendors have professionals ready to start working on your project immediately. If the project requires hiring an additional workforce, the vendor takes all the responsibility to find professionals that have the experience and expertise you need for success and hire them in a short term. The HR team selects candidates based on their proficiency, hard skills, English level, and soft skills. Your task is to approve or not the candidates from the shortlist.

3. Integrate the dedicated team

The vendor integrates the dedicated development team into the project. At this stage, you agree on the preferred management approach. Decide what tools your remote team will use, and other details for streamlining the workflow. You have full management control over the team and can adjust the process if needed.

4. Check and manage the process

The dedicated team starts working on your assignments during regular hours. The project manager reports you regularly and you give feedback to ensure that all the project requirements are fulfilled. If your requirements change, you agree with the team and the project manager to adjust the workflow to the updated conditions.

5. Get the first results

Now you have a team of specialists working on your project under your management. The software outsourcing manager runs administrative tasks and reports to you directly. You assess the first results and give your feedback. Now thanks to the dedicated team, you've freed up your time for other business tasks.

The outsourcing vendor deals with the legal nuances of your cooperation. The set of documents usually includes:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As a rule, a dedicated team works with sensitive internal information. That’s why such cooperation normally starts with signing an NDA. The document outlines what material and knowledge should be considered confidential and what the penalty for its disclosure will be.
  • Master Services Agreement (MSA). It’s a contract specifying most of the terms of the cooperation. Usually, it covers payment terms, protocols for invoicing & payment, dispute resolution, available volume discounts, product warranties, credit limits and credit periods, intellectual property ownership, and liabilities. And the critical thing to mention. To grant all the rights for the developed product to you and your company, this condition shall be clearly stated in the MSA. 
  • Statement of Work (SOW). This document describes and defines all terms and conditions of your project. It clarifies deliverables, timeline, costs, project conditions, and special requirements. It’s essential to make the SOW clear to every party, which will help avoid misunderstanding and possible disputes.

How to Onboard a Dedicated Software Development Team

The process of selecting an outsourcing vendor, hiring a team, and signing all the documents is over. Now it’s time to onboard a dedicated team. And here a lot of questions may arise. How to start the work? How to introduce them to your in-house staff? And overall, what to do next?

Going through the onboarding process is a necessity for setting up fruitful cooperation. And here is what you can do to favor quick onboarding.

1. Introduce a new team into your business.

No matter in what country and time zone your new team is working. They need to understand the goals and strategy of your business. Who your competitors and customers are. What markets you cover. What your strengths and bottlenecks are. When team members understand your business context and culture, they can work with your business strategy in mind.

2. Talk with your in-house staff.

Your primary goal now is to create synergies between your remote team and in-house staff. Sometimes in-house employees don’t understand why remote members are needed and may feel tension. Or they may feel superior making the dedicated team member feel left out. To avoid such tension that leads to the unproductive working process, it’s recommended to talk with the in-house employees. Highlight that you don’t doubt their competencies and don’t replace them, but aim to scale up your business together.

3. Share the documents

To start working, your dedicated team needs access to all the needed documents and resources. Start with the common things, for example, technical documentation, a backlog, the code repository. At the same time, it’s no need to overwhelm them with extra information if there is something that they will need later on.

4. Arrange an offline meeting

You can perform the entire process of hiring and onboarding online. However, personal communication is a key to long-lasting relations. So it’s recommended to arrange at least one real-life meeting. It helps to form a bond and trust between you and your new employees. 

How To Manage a Dedicated Software Development Team

Managing a remote team is not as troublesome as you may imagine. Follow the guidance below to streamline the management of your dedicated team.

1. Arrange regular meetings

Video conferencing and online calls let you arrange scheduled meetings regularly. During such talks, you can verify what they did and what the team plans for the next few days are. Or what problems they have faced.

Such regular meetings will keep every member of the team updated. Based on this information, the employees can effectively structure their work and plans. The advice here is to ensure that these meetings are short and to-the-point. 

2. Use tools to keep track of the team’s activity

Managing the activity of the dedicated team is essential. And there are many tools for this purpose.

To manage tasks: Jira, Trello, Taskworld, Worksection, Fusioo, Twoodo, Avaza, Wrike.

To manage documents: Google Drive, Bit.ai.

To arrange team communication: Skype, Slack, UberConference, Zoom, SocialChorus.

All-in-one tools: Hive, Troop Messenger, Paymo, BasicOps Hibox.

3. Organize a workflow

New team members may have many questions when starting a new project. For example, who handles what? How to share documents and create new tasks? Whom to contact in case of problems? And it’s necessary to guide them through all these processes for the first time. 

4. Give feedback regularly

Giving your feedback regularly is crucial for managing any team. Your developers need to know if the product meets your requirements and expectations. And your feedback will guide them in the correct direction. While the absence of contact with a product owner leads to employees’ frustration and slows down the workflow.

5. Treat the team as professionals

Some business owners make a mistake treating the dedicated team as a junior assistant of the in-house team. Don’t make this mistake. Both teams comprise professionals that complement one another. Remember that you selected them for their tech expertise. Each of them is an expert, so consider their ideas and opinions as well.

Division of Responsibilities


  • hiring talents with the skillset required for the project;
  • building a dedicated team for the project;
  • planning resources and workflow;
  • setting up an effective communication between the team and the client;
  • providing all the necessary equipment and infrastructure for the team;
  • seamless knowledge and roles transfer within the project.


  • outlining clear strategy, goals, and methodology for the project;
  • approving the members of a dedicated team;
  • managing and monitoring the product development;
  • providing regular feedback and reviews to the team, motivating the staff;
  • accepting the results.
dedicated team

Why Dedicated Development Teams Can Fail

A dedicated software developers team is a true helper for a business owner when it comes to a large project or when you require a skillset your in-house team doesn’t have. However, some business owners fail to arrange a workflow and effectively manage a dedicated team. Pay attention to the following signs showing the current and potential problems within your team.

Outsourcing of core functions

Let’s start with a warning, not a failure sign. The recommendation is never to outsource your core business functions. Managing them is your competitive advantage. So it’s essential you keep on doing it by yourself, no matter how good and reliable your hired team is. The idea is to outsource lateral functions that unfocus you and take your time. 

Product strategy failure

As your dedicated team works remotely, you need to keep track of their workflow. It helps you make sure their activity aligns with the product strategy and they haven’t lost the focus. Usually, this is a task of a product manager, but you as a product owner can take responsibility for keeping your dedicated team on track as well.

Communication issues

The absence of regular communication between you, the in-house workforce, and the dedicated team leads to misunderstanding and procrastination of the employees. That’s why it’s crucial to arrange scheduled meetings and make your communication clear and to-the-point.

Poor motivation

You communicate with the in-house team in person in the office or at corporate meetings. But the dedicated team members often feel like outsiders. Such a feeling leads to demotivation. And you perfectly know that demotivation lowers the efficiency of work. That’s why together with the importance of regular communication, it’s essential to praise your remote workers. Think about bonuses as well. 

Failing to be agile

Being agile means adapting quickly and easily. If your product or job requirements change, you react accordingly right away. Compared with all other cooperation models, working with a dedicated software development team is the most flexible model. However, often it cannot compare with the agility of in-house staff due to delays in communication. You can avoid it by giving feedback and communicating with your remote team regularly. 

Extra Tip from Jeff Bezos: a “two-pizza” team rule

dedicated software development team

The Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, believes that no matter how large your company is, individual teams shouldn’t be larger than what two pizzas can feed. 

The cost of coordinating large teams snowballs so much that it lowers individual and team productivity. While small teams are transparent, effective and easily managed.

The idea of a “two-pizza” team, invented by Bezos has proved its efficiency in the IT world. And has become a mantra for project managers, CEOs, and business owners all over the world. 

And the rule works for dedicated software development teams as well. People working on one general idea within the project need to collaborate effectively, which is optimal if the team is up to 10 teammates. 

Passed some time, the idea evolved into single-threaded leader (STL) teams. The key to efficiency and workflow transparency lies not only in the small team size but also in the idea to work on one thing at a time. 

Here is an example of building a “two-pizza” team in software development:

  1. Developers who write the code.
  2. UI/UX designer who is in charge of the visual part of the product.
  3. QA engineers who test the performance of the product.
  4. DevOps engineer who coordinates development teams and IT operations teams to manage code releases.

All the other positions are optional and depend on the project scale and specifics. So you as a client may prefer adding a business analyst or a project manager to reduce your workload and assign daily control and management to a dedicated person who will report you.

So summing up the “two-pizza” concept, the recommendation is to break your large teams into small ones or create sub-teams. Thus you eliminate the communication gap between teammates.

What Famous Companies Successfully Work with Dedicated Teams

The dedicated team model suits businesses of different scopes, from startups to large enterprises. Many famous and successful companies opt for this cooperation model as well. Among those who resorted to dedicated development, there is Alibaba, WhatsApp, GitLab, Skype, Verizon, Slack, Zapier, and many others. Here are some examples. 



WhatsApp has grown into one of the most popular messengers in the world. But the company didn’t experience this growth by relying on its 35 in-house employees. To decrease operating costs, WhatsApp outsourced software development to Russia.



As a leader in its domain, Skype has changed the way companies do business. And they didn't limit themselves when hiring the right talent. Skype has outsourced the back-end development of the app to Estonian developers and that was a winning approach. 



Zapier has a workforce in 13 countries over the world. Wade Foster, Zapier co-founder, says that hiring a dedicated team is the best software development model. It allows getting top professionals to work in your business's favor regardless of their location.


We’ve highlighted why opting for an outsourcing software development vendor is a good idea. What steps to take for setting up profitable cooperation with a dedicated software development team. And how to find, manage and get the most of such a cooperation. 

To sum up, here are the key points:

  • Outsourcing software development saves up to 70% of the budget;
  • Hiring a dedicated team is your fit if you have a long-term project, no predefined deadline, and flexible requirements;
  • Finding a reliable and experienced software development partner is essential;
  • Working with a dedicated team, you manage the team workflow but you free up time for other business processes;

Ready to start working with a dedicated team? No need to spend your valuable time searching for a reliable and experienced partner? At Belitsoft we offer top technical talents and 10+ years of expertise. With us, you will reduce costs on software development by more than 40%.  How can we help you?

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Fixed Price, Time & Material or Dedicated Team: What To Choose

Let’s say you decided to develop custom software without having your own team of developers for the project and for...

Software Development Company vs Freelance Software Developers
Software Development Company vs Freelance Software Developers

Startup founders, small business owners, managers in medium business and even corporate representatives are trying to adapt to the new...

Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
  • Technologies and platforms: Wordpress, HelpDesk, GoogleDocs, GoogleAnalytics, Skype
  • Team Size: 2 Support / Marketing Specialists
Support of Software Dedicated Communities
Support of Software Dedicated Communities
  • Technologies and platforms: Helpdesk, Live Chat, Phone, Skype, Online Conference Tools
  • Effort: 120 man-months, ongoing
  • Site: www.JoomPlace.com
Dedicated Team with .NET Developers for an E-Learning Software Company
Dedicated Team with .NET Developers for an E-Learning Software Company
When the Customer contacted us for development, he was just a startup. Nowadays the Customer is a reputable company, Microsoft Strategic Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and ISV Partner with offices all around the world.
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
PHP, Laravel
Team size:
The Team Lead, 7 programmers, and 2 QA-engineers



If you are looking for a true partnership Belitsoft company might be the best choice for you. They have proven to be most reliable, polite and professional. The team managed to adapt to changing requirements and to provide me with best solutions. I strongly recommend Belisoft.

Ivo Downes

Director at ShowCast Limited (Germany)


I expected and demanded a lot of you at Belitsoft company, but you exceeded my expectations. You acted pro-actively, challenged me at the right moments. Thanks!

Martin Beijer

CEO at Ticken B.V. (Netherlands)


We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Any software development, programming, or design needs we have had, Belitsoft company has always been able to handle this for us.

Bjarne Mortensen

СEO at ElearningForce International (United States, Denmark)


They use their knowledge and skills to program the product, and then completed a series of quality assurance tests. We were working in an agile way with them. Belitsoft performed very well throughout our project. We are definitely looking at Belitsoft as a long-term partner.

Eddie Nicholas

Service Delivery Director at Crimson (United Kingdom)


I highly recommend Belitsoft for website design and development. We were up against a tight deadline to launch the project. The work was delivered on time and within budget! I will continue working with Belitsoft as a valued partner for our web development!

Adrienne Herd

Program Administrator at UC Berkeley (United States)


We have worked with Belitsoft team over the past few years on projects involving much customized programming work. They are knowledgeable and are able to complete tasks on schedule, meeting our technical requirements. We would recommend them to anyone who is in need of custom programming work.

Kevin M. Rice

Main Partner at Hathway Tech (United States)


Belitsoft company is able to make changes instantly. One of our internal engineers has commented about how clean their code is. Belitsoft seems to know what they're doing, which I appreciate.

Darlene Liebman

Co-Founder at HOWCAST MEDIA (United States)


It was a great pleasure working with Belitsoft. Software Development Company. New requirements and adjustments were implemented fast and precisely. We can recommend Belitsoft and are looking forward to start a follow-up project.

Renè Reiners

Deputy Head of Division at Fraunhofer FIT (Germany)

Apollo Matrix

Belitsoft company has been able to provide senior developers with the skills to support back end, native mobile and web applications. We continue today to augment our existing staff with great developers from Belitsoft.

Pete Johnson

CEO at Apollo Matrix (United States)


Belitsoft company delivered dedicated development team for our products and technical specialists for our clients time to time custom development needs. We highly recommend that you use this company if you want the same benefits.

Bo Sejer Frandsen

Managing Director at Key2Know A/S in 2012 (Denmark)

Regen Med

We approached BelITsoft with a concept, and they were able to convert it into a multi-platform software solution. Their team members are skilled, agile and attached to their work, all of which paid dividends as our software grew in complexity.

Nicolas Tierney

COO at Regenerative Medicine LLC (United States)


Having worked with Belitsoft as a service provider, I must say that I'm very pleased with the company's policy. Belitsoft guarantees first-class service through efficient management, great expertise, and a systematic approach to business.. I would strongly recommend Belitsoft's services to anyone wanting to get the right IT products in the right place at the right time.

Guy Doron

CEO at Moblers (Israel)

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