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Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company


Our Client is a global telecommunication company (originally standing for international discount telecommunications), headquartered in the USA, with offices on 6 continents (the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, and many more).

The enterprise made a revolution in telecommunication as the first company to provide a software product for prepaid calling services. It allowed individual consumers and businesses to make safe, simple, and affordable international calls via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).

The Client is a Fortune 1000 technology company, currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


The enterprise had been on the market for 30+ years with products bringing stable profit. However, the company is continuously trying new ideas to keep on with its leading positions in the telecommunication domain. 

To test a new idea, they usually launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first, and if this stage turns out to be successful, they develop a full-scale product. 

When the enterprise launched the software for prepaid calling services, it quickly became a revolution. This meant the necessity to urgently develop full-scale software. 

Be the First to Deliver the Product to the Market

Such urgency is caused by the competition that after a successful MVP may try to copy the product and take the market quote. So, the major challenge is to be the first to deliver the end product to the market to take the niche. 

Deliver a High-Quality Product to Maintain Leadership

Winning the competition at the start is only halfway to success, it’s also essential to maintain leadership and the major market quote for long enough to gain reputation, brand awareness, and clients’ fidelity. For that, the product must have excellent quality and usability from the start.

However, fulfilling these goals is possible when the company is ready to immediately assign multiple resources to the new project, which is often challenging.

Urgent Need For 15+ Skilled .NET Developers to Meet the Goals

In light of a sudden and enormous success, the company faced the pressing problem of the lack of resources. Their in-house team capacity wasn’t sufficient to develop a full-scale product in a short time and risked losing the opportunity. 
To avoid the long process of hiring the required team, which would lead to product delivery delay, the enterprise decided to turn to hiring dedicated developers as the proven way to find the right skills without interviewing hundreds of candidates.




Belitsoft’s dedicated team has created a scalable, well-designed SaaS application from scratch for the telecommunication giant and solved every single challenge the enterprise faced at the beginning:

  1. to get skilled specialists immediately and scale fast depending on the project scope;
  2. to be the first to enter the market with a revolutionary product;
  3. to maintain leadership and the major market quote for years thanks to delivering highly-performing, responsive software.

The new system has received both web and mobile designs and 11 separate versions with multiple languages and different functionality (depending on the legislation of each country).

The Core Features of the SAAS application

  • Administration panel for B2B clients so that the business could adjust rates, promotions, and other specific and individual processes by their needs;
  • Management of statistics regarding incoming/outgoing calls for each user;
  • Customer billing system that allows customers to mke bank transfers even if they don’t have a bank account;
  • Tariff plan management that depends on the country and its rates;
  • Some marketing tools such as a landing page builder;
  • and many more.

As the end users of the software are both individuals (B2C) and businesses (B2B), the application has three basic levels of access: personal users, corporate accounts, and functionality for retailers.

Technologies and platforms: ASP.NET MVC, Razor; Entity Framework; T4MVC; NLog; FluentValidation; SimpleInjector; ValueInjecter; NPoco; StyleCop; Unobtrusive ajax; Knockout; jqGrid, datatabeles.js; Oracle Database; Redis; Tests: NUnit

The number of users rapidly exceeded 7 million (!), and everyone could use the app without any performance issues.
Dedicated team model goals of work (such as a stable team, a good understanding of the customer’s business, quick scaling, reliable communication, etc.) were achieved, resulting in superior performance and high-quality results.

"Belitsoft’s resources were praised for the excellent quality of their development, meeting the expectations. They delivered on time and within specifications — they were outstanding project managers. Overall, their team was professional, dependable, and communicative."

Head of Department of the Enterprise


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