Custom e-Learning Development

Since the year 2004, eLearning Development Company Belitsoft has been offering Custom eLearning Services in the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe. Our team of skilled eLearning developers has a high level of expertise with a wide range of e-learning solutions and eLearning development software. If you are looking for a vendor you can trust, a vendor who will provide assistance, don’t look any further! Let us take your vision and make it a reality!

Custom ELearning Development Services we offer include:

  • E-learning Software Development;
  • E-learning Portal Development;
  • E-learning Website Development;
  • E-learning Mobile Applications Development;
  • E-learning SaaS Solutions Development;
  • E-learning Games Development;
  • E-learning Social Media Development;
  • E-learning Management Software Development;
  • E-learning Training Platforms Development;
  • Integration with third-party solutions;
  • Corporate e-learning Solutions;
  • Educational Software Development;
  • Industries: Healthcare, Finance, Media & Communication and more;
  • Custom e-learning Developers;

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E-learning market size is was valued over USD 165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow at over 5% from 2016 to 2023, exceeding USD 240 billion.


  • Do you feel that your current eLearning solution doesn’t correspond with your constantly evolving business requirements? We will not only develop new content tailored to your business needs but will convert existing or outdated offline materials into a modern online course.
  • Would you like to improve the e-learning corporate training effectiveness to keep the employees’ productivity up? Learners will feel valued and appreciated if they know that the content is specially developed to improve their performance and skills.
  • Do you get stuck while making your eLearning project a steady income source? Unlike other eLearning development companies, here at BelItSoft every client, every business is unique for us. No ”one-size-fits all” approach. We will help you to create outstanding eLearning development solutions, grow your business and build lasting assets.


ELearning development process steps include analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. 

  • Together we set the eLearning project goals corresponding with your business objectives, analyze the current off-the-shelf eLearning processes, measure their effectiveness and elaborate an outstanding strategy on how to be an exceptional eLearning courses provider.
  • The custom e-learning design is being worked out all the way through, applying the best practices and tips. You are involved in the whole process of custom eLearning course development. We discuss the script, graphics, voiceover and the scope of custom e-learning work.
  • We provide you with the storyboard that includes all of the visual elements (course elements, interactive activities and simulations) to be used in course pages, interactivities and simulations and provide you with the course’s “look and feel” before it is created. This ensures we build it right from the beginning.  
  • We help with the research, mapping out new eLearning ideas and visions that will help you stay on top of your industry.
  • When it comes to course creation, you are free to choose any eLearning course development software best catering to your company’s needs, including the one you’ve already been using, so you will be able to edit the course afterwards. Case-based, problem-based, scenario-based and narrative-based scenarios we use when developing e-courses not only model real-life situations but also help learners apply the gained knowledge to sort out problems when they eventually occur.
  • We provide you with the source files and help you with custom e-learning design.
  • Once the content is approved, it gets transferred to a Learning Management System for the course delivery, tracking and management. You get a bunch of decision-making information by learning more about students and their performance.




Whether you need to launch SCORM, AICC or IMS compliant online learning, corporate training or a profit-making courses business, our team of experienced eLearning and LMS developers will help you accomplish the goals fast and at minimal expenses.


Here at BelItSoft eLearning development company we not only carry out the requirements review but also deploy the project and ensure that the best assistance and support is provided. Rather than just letting you deal with a generic support like other ELearning Software companies do, we appoint you a personal project manager who stays with you until your custom eLearning project is finished and brings the desired result.


By hiring our dedicated developers you cut the labor costs while keeping focus on primary business processes and needs. Custom eLearning courses and adaptive learning systems we design are developed with the learner engagement techniques, your budget and timeframe in mind.


10+ years’ expertise, eLearning market knowledge, and resources availability are our competitive advantages over other education software development companies, which help us in building powerful learning management systems, customized eLearning solutions and corporate training software relevant to modern learners’ needs and constantly changing eLearning environment.

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* Data is based on surveys we sent to clients after project completion.

Educational Software Development

We use our deep eLearning application development knowledge to help clients build powerful knowledge sharing platforms out of ordinary online tools. We design and develop web and mobile applications that enable teachers and trainers to yield a positive outcome in their educational practice.

We have experience in accomplishing custom e-learning development software projects for a number of educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and publishing houses, offering teaching and training to lots of learners worldwide.

When it comes to online educational software development, we can turn any training materials into an interactive, engaging and powerful eLearning solution to use in a self-organized learning space. Text materials can be converted into media files with subscription payments, notifications and automatic sign-ins, while Pdf, CSV, XLS, SQL data can be turned into dynamic Flash/jQuery-based charts, histograms and graphs. A learning dashboard, in its turn, provides teachers and learners with a possibility to create and personalize the profiles, upload materials and log in using social networks credentials.


Our Portfolio of Developed Custom eLearning Solutions For Our Clients

BelItSoft eLearning software development company can assist you with custom e-Learning application development, e-learning platform development, LMS customization, configuration and implementation. We can also help you with eLearning mobile and custom eLearning content development, managing user settings and software performance testing.

Case Study: Custom LMS Development For an Edtech Company

Learning Management System (LMS) is a combo of powerful e-learning tools. It is a fully functional e-learning system with forward-looking training/testing options (self-assessments) and innovative conferencing applications. It is an entirely new approach to the learning procedure. The approach that allows to cut all travel expenses and other custom e-learning development costs to receive an even portion of the teacher's attention and help.

Custom LMS Development For an Edtech CompanyPHP-Based Learning Management System DevelopmentPHP-Based Learning Management System DevelopmentPHP-Based Learning Management System DevelopmentPHP-Based Learning Management System Development
  • Technologies and platforms: Joomla CMS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WEB2.0, Ajax, FlashMediaServer 3, Ioncube
  • Effort: 320 man-months, ongoing
  • Site:

An LMS is an e-learning software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning courses or e-learning corporate training programs. Belitsoft's PHP Developers developed a JoomlaLMS (custom learning management system). It is a fully functional Learning Management System. Due to an extensive set of features, competitive price, and flexibility, the eLearning platform gained popularity and became a widely used Learning Management System. Today, JoomlaLMS is in use by more than 1,000 organizations including higher institutions, banking, insurance, health care, retail, as well as lots of other organizations. The project is supported online by our specialists. 

Custom Learning Management System features:

  • Live conferencing with collaboration whiteboard.
  • Groupware tools such as discussion forum, chat, etc.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Quiz module with tracking of results and a question pool.
  • Survey module for creating professional surveys.
  • Learning Paths with ability to import SCORM packages and all kind of embedded media and quizzes.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Possibility to load Joomla extensions on your site.
  • LDAP authentication method.
  • Reporting and tracking system.
  • A tool for uploading and publishing any types of documents.
  • Constantly updated, extended help and tutorials.
  • Different user roles (administrator, student, teacher, CEO).
  • The option of creating totally customizable course certificates.
  • Import/export of the courses; self-registration and enrollment options; uploading of CSV-lists.
  • Integrated mailbox, announcements and gradebook modules.
  • Student/teacher toggle modes.

Case Study: Custom Driving Theory Courses' Development

Theorie Examen Trainer – it’s one of our popular eLearning projects developed for Dutch customer. The main idea was to create Car, Scooter and Motorcycle online driving theory course and make it attractive to everyone. According to clients’ goal the project can be named as the approach to the traditional study approach into classroom.

Theorie Examentrainer Main PageTheorie Examentrainer CoursesTheorie Examentrainer Courses Cockpit
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (Jquery), CSS3, HTML5, XML, AJAX, Apache, Mobile
  • Effort: 1100 man-hours, ongoing
  • Site:


Theorie Examen Trainer is distinguished by it’s mobile and tablet pc adaptiveness, which gives almost a full control of preparation to exams using any mobile device.


Using rich customization options of Joomla CMS and JoomlaLMS, Belitsoft development team created a scalable trainer. We’ve implemented an adaptive interface and script for answering questions regardless of screen size or mobile device type.

Theorie Examen Trainer is a good solution for quality driving theory courses. Here are 4 key criteria:

  • Easy and clear interface works perfectly on mobile devices;
  • E-commerce tools integration;
  • Cost-Effectiveness solution;
  • Deep Scalability.


Unique approach while creating this custom e-learning project helped to create driving theory training solution for students, who prefer mobile eLearning.

Case Study: Custom Elearning Solution for Selling Courses Online

The main aim of this project was to create online ten-finger typing courses. This is a great example of organizing distant learning process with the help of interactive online courses. JoomlaLMS was taken as the basis of this new eLearning portal development. Special school functionality with competition features and online games ensure not only great promotion in schools but also a true dedication of site users and success of the project.

Custom Elearning Solution for Selling Courses OnlineCustom Elearning Solution for Selling Courses OnlineCustom Elearning Solution for Selling Courses Online
  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, Apache, Flash (Action Script 3)
  • Effort: 20 man-months, ongoing
  • Site:

The requirements this eLearning development solution were as follows: to implement online flash typing courses containing personal statistics page as well as an option allowing to compare results. Special reporting system allows students, teachers and parents to track learners' results and progress. In order to make the learning process more appropriate for younger audience flash games were integrated into the courses. Such games are not only funny and relaxing, but also educational. One of the key requirements was to enable students to take an exam and earn a personalized diploma.

The project contains a number of tools allowing to provide statistics, manage students and teachers, generate discount codes and create referral tracking system. These management and statistics tools are meant to assist system administrator in generating various reports and analyzing different aspects of the learning process, promotion efficiency, etc.

The project is appealing due to its unique functionality, handy management tools, responsive design and great usability. Rich JoomlaLMS functionality and interactive flash technologies allowed meeting all the requirements described in the project specifications.


Creative touch-typing method wins Europe.

Belitsoft ELearning Development belongs to Joomla community and provides wide range of Joomla development services. This includes analytics, custom Joomla development (web portals, components, systems, eLearning portals development and more) as well as custom project support and maintenance.

The TICKEN project is the showcase of our Joomla eLearning portal development. From the moment of its launch it has become extremely popular and on March 25, 2010 project won 2010 Netherlands IT Startup Award of the annual Thuiswinkel Awards in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This unprecedented success was a great achievement both for its author Martin Beijer and for its eLearning developer – Belitsoft's elearning development team.

The challenge of the project was to create easy and effective yet interactive and attractive touch-typing course within short time period and limited budget. The aim was to develop custom e-learning software, implementing agile method of touch-typing teaching created by Martin Beijer. He was not satisfied with standard touch-typing course his daughter attended and he decided to let both children and adults learn touch-typing with fun and at affordable price.

The solution of the challenge was simple. The main functionality of the learning portal – touch-typing course – is developed on the platform of JoomlaLMS PRO version. 6 other Joomla components were either customized or developed to complete the portal functionality and to meet all the client’s requirements.

Custom features list of the TICKEN portal include:

  • Development of a special plugin to count learners’ mistakes;
  • Adding new JoomlaLMS reports types for specific course’s activities;
  • Interactive games development and integration to make the course more captivating;
  • Special online keyboard development.

Belitsoft eLearning software development company maintains the project and continues its development process. Currently this online touch-typing course is available in native languages in Belgium (2010,, France (2011, and the UK (2011, German version is on the way (

We are glad to be a part of this great success and hope that there will be time when Martin Beijer’s course will be available in many other languages across the Globe. Contact us to get more information or discuss your Joomla development plans.


On March 25, 2010 project, developed and supported by Belitsoft company, won 2010 Netherlands IT Startup Award of the annual Thuiswinkel Awards in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This portal along with several other web projects competed to be the best Starter project of the year 2010. The happy founder of and our customer Martin Beijer received not only a trophy, but also a sponsorship communications package worth €89.634.

The contest jury was impressed by this high-quality online touch-typing course for children and adults in an interactive and innovative manner. Beijer developed the online course, after his disappointment about the standard touch-typing course his daughter attended.

Belitsoft team developed portal using JoomlaLMS as a platform. To meet the project requirement we created intuitive user interface, easy-to-use functional and followed Martin Beijer instructions!

And when you still cannot ten type, go and check this portal for help – already thousands of people are using it!

Case Study: Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children

Our client wanted to create the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child.

  • Technologies and platforms: PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVG graphics, AJAX, Yandex Money Payment System, YouTube API, Third-Party Social Network/Website API, Learning Management System
  • Effort: 20 man-month


Our client wanted to create the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child. Money received by children can be used as their pin money and there is no need to ask parents about it next time! Moreover a child will be taught how to spend his pin money in an effective way. It’s a motivational developed project where like-minded people are able to study and teach their children.


What concerns the roles of website participants, they can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Parents. Parents are able to purchase the courses and books for their children. The price for each of these courses is not specified, which means that parent is able to spend any sum for his child. 10% of the sum for the purchased course will be transferred to the author, 10% will take NaPlotu and 80% will get a child. So there is a good motivation for everybody to engage!
  • Children. Children are able to read and examine the purchased book or course from his parent and get ready for test and essay. The main motivation for passing the test and writing an essay is money that was spent on a course, because after the confirmation of children’s essay results he/she will get these money back.

So the main process of education for children looks in the following way:

  • Children need to read a book, examine the video course.
  • Then he/she will pass a test on that book or video. Or simply will write an essay.
  • As a result his/her educational process will be checked by his/her parents.

Also there is an option to pass a video course and in the end children need to create video podcast as a reply on video.


Due to use of many modules and APIs Belitsoft e-learning developers created a custom e-learning solution with educational purpose. This social network offers an innovative and unique way of education and a great variety of powerful features. If you are looking for place where your children can learn something new and leave a feedback of what have been learned, or if you are an author of courses and looking for place where you can earn money feel free to start your process of kids’ education.

Case Study: SharePoint-based Learning Management System Development

After we have created a well-known PHP/MySQL LMS product Belitsoft was challenged with the order to design a sophisticated eLearning software using the Microsoft SharePoint as the development platform.

SharePoint LMS Home Page Sharepoint LMS Modules Sharepoint LMS ScheduleSharepoint LMS Training
  • Technologies and platforms: SharePoint, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, MSSQL, WebParts, MSVisualStudio, Sharepoint Designer
  • Effort: 500 man-months, ongoing

As a result, we have provided the distant learning software using the Microsoft platform functionality for many end-users and customers who use our custom eLearning solution today. Microsoft capabilities merged with our expertise and skills resulted in a new eLearning product with many opportunities for learning institutions and companies from totally different areas and of different scale.

We have developed a SharePoint e-learning application with easy-to-navigate user interface, enhanced views and menu structure for online learning. This distance learning system is easy to manage due to full integration with familiar Microsoft Office application. It uses native SharePoint tools for authoring, publishing, organizing, and finding information, for registration and user management, etc.

Considering the tutors' requirements and learners' needs we have developed custom learning software that incorporates all the necessary and requested specifications. SharePoint learning solution combines the most wanted features for various eLearning tasks including interactive delivery of information, course catalogues, loads of assessments, remote registration / course creation, group/mentor rooms with file sharing, tracking / reports on progress and skills attainment and so on. It offers active directory for work, posting and editing documents and files of different formats, web conferences and even more!

Currently we have started using new Microsoft LyncServer 2010 as the platform for our web conferencing feature. This server offers highly effective communication what makes no difference between full-day learning and distance learning. All the learning process participants are engaged in work, they can share video and audio information during online lectures, exams, seminars, etc. Moreover they can exchange files during conference.

Suit of web parts for our developed Sharepoint VLE represents an incorporated set of controls for creating web pages in the VLE part of the system that enable end-users to modify the content, appearance and behaviour of the page directly from a browser. When users change pages and controls, the settings can be saved to keep user's personal preferences in the future browser sessions. These web parts capabilities allowed our developers to empower end-users to personalize a web application dynamically, without developer or administrator intervention.

If a user wishes to apply our VLE web parts he has the following options at his disposal:

  • Individualizing page's content: users can add new web parts to a page, delete them, minimize them like ordinary windows, and reset them.
  • Modifying web parts' content changing its appearance and layout, and restoring web parts' content.
  • Exporting controls: users can import or export web parts control settings to use on other pages or sites, retaining the properties, appearance, and even the data in the controls. This reduces data entry and configuration demands on end-users.
  • Adding items to web parts and modify their content.
  • Opening and hiding the edit mode of the parts.

The suit of web parts created for our Sharepoint learning management system provides users with a friendly and nice-looking interface that they may personalize according to their preferences and usability.

It is possible to see and use for some time a free trial version of this SharePoint learning software or purchase software on request. We continue the system development and provide support and maintenance for all current users of this SharePoint-based LMS all over the world. The system has thousands of installations and the number of its users constantly grows.

Case Study: Moodle LMS Course Converter to BlackBoard Development

Moodle LMS course may include quizzes/tests, web pages, video, audio, SCORM packages, and documents of other types and their combination in a learning path/program. Our converter can process all this data and make the exact copy of course to be added and deployed into Blackboard LMS.

Course Converter for BlackBoard to Moodle LMS
  • Technologies and platforms: JRE1.6+, BlackBoard 9.1+, Moodle 2.7+
  • Effort: 7 man-months

BlackBoard LMS course may include quizzes/tests, web pages, video, audio, SCORM packages, book sections and documents of other types and their combination in a learning path/program. Our converter can process all this data and make the exact copy of course to be added and deployed into Blackboard LMS.

The conversion process is simple. You need to give several ID's for a new courses, attach the courses to be converted and click «submit» button to start the process. There are 3 settings while converting the courses into Blackboard:

  • Ignore if exists
  • Update if there is something new in the course
  • Remove old

When system finishes its work, you get a full course from Moodle, ready to be deployed and used in the BlackBoard LMS.

Developing of this tool saves plenty of time as well as funds when we speak about 100+ courses and more to be converted. Once created course shouldn't be developed from scratch each time if you decide to add it into another LMS. Just use converter and copy content from one system into another.

Case Study: Social Features for SharePoint Learning Management System Development

Learning through active collaboration between students and tutors is acknowledged to be more effective than any sort of self-study. This is applicable to distance learning using various tools, like learning management system, for example.

Social integrated LMS home page interface
  • Technologies and platforms: C#, JavaScript, XML, XSLT; SharePoint 2010 platform, with extensive use of jQuery
  • Effort: 70 man-months, ongoing

The goal of this project was to empower SharePoint-based learning management system with composition of social communication features allowing students and tutors to collaborate quickly, interact and share ideas and content using document libraries, blogs, wikis, chats, short messaging services and other popular social features. Another tricky task was to totally revamp SharePoint User interface according to provided designs.

Bringing social to the LMS makes learning process more open, easy and comfortable for students.It increases their level of involvement in learning process and augments their interest to learning. Social features move tutors to the next level of tuition as well. More simple educational process makes it closer to students; allows tutors to get early feedback on materials, disciplines and teaching methods. Also it attracts students to what they learn and enforce them to take part in education not  just by learning the materials, but also discussing them with mates and even contributing their own part to the learning society.

To achieve most effective results in learning with LMS the following social collaboration features were added:

  • Most popular features like blogs and wikis are brought to the next level with enhancements making them a truly social collaboration tools.
  • Social tools like chats, feed readers, short messaging, ‘Ask the Expert’ service are designed to increase collaboration speed, make communications simple and bring tutors and students closer to what they learn.
  • With customized User Profile with well-known social metadata you can always find people with similar interests around you or let the world know who you are and what you are good at.
  • Fully customized, specially designed UI respecting the user experience.
  • A user interface with everything is at hand at any time.
  • Permission-based access management allows administrators to quickly and easily configure access levels to any groups of people involved in educational process.

SharePoint-based LMS with the listed above features and new design is the easiest way to join social collaboration while learning, making a handy contribution and sharing your thoughts with like-minded people around you.It brings learning to the upper level and provides easier ways of communication and learning.

Case Study: Quiz Production Development

With the growing popularity of Elearning it turned out that lots of teachers needed to have a high-performance applet to author interactive quizzes. QuizProduction was a special eLearning software developed for a Danish university. We carried out a big comprehensive project that by far includes implementation of the client's requirements and accomplishment of our ideas.

Quizforce Presentation WindowQuizforce Main WindowQuizforce Insert Menu WindowQuizforce Graded Item Window
  • Technologies and platforms: .NET Framework, SCORM, Microsoft Word, API, DHTML, CSS
  • Effort: 12 man-months

The composite work over this application resulted in the below-mentioned opportunities available now to anyone who needs a quiz-generating tool:

  • customizing the layout, colors, text and graphics;
  • adding different graded and survey question types;
  • providing feedbacks;
  • using images and sounds;
  • integrating with our PowerPointToFlashProduction for courses and presentations;
  • integrating with LMS;
  • saving quiz results via email or LMS.

As a rapid authoring tool QuizProduction gained popularity in the teaching process of many educational institutions where regular quiz composing is indispensable. In addition according to the testimonials, the interactivity and complexity that quizzes provide get students more interested and involved.

The component improvement process yet never stops. The product's potentiality is modernized. When time elapses, QuizProduction gets steadily more sophisticated.

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