SharePoint-based Learning Management System Development

After we have created a well-known PHP/MySQL LMS product Belitsoft was challenged with the order to design a sophisticated eLearning software using the Microsoft SharePoint as the development platform.

Platform: .NET SharePoint
Solution: LMS
Industry: E-learning
Country: Denmark United States
  • Technologies and platforms: SharePoint, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, MSSQL, WebParts, MSVisualStudio, Sharepoint Designer
  • Effort: 500 man-months, ongoing
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As a result, we have provided the distant learning software using the Microsoft platform functionality for many end-users and customers who use our custom eLearning solution today. Microsoft capabilities merged with our expertise and skills resulted in a new eLearning product with many opportunities for learning institutions and companies from totally different areas and of different scale.

OurĀ NET developers have developed a SharePoint e-learning application with an easy-to-navigate user interface, enhanced views and menu structure for online learning. This distance learning system is easy to manage due to full integration with familiar Microsoft Office application. It uses native SharePoint tools for authoring, publishing, organizing, and finding information, for registration and user management, etc.

Considering the tutors' requirements and learners' needs we have developed custom learning software that incorporates all the necessary and requested specifications. SharePoint learning solution combines the most wanted features for various eLearning tasks including interactive delivery of information, course catalogs, loads of assessments, remote registration / course creation, group/mentor rooms with file sharing, tracking / reports on progress and skills attainment and so on. It offers an active directory for work, posting and editing documents and files of different formats, web conferences and even more!

Currently, we have started using new Microsoft LyncServer 2010 as the platform for our web conferencing feature. This server offers highly effective communication what makes no difference between full-day learning and distance learning. All the learning process participants are engaged in work, they can share video and audio information during online lectures, exams, seminars, etc. Moreover, they can exchange files during a conference.

Suit of web parts for our developed Sharepoint VLE represents an incorporated set of controls for creating web pages in the VLE part of the system that enables end-users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of the page directly from a browser. When users change pages and controls, the settings can be saved to keep user's personal preferences in the future browser sessions. These web parts capabilities allowed our developers to empower end-users to personalize a web application dynamically, without developer or administrator intervention.

If a user wishes to apply our VLE web parts he has the following options at his disposal:

  • Individualizing page's content: users can add new web parts to a page, delete them, minimize them like ordinary windows, and reset them.
  • Modifying web parts' content changing its appearance and layout, and restoring web parts' content.
  • Exporting controls: users can import or export web parts control settings to use on other pages or sites, retaining the properties, appearance, and even the data in the controls. This reduces data entry and configuration demands on end-users.
  • Adding items to web parts and modify their content.
  • Opening and hiding the edit mode of the parts.

The suit of web parts created for our Sharepoint learning management system provides users with a friendly and nice-looking interface that they may personalize according to their preferences and usability.

It is possible to see and use for some time a free trial version of this SharePoint learning software or purchase software on request. We continue the system development and provide support and maintenance for all current users of this SharePoint-based LMS all over the world. The system has thousands of installations and the number of its users constantly grows.

SharePointLMS, developed by Belitsoft, will be used at the John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS), Harvard University, USA.

On September 24, 2009 in New York it was declared that HKS had chosen SharePointLMS as new LMS (Learning Management Sytem) platform. In the near future online courses and training modules will be delivered to HKS students using SharePointLMS.

Besides this in agreement between HKS and EleraningForce Int. it is stated that ElearningForce Int. will deliver not only LMS software but also develop custom software to complement the LMS and provide the suite of Rapid Authoring Tools which can create web content and SCORM packages for the LMS.

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