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eSports Betting: What’s on the Market and How Can You Join?

Feb 21, 2019

Betting has likely been popular since the times when people were watching their fellows fight for a mammoth leg and guessing who will die first. Today the access to the global sports one click away thanks to online gambling websites that provide a limitless selection of how you can attempt the game with your favourite team. This article will be a guide to the betting universe: what is going on at the moment, who leads and how hard is it to enter. Moreover, we will show an example of how we developed and continue to support a major eSports betting portal.

Your Startup Will Fail Unless You Make the Right Choice of MVP Functions: Insider Tips on How to Succeed

Feb 01, 2019

The principle is simple: take the most important features, build, release, succeed. However, choosing these features becomes a stumbling block for many aspiring startupers. Read on to find out how to avoid their mistakes and how to use the correct approach for building your MVP, both in theory and in practice (examples ahead!).

How Can EHRs Change Life Insurance Industry

Jan 17, 2019

Where exactly do life insurance carriers get client information? And what is the potential of EHRs to improve the application process? We found some promising examples of how EHR systems can improve life insurance industry.

Top E-Learning App Design Mistakes

Dec 25, 2018

TV series “How I Met Your Mother” is full of fictional theories on how the world works. One of them is that a man has exactly 8.3 seconds to impress a woman as this is the time she decides if you’re good enough for her.

Top Mobile Shopping App Features and Why You Need Them

Nov 20, 2018

Which features do the users want from your mobile shopping brand? And how can you implement them in your app? Learn about ecommerce best practices in this article.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist - Tech Solutions for Businesses

Nov 08, 2018

Learn about the requirements for HIPAA IT compliance. Pick technologies best suited for your software.

Creating a cutting-edge ERP/CRM platform: How car service stations conquered the sky

Oct 31, 2018

Three years ago our pure and unpredictable aspiration ensnared us into a big Canadian gamble. We were involved in the development of a software that should have been a breakthrough in the market. But let’s dive into this gently.

Mobile payments integration

Oct 25, 2018

Besides making the world a better place, mobile apps are also designed to give their vendors some tangible gains. And with around one third of global users opting for digital payments, adding such a functionality to a mobile app is a sure way to reach the goal. However, if you want to compel your users to buy your offerings, their experience should be as lucid and seamless as possible.

Professional Development in E-Learning

Oct 23, 2018

Let’s get straight into the numbers. 10 percent increase in spending for training leads to a 8.5 percent increase in productivity. At the same time, a 10 percent increase in spending on capital expenditures gets only 3.8 percent in productivity.

ERP basics. Riding the clouds

Oct 18, 2018

Businesses always needed a system to operate effectively. No matter how large you are, or for how long have you been on the market. To boost the demand for your services and eliminate the system mistakes, enterprises resort to the ERP solutions. In a nice conversation with Dmitry Garbar, the department head and a partner at Belitsoft, we’ve discussed ERP systems. Dive into the article and see, what came out of our talk.

Integration in the financial software

Oct 02, 2018

People like walking the dogs or petting cats. But enterprises cherish their bank accounts. Money needs management. And the old saying “If love something, let it go” doesn’t work here. So when it comes to building a financial app, integrating it with others will ensure the numbers in the bank statement remain fairly high. How to integrate your financial app with others and what to beware - read in this article!

How to develop a video streaming app like Netflix

Sep 27, 2018

With 70% of mobile traffic generated by video content in 2020, streaming apps are conquering the digital space. Dreaming of giving the world an app that would become the next Netflix? Read this article to learn more about the technical as well as user sides of the venture!

React Native vs Xamarin vs Ionic

Sep 19, 2018

Many businesses seek to develop an app which works both on iOS and Android. This is one of the reasons they choose cross-platform solutions. Multiplatform development can help build the app with a smaller team and release it faster. However, there are many cross-platform frameworks available now that show no significant differences from the architectural perspective. What is better: React Native, Xamarin or Ionic? Read on to find out.

How to Make PHP Websites Run Faster

Sep 19, 2018

Known fact that page loading speed is an essential factor for any site. Users are not willing to wait for long pages response and in the worst cases they can leave your site. Search Engines reduce page rank of your site when the speed is too slow; this results in fewer visitors from Search Engines. And, yes, as the site administrator you’ll feel irritation, if you have to wait a long time while managing your site, knowing that this process can be accelerated. All the ways to speed up your site are divided into two basic methods: website software optimization and server software/hardware optimization.

Getting Started With Laravel for Beginners: the Best FREE Quickstart Tutorials

Sep 19, 2018

Laravel is the Most Starred PHP Framework on Github: more than 30 000 developers from all over the world (mostly from the USA) use it for custom software development. Thinking about Laravel 5 but don’t know where to start? Among the features that make Laravel framework better than others there are awesome documentation, community and step-by-step tutorials. In this post, to save your time, we've gathered expert advices on how to download, install and configure your first Laravel-based project.

Fixed Price, Time & Material or Dedicated Team: What To Choose

Sep 19, 2018

Let’s say you decided to develop custom software without having your own team of developers for the project and for some reason you don’t want to hire additional people in your company. It’s clear that you cannot move forward without a help of contractor. But what type of cooperation model you need to choose: Fixed Price or Time & Material or Dedicated Team Model. What is more reasonable for you? Let’s have a look into this more deeply from different perspectives (client and vendor side).

7 Reasons to Launch an EdTech Startup

Sep 19, 2018

You have a great idea about education technology but aren't sure whether you should start a company? Take a look at these 7 reasons to launch your own e-learning startup.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

Sep 19, 2018

Protect your users' data and ensure GDPR compliance with this checklist. If you need help implementing these measures, let us know.

How to Develop a Custom E-Learning Solution: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Sep 19, 2018

This is it. You have a big idea that will disrupt education and propel you to the top of the eLearning industry. Now you just need to... do what exactly? A good first step would be to read this article and learn the steps to launching your own learning software.

SCORM vs xAPI vs AICC vs LTI: Current State of E-Learning Standards

Sep 19, 2018

Knowing stuff and having it presented in a digital format are separate matters entirely. Thanks to the e-learning standards you can do both, but what standard should you choose? Let's take a look at SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and LTI to help you make your decision.

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