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Web Development Services

Get a custom-built web solution that caters to your business goals and meets the challenges of the dynamic digital landscape.

Software development company Belitsoft creates scalable and interactive web applications that engage users and fuel mission-critical workflows. From custom one page landings to complex enterprise-scale systems, our track record includes 200+ completed web projects, 70+ of them are middle and large (2000+ man/hours each).

We focus on long-term partnerships that is proven by many clients from the USA, the UK, Israel, Canada, and other countries that stay and grow with us for more than 5 years.

15+ years in business
years of web development expertise
Our clients include
Nonprofit organizations
Medium business
Established enterprises

Outsource Web Development to Belitsoft

Decrease costs for development, get help on larger projects than you could do on your own, or hire dedicated web developers to fulfill knowledge gaps. With web development service provider Belitsoft you’ll build more applications and make your customer very pleased with the product.

To upgrade your web application
We’ll revamp and deliver your web app on time and on budget. The experienced specialists will work on the functional enhancement and focus on UX to make the app intuitive and easy to use for customers.
build a web app that will change people’s minds;
get a modern user interface and functionality meeting customers’ expectations;
build a web app quickly integrating the existing code;
effectively solve the app's technical issues while upgrading.
To create a web app from scratch
We’ll help you build a custom, dynamic, customer-facing application to deliver the best experience to users. Our team will produce streamlined deliverables that will guarantee you positive feedback from users for the products’ aesthetics and functionalities.
develop a stable and scalable MVP of your app for global release;
get a web app with reliable functionality that looks slick and responsive;
develop a product that is self-explanatory and straightforward;
build the product with us from the requirements to market readiness;
team up with experienced developers who will translate your idea into a responsive app.
To customize your web application
We’ll enhance web app functionality to create a unique experience for your customers. Highly skilled specialists with a quick and efficient grip of the project will launch your app on the date you’re shooting for.
integrate new features that your customers ask for;
get a clean and intuitive design that guarantees a smooth UX;
create a high-quality app that will get positive customers' feedback;
enhance your web app with a team dedicated to making your ideas work.

Our web development services

Belitsoft offers a full cycle of web development services and web testing services. Being well-versed in both backend and frontend sides of the solutions, we ensure ultimate integrity, сonsistenсy, and user-friendliness of your software.

web solutions Enhancement of existing web solutions
UI/UX UI/UX web design
business analysis Consulting and business analysis
testing QA and testing
Custom website Custom web application development
support Long-term support and maintenance
API API development and integration
Intranet Intranet and extranet development
Offshore web development

Want to take your web development to the next level while saving on costs? Our offshore web development services offer a tailored solution to fit your needs. We have a team of skilled developers, designers and engineers ready to work with you. Save on labor costs and access a wider pool of talent while getting high-quality products and services.

Offshore web application testing

Offshore web application testing offers flexibility by enabling businesses to adjust their testing teams as needed. With an offshore team, businesses can enhance their test coverage by working on multiple projects at once, testing various features and functionalities in parallel, speeding up the testing process and ensuring comprehensive examination of the application.

Our domain expertise

Using innovative custom designs and solid architecture, our team provides powerful and dynamic web solutions, including:

EHR/EMR systems
Medicine intake tracking apps
Medical CRM software
Image analysis software
Chronic disease management software
Сustom patient portals, etc.
Learning management systems (LMS)
Talent development systems
Custom online courses
University management and administration custom software, etc.
Voice self-service systems
Speech recognition
Voice control
Speech analytics
Natural language processing
Voice biometrics
Internet shops
Shopping platforms
Supply chain and inventory management software
Price comparison applications
Online loyalty programs software, etc.
Membership management software
Online booking and reservation systems
Facility management software
Sports betting software
Online coaching software
Team management software
Money transfer systems
Financial Analytics Systems
Finance apps
Fraud protection software
Stock exchange software, etc.
Insurance Underwriting Software
Insurance Policy Management Software
Insurance Claim Management Software
Insurance Client Portal
Insurance Mobile App
Insurance API development and integration, etc.
Travel Portals
Booking engines
Travel agent software
Hotel management software
Document Management System
Payment Management
CRM for hotels, etc.
BI and Data Warehouse consulting
DWH Design and Implementation
BI Reporting & Visualization
BI Performance Tuning
BI Security implementation

Our web development tech stack

We thoroughly analyze the specifics of each business and offer the thought-out combination of the most optimal front-end and back-end technologies to nail your project requirements


Java, PHP, Python, С#, JavaScript, TypeScript


Elasticsearch, Apache Solr


Joomla, Wordpress

E-commerce CMS: Magento, Opencart, Prestashop

OS and platforms

Linux (Ubuntu, Centos), Windows

Virtualization/Container system

Docker, Kubernetes

Message broker


Version Control System

GIT, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket


MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis



PHP - Laravel, Symfony, Yii2, Slim, Lumen
Java -, RESTFull, JPA, Hibernate(with 2 level cache) etc.), Eureka, Zuul
Python - Django
С# - .NET Framework, ASP.Net, Mono, .NET Core
JavaScript - Node.js, Express.js, Socket.IO, MeteorJS



JavaScript - ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Vanilla, jQuery, Ext, JS, Bootstrap

How our web solutions stand out

secure Unparalleled data security

We have a proven experience working with important regulations and standards in Healthcare, Fintech, Voice, and other data-sensitive domains: HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP etc

interaction Outstanding user experience

Before starting the project, we delve into your needs and limitations to build an engaging solution that will be pleasant in use while providing an extensive set of features to cover all users’ requirements.

recommended Seamless performance and scalability

We apply the best practices to build rock-solid web architecture with strong business logic. This way, our developers ensure uninterrupted performance of your software across all devices and under any loads.


API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
Our Client, a US-based freight management company, needed a custom core business app to optimize their workflows.
Resource Management Software for the Global Creative Technology Company
Resource Management Software for the Global Creative Technology Company
By automating resource management workflows, Belitsoft minimized resource waste and optimized working processes and the number of managers in Technicolor, which resulted in budget savings.
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
The Client is the US-based digital health company partnered with Belitsoft to make the patient recruitment workflow much more effective by developing a brand-new custom CRM Database.
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Our Client, the US farm-tech startup, came to Belitsoft to create a mobile and web app that resolves a rural labor shortage challenge across the USA.
Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Custom ERP for a Manufacturing Company to Cut Operational Costs by 25%
Belitsoft built for our European Client a functional, user-friendly, and easy to manage ERP that ensured full visibility both for employees and business stakeholders and automated major manufacturing and financial workflows.
Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Our client is an Israeli high-tech company. They’ve grown into a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions (both software and hardware). Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises.
Project Management Dashboard
Project Management Dashboard
A director of an advertising company, specializing in Healthcare, wanted a turnkey system to streamline the internal processes of the company and improve the performance of their managers.
Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company
Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company
One of our strategic client and partner (a large telecommunication company) provides a prepaid calling service that allows the making of cheap calls inside and outside the USA via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Belitsoft has successfully developed an MVP version of a cloud-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform for a well-known Company in the healthcare industry.
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
For our client, chief executive officer of a startup company from Germany, we successfully developed a chatbot to convert website visitors to leads and a database application to store them.
Custom Agritech .NET-based SaaS platform for Farmers
Custom Agritech .NET-based SaaS platform for Farmers
One of our customers from Israel asked us to help him with the development of special informational/expert system for agriculture. Main goal of this system is providing detailed information about servicing exact dozes of fertilizers for exact kind of plant and quantity.
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Custom Healthcare Web Development
The client's idea was to create a community of people challenged with different diseases to provide live communication among them. The dimensions of the community grow (5000+ members) and that proves the fact that it is a popular site to find friends, share experience and support each other.
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Virtual Stock Exchange was developed for an investment company to emulate stock exchange information platform with capability of participation in a tendering simulation.

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