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EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network


Our client is a US healthcare solutions provider focused on elevating the quality of medical outcomes and driving cost reduction within the private and public healthcare markets.

Collaborating closely with governmental initiatives, our client pursued a groundbreaking idea - a software solution that blends both healthcare business intelligence with CRM functionality. This unique integration extracts data from EHRs, presents it in an easily digestible format, and manages the data to craft health programs. These programs can assign individuals and then feed ready-to-use medical plans back into the EHRs of health organizations.

As a result, the software:

  • Relieves medical professionals from time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Offers clear visibility of data, minimizing mistakes and delayed care plan assignments.
  • Automates various processes, reducing human error risks.


The healthcare domain needs to keep track of patient data and manage it easily. For that, both public and private facilities like nursing homes, correctional facilities, or rehab centers badly require a centralized database for complete visibility of patient and medical data as well as to automate patient data management.

Disparate data as a barrier for detecting diseases on time

Imagine a nursing home admitting new residents.

Upon arrival, their personal and medical details are logged into the facility's system, often in tabular forms or even on paper.

This approach to data storage doesn't help identify health conditions or trends requiring attention on time. For example, if many residents are heavy smokers, the lack of centralized and proper visual data might prevent staff from noticing this trend. Consequently, these patients might miss out on beneficial governmental anti-smoking programs, resulting in delayed necessary care.

Manual medical program handling is time-consuming and prone to human errors

Now, suppose that the US government launches an anti-smoking initiative, specifically for elderly individuals with particular heart and lung conditions but excluding those with diabetes.

Traditionally, medical staff sift through hundreds or even thousands of patient records—often manually using tools like Excel spreadsheets, EHR reports, or paper files—to identify eligible candidates. This manual process not only consumes considerable time but also introduces the risk of human errors, potentially depriving some patients of timely treatment.

What happens when people are assigned to the program and start treatment?

Furthermore, nursing homes typically delegate treatment execution to external healthcare organizations, leading to oversight challenges. Questions arise: Is the plan effectively implemented? Which stages have patients completed, and which are pending? Lack of data affects the nursing home case managers' ability to coordinate timely care, which leads to poor care quality.

A complex idea requiring a vast array of full-time high-level experts not available to client

Armed with years of domain expertise and a suite of successful products, including EHR, the Client conceived the idea to develop software with the combined functionality of BI and medical CRM. This software would eliminate the healthcare bottlenecks mentioned earlier, optimizing resource allocation, enhancing care quality, and improving outcomes.

While the Client had an in-house development team, they were preoccupied with other ongoing projects.
Recruiting new specialists would be both time-consuming and costly, as the Client required high-level experts skilled in working with Big Data, Business Intelligence, the Healthcare domain, and custom CRM development.





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