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Web-based Learning Support System Ezyeducation


We helped the UK startup founder Peter Jordan (EzyEducation Ltd.) build bespoke elearning support platform for school and university teachers and grow his business from scratch.


This eLearning platform was planned to help teachers do their job more effectively by providing an “off the self” and flipped learning package.

The platform was intended for British schools and students. A large share of content was to be delivered as video courses and formative assessments, so we needed to make sure the system can support numerous connections and playbacks.

The reporting system needed to be precise and flexible to ensure that the teachers could quickly and easily control the work that the students did online.

The aim was to achieve high levels of directed or independent student activity, capture the activity and feed this back into the teaching process to inform and guide teaching interventions. The client needed a reliable elearning software development company that could give him a flexible eLearning toolkit to bring his plans to fruition.


We used a custom-built elearning platform as the basis of the system. It was flexible, had a lot of the necessary features already in place, and we knew it like the back of our hand. As a result, we could deliver the customer’s product faster and use the budget more efficiently.

The client (trained teacher) was deeply involved in the development, contributing to his own success. Not only did he provide all the layouts, specifications, user stories, and calculations, he also was initially the main subject matter expert.


The resulting platform hosts about 16,000 educational videos on Maths, Science, Economics, and Business that are compliant with the relevant UK exam board requirements. Approximately 3,000 of the videos cover standard content and theory using a green screen approach while 13,000 feedback/explanation videos showcase the specific application of knowledge.

The system provides end to end syllabus coverage of required content which is backed up by rigorous assessment using scaffolded, multi input and highly visualised questions. Every question is followed by unique video explanations to move on from simple summative assessment and create a high-quality formative assessment experience.

A teacher can set these materials and the accompanying quizzes as tasks for their students. These tasks will be automatically checked and graded, dramatically decreasing the workload. In addition, teachers have access to flexible and dynamic reports which allow seeing complete and incomplete assignments by period, student, class, etc.

Access to the system can be either bought by students/parents who want to improve their knowledge on their own or by schools and school districts. The system is also available for independent tutors as well.

School benefits:

  • Teachers save time and use the time to increase the focus on skills development.
  • Teachers have better control of activity via advanced monitoring and reporting.
  • Control and improve online lessons via live assessments and learning maps or through dedicated 121 sessions with students
  • Dynamic learning data which supports extensive assessments via question level analysis with access to feedback
  • Course quality provides excellent support for cover teachers and non specialist teaching staff in technical and quantitative subjects.
  • High levels of independent activity will be achieved as volume is not constrained by teaching resources.

Student benefits:

  • Any student can work on their own and spend as much time they need to break through their own personal glass ceilings.
  • Immediate marking and feedback at point of error improves transfer of learning from activities.
  • Student motivation can be higher as activity is about learning and not just testing as with summative assessment approaches.
  • A questions level analysis approach to student gradebooks with images reminding question attempts and access to explanations makes for accelerated reflection and revision
"Belitsoft has successfully delivered the project. Their technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and responsiveness are impressive. The end-to-end process from specification through user requirements and operational release has worked very well. Very disciplined approach to project management that has had positive impacts for customer. Troubleshooting has been excellent. Billing is precise and honest (what a pleasant change compared to the usual UK experience). They have responded to every challenge we have given to them. We also feel we get incredible value without compromising on development quality."

Peter Jordan, Managing Director

at EzyEducation Ltd (UK)

Peter Jordan


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