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Customizable LMS for Enterprises to Train Employees
Highly Customizable LMS for Enterprises to Train Employees
LMS for Educational Publishers
LMS for Educational Publishers to Deliver Competitive Content

LMS Customization and Development Services

Choosing the right LMS is the key to the effective learning and development process. And here our IT software development company offers the following options.

You’ll get a unique LMS that is built exclusively for you. This is a platform with a brand-new instructional design and features aimed to meet your industry specifics and business goals.
total control and no license fees;
custom branding, feature set, and functionality;
unique instructional design;
integration with CRM, TMS, LXP, HRIS, etc.;
100% security;
Customizable learning management system
You’ll get a ready-to-use LMS immediately after paying. This is a highly customizable LMS with a great feature set that can be used as-is. If needed, it can be quickly updated to fully meet your business needs.
start right away after the purchase;
cheaper in the short run;
configurable interface and design;
100% security;
advanced integration capabilities;
extra features at a moderate cost.
LMS Customization
You’ll get an upgraded LMS built on the basis of your current LMS or any open-source platform. As a result of such customization, your new platform will ideally fit your learning course and the overall business vision.
pretty quick delivery;
customization of any LMS;
savings in the long term;
customized design and branding;
100% security;
adding new functionality (chatbot, mobile app, live video, etc.)

Top Features of a Customizable LMS

Easy-to-Use Course Builder

A highly intuitive course builder embedded into an LMS guides you from one step to another without the need to enter the Admin panel. Predefined eLearning patterns let you skip complex modules adjustment.

Also, you can configure access levels for courses, schedule the release of course materials, group courses in a convenient way, configure multiple course settings and other useful options.
The demo of a highly customizable LMS by Belitsoft.
Interactive LMS for a driving school by Belitsoft built on the basis of our deeply customizable LMS.

Interactive Course Creation

An animated course actively engages learners in the educational process. Interactive learning techniques include hands-on activities, video tutorials, and simulations of real-life situations followed by interactive questions.

Such a media-rich, mobile-friendly and modern course drives learners’ retention and motivation ensuring effective knowledge acquisition.
Game-based eLearning platform for selling math training for kids with gamification features built by Belitsoft using a customizable LMS framework.

Game-based Learning & Gamification

A game-based course actively invloves learners into the educational process. Serious games are not only effective but also profitable for game-based startups. A gamified scenario lets them learn by doing instead of being passive course listeners. Built on a custom game engine to reduce time to market and development costs.

In its turn, gamification tools such as badges, awards, strakes, leaderboards, etc motivate learners of different ages to get higher scores and successfully complete a course.
Other Features Your Get with a Customizable LMS

Advanced user management

Assigning roles, grouping, role-based access, advanced control level, customizable user profiles, self-registration, and enrollment.

Easy-to-Use Interface

User-friendly design, not overcrowded with icons, buttons and other elements. Intuitive navigation and filters.

Powerful survey and quiz builder

14 question types, the possibility to create quiz certificates, print and email results, configure feedback, etc.

Mobile and web versions

Tablet and mobile responsive iOS and Android as well as a web version.

Social learning

A tool for giving learners an opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions, share gained knowledge and experience, and collaborate.

Advanced tracking and reporting

Custom assessment scales, learner performance and activity tracker, export in multiple formats, filtering for reports by selected criteria, etc.

Advanced monetization options

Support of 9 integrated payment methods, different types of subscriptions, creation of professional invoices, discount coupon codes, and detailed payment statistics.

Benefits You Get with a Customizable LMS

Inbuilt AI Immediate Start

You’ll get a ready-to-use product that you can launch as-is right away. Or you can order its quick customization to make the LMS perfectly fit your industry, audience, and training goals in the shortest terms.

Bite-sized lessonsUser-friendly Interface & Navigation

The uncluttered interface is simple to use. The navigation is straightforward and intuitive. If needed, simply change the layout and design by your wish.

Social learningMoney Saving

You don’t pay for developing an LMS from scratch. And you don’t wait for the platform to be developed for you, which assumes downtime and missing potential business opportunities. Just buy and launch the LMS right away.

Social learningTotal Control and Security

You can choose the hosted solution or the installation of the system on-premises with total control over the system in both scenarios. We also ensure that your LMS will have the top security level thanks to reliable access management, data encryption, and many more security capabilities.

AnalyticsHigh Customization and Integrations Possibilities

You’ll get a fully adaptable LMS with a branding-free option. It allows changing and adding features and tools by your needs. And integrating your LMS with the payment gateways, CMS, GoToMeeting Conference Platform, as well as many other third-party systems and tools.

Flexible UIRich Analytics and Performance Tracking

Your learners will never fall behind due to wise performance tracking and analytics that timely discover obstacles preventing them from successful course completion.


Yoг will get an LMS with LTI, SCORM, AICC compliance. It ensures that your platform will be easily integrated with third-party software and can support educational content from different sources.


Once you get your LMS, you can be sure that it will work flawlessly, fast, and without bugs. The team of professionals will assist and support you from the first consultation to the after-deployment period.

Want to see how a Customizable LMS will work for your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Customizable LMS is a ready-to-use system that can be used as-is or be changed at the client’s request. The changes can be minor (e.g. adding logos and company colors) or major (new features and modules). Custom LMS implies building an LMS from scratch. Often, such a development is the best option in 3 cases:
  • when your idea requires a unique instructional design, 
  • when you need an innovative AI-powered LMS
  • when you want full security over personal and corporate data used in a platform.
If the system doesn’t exactly fit your needs as is but would do so with a bit of extra work, you can ask the vendor to customize it for you. Such a process is referred to as LMS customization. The LMS customization can include small changes like colors and branding, or more in-depth work, such as adding entirely new functionality. In the case of open-source LMS, customization can be done by a third-party developer. This becomes a more viable option if the rates of the original developer are higher.
The key criteria that differentiate an average platform from a top one are user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, solid mobile version, simple course builder, and customization possibilities. Here we have made up the list of the best LMSs for startups, businesses, and educational institutions. See their core features, interfaces, pros and cons.
The cost always depends on the complexity of a project. But even the most complex project can be fulfilled at a reduced cost if you use a customizable LMS as a framework. To calculate the exact cost, it’s necessary to have more details about your requirements. So we suggest you discuss your case with our eLearning specialists to get clear answers to all the questions.


Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
We developed custom game-based learning platform for elementary mathematics, Dutch language and their exams for our customer - an educational business owner from the Netherlands.
Moodle LMS Course Converter to BlackBoard Development
Moodle LMS Course Converter to BlackBoard Development
We created a course converter to process all data from Moodle (including quizzes/tests, web pages, video, audio, SCORM packages, learning path, etc). And to make the exact copy of the course to be added and deployed into Blackboard LMS.
Elearning Platform For Selling Driving Theory Online Course
Elearning Platform For Selling Driving Theory Online Course
Our Client, the Dutch startup founder Martin Beijer, addressed us to develop a driving theory online course business with automated online payment. The course was aimed to reduce the almost 50% fail rate at driving exams by making learning interactive and engaging. The program has already helped over 22,000 users to pass driving exams.
Enterprise Learning Platform for Global Creative L&D of Technicolor Production Services
Enterprise Learning Platform for Global Creative L&D of Technicolor Production Services
Technicolor SA is a global corporation with over 100 years of market presence. It provides various services in video pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Technicolor has a team of 17,000 people across many locations around the world, including the United States (Los Angeles), Europe (Paris, London, Berlin), Canada (Montreal, Toronto), Australia (Adelaide), and India (Bangalore).
LMS for a Healthcare Training Company
LMS for a Healthcare Training Company
We helped the UK Doctor and Educator to build a elearning platform to host his bespoke distance learning courses for dentists and grow his business from scratch.
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
We developed a custom game-based online typing course for our Client - instructional designer from the Netherlands. This is the fastest typing course on the market that won the prestigious award and has about 100,000 users who have successfully completed the course.
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue
We helped our client from the USA who provides legislative required refresher training to teach about 6.000 brokers per month and get up to USD 1.000.000 monthly.
Aviation Training Management System | Aviation LMS
Aviation Training Management System | Aviation LMS
We helped our client to migrate all their classroom-based regulatory compliance and vocational training online by choosing and customizing the best elearning platform for their needs.
Web-based Learning Support System Ezyeducation
Web-based Learning Support System Ezyeducation
We helped the UK startup founder Peter Jordan (EzyEducation Ltd.) to build a bespoke elearning support platform for school and university teachers and grow his business from scratch. The resulting platform hosts about 16,000 educational videos on Maths, Science, Economics, and Business that are compliant with the relevant UK exam board requirements.
Project Management Training Platform  PM PrepCast
Project Management Training Platform PM PrepCast
We helped our Californian client Cornelius Fichtner (OSP International LLC) to create an eLearning training platform for Project Management Professional certification and grow his business from scratch. The platform is in use in 56 countries by over 55,000 project managers and gets the highest scores from customers.

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