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The Wide Range of Custom eLearning Solutions You Can Get

Custom eLearning software development services

Your go-to solution if you need a unique instructional design for your course, a full control over the eLearning software or its potential sale as your own product.

You get all the features and avoid paying license fees for the third party SaaS solution when you build eLearning software from scratch.

Our offshore software development company provides various eLearning software development services:
custom lms from scratch Belitsoft, a software development service provider, specializes in creating customized eLearning solutions tailored to your preferences.
Enterprise Learning Platform for Global Creative L&D of Technicolor Production ServicesThis is a customized eLearning solution we built for Technicolor Corporation
(17,000 employees)

Customizable eLearning software

Your go-to solution if your current eLearning software needs upgrading or replacement with a highly customizable framework adjusted for your requirements instead of building a new one from scratch.

Our e-learning software developers integrate such features as interactive game-based learning, AI, videoconferencing, etc.

It's optional to use the proprietary customizable LMS framework our eLearning development company has developed to cut costs, or any open-source systems like Moodle.

Your eLearning platform or app gets security adapted to your branding and design.
Customizable LMS Example of ready-to-use eLearning solution developed for the eLearning company JoomLMS (1000+ customers in 30+ countries)

Ready-to-use eLearning solution

Your go-to option if you need quick results, but your budget is tight.

Rapid web application development aids e-learning software businesses in crafting captivating and dynamic elearning applications in a rapid turnaround time. Employing established frameworks expedites the development process with ready-to-use components, and templates. Quick prototyping entails generating prompt mock-ups or wireframes for stakeholder and user feedback before constructing the final product.

We decide on an LMS, LXP or application from the existing ones in the market that fits you best, and help to implement it smoothly.

Use the eLearning software as-is or request a customization for your business needs. In both cases, you save time and money compared with the proprietary e-learning software development from scratch.
elearning mobile app developmentMobile app we built for the eLearning company Elearningforce (4 million users)

Mobile eLearning solution

Your go-to option if your current desktop eLearning software demands a level up change since your business aims to reach up to a large amount of mobile users.

Get your content transferred quickly and securely and optimized to the mobile version. Adjust eLearning application with mobile learning functionality and features, for example, live video, chatbot, monetization, notifications, etc.

Besides native, we offer cross-platform development (with React Native, Xamarin etc.) which allows you to save up to 40% of your budget while retaining the top-tier performance and visual quality of your eLearning app.
Digitized curriculum content Web-based learning support system we created for the eLearning company EzyEducation (890 course videos for business, economics, etc.)

Digitized curriculum content

Your go-to solution if you plan to convert hard-copy content and expand your business online. Or choose to move the current training course based in the classroom to an online eLearning system.

We transfer your hard-copy curriculum, course core, or employee training program to an interactive eLearning platform, boosting eLearning experience and engagement rate with interactive and easy-to-update content.

Out of your subject keeping, we create curriculum mapping, instructional design and then make a work on programming to further the transformation of your learning business services into eLearning.
Custom integrations Example of integration of an LMS with CMS and payment systems we made for the eLearning company Ticken (120,000 users over Europe)

Custom integrations

Your go-to solution if you want to use eLearning software within a single interface with other platforms you have in place.

We can link any software necessary for your eLearning. These may include webinar applications, TMS, CMS, CRM and LMS integration, etc.

Connection with the popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and others, is available.

With online payments and automated enrollment, your customers pay securely and access paid online content any time without overhead.

Your Final Custom/Customized LMS

Here is how it may look in real life. Or even more unique. Contact us to discuss your idea.

eLearning Software Standards We Support

eLearning Standards We Support
scorm SCORM

Despite their age, both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are still supported by all the major LMS. These standards lack the advanced features of the newer ones, but there is enough eLearning content made with them.

xapi xAPI

Also known as “Tin Can” and Experience API, this format is a new, better version of SCORM. Unlike its predecessor, xAPI is independent from JavaScript, mobile-friendly, and has better reporting.

lti LTI

The creators of this standard like to compare it to a USB port. Thanks to its flexibility, LTI is a very convenient way to connect eLearning software with all kinds of external applications.

Technologies that we work with

Technologies that we work with:

Key Features for Educational Solutions:

Voice recognition
Voice control
Speaker verification
Learning Formats
Adaptive Learning
Blended Learning
Face-to-face communication
Progress Bars
In-app currency and badges
Content delivery
Creation (audio, video, games)
Publishing (import/export, editing, integration)
Scheduled delivery and automated updates
Task management tool
Certificate generation
Comprehensive reporting
Offline access
Languages & Localization


One of the best solutions for a non-technical user to automate the work and be more productive for their company. The tool is very helpful for integrating apps in E-Learning solutions without resorting to custom development.
We’re working on incorporating the platform that IDC has ranked #1. Salesforce applications provide an inbuilt AI, a mobile CRM and more allowing to focus on customer service, marketing automation, and analytics.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, tied into a Marketing Automation platform, is key to a better management of your learners, contacts, leads, and other opportunities.
Webinar apps
Considering the concept of blended learning, we integrate widely used webinar apps in order to provide you with all the required functionality: scheduling, tracking, attendance, etc.
corporate integration
Corporate software integration
We integrate web editors, web analytics, data storage, communication systems, and social media plugins with the developed software. In short, everything that might effectively optimize the workflow in your company will be there at the snap of a finger.
We offer the technical capabilities for your further project monetization. Belitsoft can integrate popular payment methods, as well as develop native subscriptions.

How We Can Help You

For startups (developing businesses)

Implement your unique approach/model with our technological know-how.

Receive suggestions on your idea and a conduct for a full cycle of work in business analysis, marketing, content.

Consult on the monetization model, an assessment of the idea, etc.

Gain a LMS tool kit processed to fulfill the startups' needs. It saves money and time and fasts time-to-market.

Get a quick and efficient MVP development.

For corporations

Implement LMS for your employees in the following cases:

  • lack of a corporate training system
  • request to transition training system online and its digitization process
  • upgrade of an outdated offline corporate training system and its arrangement
  • update of an outdated online corporate training system and its implementation

Introduce LMS to your partners to try your product or service.

For intermediaries

Partner and cooperate with technical and domain experts.

Expand the opportunities for the development of your business and offer your customers a learning management system.

Save with our relatively low rates compared to those in Western Europe and the USA.

Access 250+ experts of all levels in various fields. We can deal with any case, not only in eLearning platform development.

Why custom eLearning development services from Belitsoft ?

Why custom eLearning development services from Belitsoft?
LXP competencyLXP competency

Our team has successfully delivered Learning Experience Platforms, blending traditional learning management systems with modern educational approaches, third-party integrations, and flexible learning paths.

In-house LMSIn-house LMS

A product containing many popular features allows us to reuse them in the projects of our customers, thus saving their money.

Content developmentContent development

Besides design and coding, we help you with the learning process, creating engaging and effective content for your e-Learning project.

eLearning Product Development Services

Complete development team comprises at least one project manager, a tech-lead, both back end and front end developers, a designer, and a QA expert. Belitsoft accesses the best specialists whose work on your project will come to fruition and with the fastest time to benefits. Many of our software engineers have grown to professionals in eLearning development through a long experience of creating and designing training programs, educational apps and platforms.

DevelopersUX/UI DesignerDevOps EngineerQA EngineersArchitect/Team LeadProject ManagerBusiness AnalystAccount Manager
eLearning developers
5 years
is an average developer experience
developers gain English fluency training
employees work in-house
specialists have experience in eLearning
2-8 hour
overlap, depending on the client’s location

How we develop eLearning Software

How we develop eLearning Software
Building Long-Term Relationships
Building Long-Term Relationships
Over 20 clients have cooperated with our company for over 5 years. We don’t just create custom eLearning solutions, but also continue to work towards their expansion to the market.
Turning Clients’ Ideas into their Profit
Everything starts with your idea. Our business analysts help to nurture your vision and shape it towards market needs. During and after the development, we make all the adjustments that will produce the desired income.
Providing 20/7 Support
Like many other e-learning development companies, Belitsoft provides traditional support for any of our projects. If it feels like you need something extra, we can start by offering you 20/7 support for your product.

Our pricing models for custom online learning development services include traditional fixed price, dedicated teams, Time&Material and any of their combinations. We implement the principles of the Agile method, Waterfall, RUP, and Iterative in our development process.

This is how we cooperate

Analysis and Estimation rhombus
Idea assessments
Initial cost estimation
Preparation rhombus
Business and market research (Optional)
Splitting the work into sprints
Development and QA rhombus
SLA-based support and maintenance
New features implementation
New software version adaptation
Server management

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom software development for the eLearning domain is one of our competencies, one we have been providing for over 15 years. We focus on specific business needs with each project. To illustrate, our team helped a global enterprise to build a comprehensive custom LMS to prevent talent shortage and ensure the future company's success. We built a custom SharePoint LMS that experienced success worldwide, aiding a European startup to become a large enterprise.
We create eLearning applications for the web, mobile, and desktop. With mobile devices, we can deliver both native and cross-platform educational mobile apps.
We construct multiple features, ranging from the fundamentals of quizzes, grading, and course management, to advanced features like speech-to-text/text-to-speech, VR/AR, and learning games.
Before we work, we sign an NDA to give you peace of mind about your idea's safety. And according to all our contracts, you are the owner of all the code we create while working for you, so you'll get that as well.

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