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Our mobile app developers deliver you a modern, user-friendly, native or сross-platform сustom eLearning app.

eLearning Application Development

For businesses

to onboard and train employees and to manage remote work

For training companies

to boost learners’ engagement and revenue from courses

For startups

to create highly profitable eLearning business

Elearning Mobile App Development Services

Hire dedicated mobile app developer from Belitsoft software application development company for your education-related business.

Reduce the development cost and time by opting for a cross-platform eLearning app development with Xamarin or React Native. High level of code reuse without compromising the app quality. You’ll get a smoothly performing app with a close-to-native UI/UX.

Get a native iOS app for your educational purposes. Well-thought UX with intuitive navigation will favor high learners’ engagement. Such an app may have deep integration possibilities within all Apple devices, including iPad, watch, and TV.

Go mobile with a native Android app. Secure, easy-to-use, with simple navigation and user-friendly UI. Your app may run on any gadget within the Android ecosystem: smartphones, tablets, TVs, wearables, etc.

Well-thought-out UI/UX Development

Give your users a consistent learning experience in a mobile environment. Top-quality and appealing design, intuitive and easy-to-use navigation both for native iOS or Android apps. Native-like UX for cross-platform applications.

App Upgrade and Customization Services

Gain a competitive advantage to your eLearning app thanks to adding innovative features. We can upgrade your app by deploying AI-powered personalization, chatbots, implementing IoT, AR/VR, etc.

Rest assured that your app will be meticulously tested and optimized for long battery life. It’ll smoothly handle multiple connections, have top-class data security, and provide actionable testing reports.

Must-Have eLearning App Features

Simple Signup and Login Simple Signup and Login

Providing your users with several signup and login options (e.g., social networks and Google authenticator) to facilitate the signup/login processes.

Personalized User Profile Personalized User Profile

Providing learners with a personal page with customizable avatar, personal data, current subscriptions, available topics and courses, and so on.

Easy-to-Use Interface Easy-to-Use Interface

Making interaction of learners with an app simple thanks to a highly intuitive interface not overcrowded with icons, and with well-thought navigation and filters.

Gamification Gamification

Increasing learners’ engagement with the help of achievement badges, strakes, leaderboards, awards, new levels unlocking after completion of levels, etc.

In-app Payments In-app Payments

Presenting learners several payment options (credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc) and auto-enrollment after the payment.

Push notifications Push notifications

Increasing learners’ retention with notifications and alerts if they stop to practice, or to notify them about new learning materials.

Progress tracking dashboard Progress tracking dashboard

Regular tracking of learners' performance, assignments, test results, etc through a simple and intuitive display.

Quizzes Quizzes and assessments

Checking learners’ progress in an engaging and diverse manner with tests and quizzes of different types.

Multimedia Multimedia content support

Boosting learners’ engagement with multimedia content, including but not limited to flashcards, videos, and games.

Advanced eLearning App Features

AI Personalization AI Personalization

Offering highly relevant content for each learner based on their current knowledge level, previous learning behavior, and goals to accelerate knowledge acquisition.

Bite-sized lessons Microlearning

Breaking learning materials into small learning units to deliver a course in an easy-digestible way favoring the maintenance of learners’ focus and retention.

Communication Chatbot

Imitating tutoring activity to respond to any learners’ inquiries to eliminate the fear of asking questions and to provide help 24/7.

Speech processing Social communication

Using discussion forums and chats when learners ask questions, create topics to discuss or comment onto existing topics to favor interaction among learners.

Modes Online and offline modes

Giving an option to download lessons and learn without access to the Internet to make your app accessible even if a learner is on the go.

Video streaming Video streaming

Adding video lesson streaming to let learners directly interact with a tutor, ask questions in the chat room or live for maximum apprehension of the material.

AR/VR AR/VR implementation

Showing complex objects in a simple and convenient way with the help of VR or AR-visualization to increase the depth of understanding and memorization.

Analytics Analytics and Reporting

Creating detailed learning reports, graphs and diagrams to allow employers, mentors and course providers to see the efficiency of training and learners’ performance.

Integrations Rich integration capabilities

Integrating your eLearning app with CRM, LMS, LXP, CMS, TMS, HRIS or other company systems to manage content, learning, reporting, and other activities within a single environment.

Benefits of Custom Software Development for Your eLearning Application with Belitsoft

We're your experts on how to create a language learning app or how to make a learning app that's both effective and user-friendly for you. We deliver top-grade eLearning applications with in-demand features and perfect UX in a short time and at an affordable price.

Top-Performing Application

You’ll get a fast and smoothly working application with a highly performing backend and user-friendly mobile side. We’ll make it optimized for minimal resource consumption and multiple simultaneous users.

Cost Efficiency

You’ll get a team of experienced developers ready to make an app based on your requirements. No need to hire and onboard an in-house team, no need to buy equipment for new hires. When you outsource the eLearning app development to Belitsoft, we take care of such expenses, and your business saves a lot.

Fast Delivery of Your eLearning App

Time matters when you want to win the competition. We can shrink the app development timeframe thanks to our 16+ years of expertise in the eLearning domain and a solid professional team that is ready to work on your project full time.

High Level of App Security

We’ll provide your application with rock-solid security to gain the trust and increasing loyalty of users. For that, we can use two-step verification, data encryption, biometric authentication, etc.

Convenient Cooperation Models

Based on your project specifics, we’ll offer you the most suitable and cost-effective cooperation model. It’ll be either hiring a team of dedicated developers, on time and material, or a fixed-price model.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

Thanks to having 16-year expertise, we’ve developed best practices that allow setting up transparent and effective communication between you and developers. You’ll get detailed reports regularly and always have a person in contact.

Benefits of Agile Approach

As a part of our agile methodology, you can always see intermediate results and make necessary changes if your project vision or requests have changed. You fully control the development process but free up your time to focus on business questions.

What will Belitsoft do for you?

  • Conducting detailed business analysis.
  • Discussing the app concept, instructional design, and monetization model.
  • Choosing the most cost-effective cooperation model.
  • Selecting a suitable technology stack for your project.
  • Assisting you with content creation, migration, or digitization.
  • Creating a modern and engaging mobile UI/UX design.
  • Establishing transparent and regular communication with timely reports and updates.
  • Developing and delivering an MVP or full-fledged app.
  • Testing your eLearning application to ensure its smooth work.
  • Providing post-delivery maintenance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The eLearning application development cost depends on three factors:

  • the complexity of an application;
  • the number of platforms to be supported;
  • the country of an eLearning app development company.

The rough time estimation shows that e learning mobile app development company may need about 600 hours to create quite a simple cross-platform app. 

Depending on the hourly rate of the selected eLearning app developers, you can calculate the estimated cost of your project. Or simply let Belitsoft calculate it for you.

Statistics and analytical predictions clearly state that the demand for online education won’t decrease. And eLearning app development is a great investment with high profits.

For example, IBM states that each $1 a company invests in creating an elearning app results in a $30 return thanks to the increase in employees' productivity.

So the upcoming years bring businesses and training providers multiple opportunities for e learning application development to skyrocket their revenues.

Click and learn how to develop a learning app and what other statistics prove the high potential of eLearning application development.

  • In-app ads when a learning app company gets paid for advertising.
  • Subscription when learners pay for a subscription to get access to the content.
  • Freemium when a basic course is offered for free while making in-depth materials available only in premium courses for which they charge learners.
  • Certifications when learners are offered a certificate in exchange for an enrollment fee.
  • Featured listing when course providers pay to make their courses appear at the top of the courses list.
  • In-app purchases when products related to education can be bought through an app.

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