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Glass Thickness Calculator Based On Angular and Node.js


Our customer who was involved in developing couple of web projects for one of the biggest European glass producer asked us to create a special web application - “Glass Thickness Calculator”. The main goal of such application is simplifying process of taking orders and calculating some special technical parameters in automatic way to improve speed of forming quotes.


Together with the customer we adjusted the following main requirements for this web application:

  • Developing application should be easy with simple and light UI;
  • As application will have a lot of calculations made on Front–End side such as mathematical formulas with using a lot of different floating and stable specific values – it should be designed as “Thick client”;
  • To increase quality of final result we proposed to use Unit Testing procedure (Front-End should be structured in proper way for that);


After summarizing project requirements and investigating development options, we decided to use Node.JS as the main program platform.

The selection of the right front-end framework was crucial in the project as the app should have a lot of calculations made on the front-end side.

Angular was chosen for the glass thickness calculator project due to its comprehensive suite of features that are particularly well-suited for creating responsive and dynamic single-page applications (SPAs). Here are some reasons Angular was the ideal choice:

  1. Two-way data binding simplifies updating the user interface in real-time as users input data, which is essential for a calculator that requires immediate feedback and updates
  2. A modular development structure allows for reusable components, easier to maintenance and updates for the calculator's new features or calculations
  3. The use of TypeScript provides strong typing and object-oriented features, leading to more robust and error-free code
  4. Directives help developers to add new attributes to HTML, making it simpler to create custom interactive user interfaces for the calculator
  5. The built-in dependency injection simplifies services and data providers management, beneficial for projects with various calculation algorithms and data sources
  6. The Angular CLI offers comprehensive tooling for initializing, developing, scaffolding, and maintaining Angular applications, streamlining the development process from start to finish
  7. Angular's performance optimization features, such as lazy loading and asynchronous template compilation, ensure the calculator remains fast and efficient, even as it grows in complexity

By leveraging Angular's features, the development team created a glass thickness calculator that is not only accurate and reliable but also provides an excellent user experience with its real-time, interactive capabilities.

Chosen technologies helped us to make programming of all project calculation in really fast and effective ways.

For example, user is able to choose dozens of parameters, such as glazing type, geometry, wind load, boundary conditions and etc. With a help of this, our developed glass thickness calculator is a real windfall for business owner. It allows producing glass, according to natural factors, including wind and snow loads.

Using Unit Testing procedure provided possibility to decrease quantity of bugs and launch project for production on very short terms.


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