Angular Development

Build easily scalable feature-rich apps that can grow up to an enterprise level

Our team of Angular experts:

  • Reduces development cycle times for complex projects
  • Delivers cutting-edge apps
  • Minimizes long-term costs
  • Enhances overall quality

Consider Angular Development If You

Seek superior productivity and performance:

Get high-performing software with fast page loading times through server-side rendering

Build delay-free UIs with real-time for instantaneous UI refreshes

Scale and customize your software fast and with minimal resources for task automation, for instant UI and data synchronization, and ready-to-use UI elements

Prioritize long-term evolution and consistency:

Keep your app functional and relevant over time with minimal resources by updating specific parts without overhauling the entire app

Reduce maintenance costs and detect type mismatches and incorrect function usage early

Ensure a secure app from day one preventing malicious scripts insertion and protecting against unauthorized common web threats

We Build Angular-based Solutions from Scratch

Web Applications Development

Get an enterprise-level web application with high scalability and maintainability by tapping into Angular component-based architecture and dependency injection. Enhance your enterprise with powerful dashboards and security features like two-way data binding, automatic input cleansing or built-in HTTPClient

Benefit from a lightweight yet sturdy Single-Page Application (SPA) with a fluid and interactive UX. Powered by Angular's RxJS and Angular Router, we eliminate the need for full-page refreshes, allowing all content to load on a single web page

Receive a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that combines the accessibility of a web app with the interactive features of a native app. We utilize Angular routing, responsive layouts, service workers, and other features to deliver PWAs with native-like UX, reliable caching, and offline capabilities

User Interfaces and Dashboards Development

Get custom, interactive, and data-rich dashboards designed for new solutions or to elevate your app’s analytics and reporting capabilities. With two-way data binding and RxJS, our Angular dashboard offers immediate UI updates and accurate real-time information on your dashboards

Enhance your application's UX and longevity with dynamic and appealing UIs featuring attractive layouts, user-friendly features, and easy navigation. Employing declarative HTML templates along with TypeScript, we craft UIs that are not only user-friendly but also scalable and maintainable

Mobile App Development

Accelerate your mobile app development, especially for cross-platform iOS and Android apps, leveraging your existing team, despite it being a non-traditional choice for mobile development. We utilize Angular and Ionic or NativeScript to reuse code and deliver a native-like mobile app across both platforms. With Angular's ecosystem, we gain RxJS for real-time features and Angular Material for UI excellence, ensuring swift and quality delivery

We Build and Deploy Angular Applications Using Cloud

Azure and Angular

If you require Azure cloud migration and have an Angular app, we're the team that can assist.

We build Angular apps that communicate seamlessly with your backend through APIs.

To ensure security, we generally employ Microsoft's authentication tools and Azure App Service for deploying and hosting Angular applications.

AWS and Angular

We build full-stack Angular applications that work seamlessly with backends on AWS through AWS Amplify.

For secure user sign-ins, we rely on Amazon Cognito.

We can use AWS AppSync and DynamoDB to manage your databases.

And for storing any application content or user files, we typically use AWS S3. The whole setup allows us to integrate advanced features, like machine learning.

Why migrate from AngularJS to Angular with us

Our team of specialists is equipped to carry out a seamless and cost-effective AngularJS to Angular migration plan for your app. We provide a variety of migration paths, including updates via ngUpgrade, Angular elements, routing, or in some cases, a complete rewrite. We'll evaluate your current software - its size, functionality, and other specific attributes - to design a comprehensive migration plan that best suits your needs.

Enhanced Performance and Scalability. The modular architecture of Angular provides excellent scalability and swift performance. This structure adapts seamlessly to your application's growing needs, guaranteeing consistent efficiency and responsiveness.

Reduced Runtime Errors. TypeScript's sophisticated type-checking features help identify bugs during the build phase, minimizing errors at runtime. This translates to a smoother, more reliable user experience.

Comprehensive Toolset. Angular comes bundled with an array of essential tools, eliminating the need for additional third-party resources. This includes a Command-Line Interface (CLI), Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and text editors, all curated to streamline your app development process.

Mobile Device Support. Created in the “mobile-first” era, Angular ensures your app reaches the widest audience. Features like Lazy Loading and the Angular Universal service make your app load faster and perform more efficiently on mobile devices.

Frequent Updates and Community Support. Unlike its predecessor, AngularJS, Angular is backed by a large and active community of developers who release improved versions every six months. This ensures your app stays up-to-date, benefiting from the latest features and enhancements. We can help you upgrade Angular and optimize your development process with advanced features.

Stay Calm with No Surprise Expenses

  • You get a detailed project plan with costs associated with each feature developed
  • Before bidding on a project, we conduct a review to filter out non-essential inquiries that can lead to overestimation
  • Weekly reports help you maintain control over the budget

Don’t Stress About Work Not Being Done

  • We sign the Statement of Work to specify the budget, deliverables and the schedule
  • You see who in the dedicated development team is responsible for what tasks in your favorite task management system
  • We hold weekly status meetings to provide demos of what’s been achieved to hit the milestones
  • Low personnel turnover rate at Belitsoft is below 12% per annum. The risk of losing key people on your projects is low, and thus we keep knowledge in your projects and save your money

Be Confident Your Secrets are Secure

  • We guarantee your property protection policy using Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract signed prior to the start of work
  • Your legal team is welcome to make any necessary modifications to the documents to ensure they align with your requirements
  • We also implement multi-factor authentication and data encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information while working with your software

No Need to Explain Twice

  • With minimal input from you and without overwhelming you with technical buzzwords, your needs are converted into a project requirements document any engineer can easily understand. This allows you to assign less technical staff to a project on your end, if necessary
  • The communication with our software aplication development company goes through your preferred video/audio meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and more

Mentally Synced With Your Team

  • Commitment to business English proficiency enables the staff of our offshore software development company to collaborate as effectively as native English speakers, saving you time
  • We create a hybrid composition with engineers working in tandem with your team members
  • Work with individuals who comprehend US and EU business climate and business requirements

Complementary Technologies for Our Angular Development Services

Backend Frameworks

PHP (Yii2, Laravel, Symfony), Java (Hibernate, Spring etc.), .NET (ASP.Net MVC, etc.), Node.JS


Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Amazon SQS, etc.

JS frameworks

Polymer, Pixi.JS, Meteor.JS, React.JS, Raphael.JS, Crafty.JS

Data Management

MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Azure SQL

Cloud Computing Platforms

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Frontend Technologies

HTML5, Bootstrap, CCS3, AJAX

Our domain expertise

Healthcare & Fitness
E-Learning & Education
E-Commerce & Shopping
Sports & Recreation
Media & Entertainment
Banking & Finance

How we work

Belitsoft has a thoroughly shaped Angular development cycle procedure
which includes the following stages:
+ Project management
+ Project management
  • Project Requirements
  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Development
  • Project Testing
  • Project Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialists excel in Angular set of features like NgRx, RxJS, routing, dependency injections, and others, ensuring dynamic, user-friendly web applications. Their expertise extends to TypeScript for reliable coding, SPA development for seamless user experiences. They are proficient in AJAX, JS DOM manipulation, and RESTful services for responsive web elements and efficient server communication. Familiarity with testing frameworks and agile methodologies ensures robust, adaptable applications.

Our web development company assigns dedicated developers to complex projects, with strong analytical, problem-solving, and project management abilities. Our dedicated front-end developers are detail-oriented, motivated, and great at teamwork for efficient project achievement.

Angular is a popular framework for creating dynamic web applications, such as single-page applications, enterprise applications, real-time applications, progressive web apps, e-commerce applications, data visualization dashboards, among others. Moreover, it can be integrated with frameworks like Ionic or NativeScript for mobile application development.

Angular and React are both popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. They differ in their architecture, methodology, and ecosystem. Our experts recommend using React for cross-platform development and when you need high performance. Angular is the best choice for large enterprise web applications.

The choice between Angular and React depends on project needs, team skill set, and individual preferences. We cover this topic in-depth in the React vs Angular vs Vue comparison.

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