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Xamarin App Development Services

Xamarin mobile app platform is a perfect fit for you if you have a .NET-based backend. The same developers can work both on the backend and mobile sides, which cuts costs on development and maintenance.

Hire dedicated mobile app developers to get a reliable, high-performing cross-platform business app with a close-to-native look and feel. At a 30% lower cost than native mobile app development services and a shorter time to market! Our Xamarin mobile application development company builds apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) using Xamarin.

Full Stack of Xamarin Development Services

Xamarin Cross-Platform Application Development

You’ll get a performant app on iOS, Android, macOS, and UWP saving over 30% on development thanks to the high code reuse.

Xamarin iOS App Development

You’ll get a robust iOS app with a native UI and functionality available thanks to native API access. Easy to transfer to any other OS.

Xamarin Android App Development

You’ll get a smoothly working Android app that performs and looks like a native Android app but can be easily transferred to different operating systems.

Xamarin Web Development

You’ll get a powerful UWP or macOS application that feels intuitive for users and brings powerful functionality.

Xamarin IoT, TV, and Wearable Apps Development

You’ll get an application version for Smart TVs, wearables, and other IoT devices, such as Tizen (Samsung), tvOS, watchOS, etc.

Xamarin.Forms Development and Design

You’ll get an app with a user-friendly and intuitive UX and UI with totally native controls for different platforms thanks to Xamarin.Forms framework.

Xamarin Migration & Upgrade Services

You’ll get assistance in upgrading your current Xamarin cross-platform app to the latest version. And help with the migration of your app to another platform at a minimal cost.

Xamarin App Testing Services

You’ll get a smoothly performing app that has passed a full array of code assessment, functionality testing, performance, load testing, etc.

Xamarin Consulting Services

You’ll get answers from highly skilled Xamarin experts to all your questions and doubts to understand if Xamarin is your best fit and if so where to start.

Xamarin App Support & Maintenance

You’ll get qualified technical support around architecture construction, smooth integration with Cloud, and maintenance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Xamarin App Development to Belitsoft

Here are the reasons why clients from the US, UK, Israel, the European Union, etc choose the outsourcing Xamarin application development company Belitsoft.

We guarantee that your project will involve developers with in-depth knowledge of cross-platform app development and corresponding technologies (C#, Java, Objective-C, etc). As a result, your app will fully meet your requirements.
By working with Belitsoft outsourcing software development company your business saves a lot on hiring, onboarding, and training new hires. Together with human resources, you save on equipment and technology, which we fully provide.
We have a team of skilled developers who are ready to start your project as soon as you need it. You save time because instead of searching and hiring in-house employees as well as onboarding them, you start quick and effective app development.
With Xamarin app development by Belitsoft, you pay only for the services you need and when you need them. From the start, you understand how much each feature costs and how long its development takes. So you can easily ramp up or down the project scope according to your budget.
When you partner with us, you are suggested several cooperation models (working with dedicated developers, time and material, or fixed price). Based on your project specifics, we’ll recommend you the best fit with the corresponding detailed pricing.
By setting up clear and effective communication, we guarantee that you will get regular and detailed updates and reports about your product and the process. You’ll always have a person in contact in case you want to make any changes in the project.
We take security seriously as we realize how security breaches can be expensive in time, money, and credibility. The standard set of documents we sign includes Master Services Agreement (MSA), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Statement of Work (SOW).
You’ll benefit from our agile methodology. Namely, you get an opportunity to see an intermediate result and make changes if needed, easy planning, frequent and clear reporting, close communication with the development team, etc.

Xamarin Tech Stack

Development Language C#
Frameworks and Components Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android,
Xamarin.Forms .NET Standard, MVVM, Rx.NET
Google Play Services, Firebase SDK's
Realtime Chat, Facebook SDK's, Twitter SDK's, Xamarin.Auth
Development Environments Visual Studio, Rider, Xcode, Android Studio
Automation Tools Azure DevOps, App Center
Third-Party SDKs Texture, Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Client, SecureStorage
Xamarin.FFImageLoading, ZXing.Net.Mobile,
Plugin.MediaManager, xUnit, Xamarin.Essentials

Our domain expertise

Regardless of the domain your project belongs to, Belitsoft will deliver a robust and cost-effective Xamarin application in the short term.

Healthcare & Fitness
Healthcare & Fitness
E-Learning & Education
E-Learning & Education
E-Commerce & Shopping
E-Commerce & Shopping
Sports & Recreation
Sports & Recreation
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Xamarin is an open-source platform for building modern and high-performing applications for iOS, Android, macOS, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). Written in C# Language and integrated into the .NET framework. Xamarin has access to native APIs. It means that Xamarin can be also used to develop apps for TVs, wearables, and other IoT devices.
The key advantages of Xamarin app development are:
  • Xamarin code is written once only and then shared across different platforms resulting in fast time to market without compromising on quality;
  • Thanks to high code reuse, the development time and cost can be 30% lower than native iOS + Android development and up to 50% lower than iOS + Android + web development;
  • Xamarin apps can boast of native performance and design thanks to Xamarin Forms development and design framework;
  • Backed by Microsoft, Xamarin gets stability and robustness of Microsoft products together with continuous improvements;
  • Xamarin uses a single technology stack and doesn’t need third-party tools and integrations. It not only accelerates development but also means easier maintenance and updates.
  • As Xamarin has access to the native APIs, it facilitates the development of applications for any device, including wearables, TVs, and other IoT devices.
All of that allows you to reduce development expenses and time, facilitate the maintenance and management of your app and easily upgrade it when needed without hassle.
To calculate the cost of Xamarin development services, we need to understand the scope of the app, core features, expected scalability, etc. Talk to our experts to get a free quote for your case.
Both Xamarin and React Native allow creating effective cross-platform apps with near-native performance. However, there are certain differences. While React Native leverages JavaScript, Xamarin uses C# language in a .NET framework, which is common for writing a native platform code. Also, Xamarin uses natives APIs and native UI bringing wider possibilities. For more differences, read the article React Native vs Xamarin vs Ionic.
We suggest 3 cooperation models to our clients:
  • Dedicated Development Team. We gather a team for your project. It’ll include specialists majorly of senior and middle levels. They will work fully and exclusively on your project and report to you directly.
  • Time and Material. You pay only for the amount of work, tasks, resources, and other expenses applied in your Xamarin app development. We can use an hourly, daily, or monthly rate for your convenience.
  • Fixed Price. The final cost as well as the project scope are agreed in advance and don’t change along the development process. The best fit for small-scale projects with predefined requirements.


Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Our client, a European medium-sized logistics provider, came to Belitsoft with a long-term strategy for entering the same-day delivery market with the help of a mobile app.
Android and iOS Mobile App Development for a Drone Company
Android and iOS Mobile App Development for a Drone Company
Our Client, one of the world’s largest drone companies, decided to create a convenient mobile video editing app. Belitsoft has provided the Client with a team of Android and iOS mobile developers to create custom mobile apps for editing videos recorded using the drones produced by our Client.
Custom Mobile App for a Learning Management System
Custom Mobile App for a Learning Management System
We developed a simple-to-use and intuitive mobile app for a Learning Management System. Available for Android and iOS. It’s a good complement to the web version.
Mobile App for a Seafood Restaurant Chain
Mobile App for a Seafood Restaurant Chain
An American restaurant chain has reached out to Belitsoft to take their quality of service to the next level with a bespoke mobile app. And it paid off - more than half of their regulars preferred ordering online and the number of visitors grew by an undisclosed number.

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