Mobile App for a Seafood Restaurant Chain

An American restaurant chain has reached out to Belitsoft. The customer wanted to take their quality of service (a thing of paramount importance to them) to the next level with a bespoke mobile app. The initial idea was to use it mostly for ordering, but soon the customer has come up with additional useful functions that ended up in the final release.

Platform: Mobile Applications
Industry: Hospitality
Country: United States
  • Technologies and platforms: Native iOS, Android development
  • Effort: 3 man-months
  • Team: 1 designer, 3 developers, 1 QA engineer, 1 Project Manager.
Fish Restaurant Description Fish Restaurant Description Fish Restaurant Order Process

Why Belitsoft

The customer said they’ve chosen Belitsoft as their development partner for the following reasons:

  • Positive reviews from past clients

    Belitsoft rating on the independent vendor review services has always been close to perfect (4,9/5, 9/10 etc.);

  • Attractive and detailed project quote

    The detailed estimation showed how much more can the customer get by working with us;

  • Previous experience with similar projects

    Belitsoft developers have previously helped other customers implement similar functionality in their mobile apps.

The Process

As the app has existed only as a vision, working on a fixed price model was out of the question. So the client and our team agreed to Time and Material and Agile methodology. The projected development time of 3 months was split into 2-week sprints.

The customer participated in the weekly meetings with the team and the monthly demonstration sessions. The concerns or questions that couldn’t wait until the meeting were addressed over email or Slack.

Developing an app with native technology stack was the optimal decision. On it would provide both good performance and pleasant visuals in line with the client’s wish for improving their restaurants’ customer experience.

The developers used a lot of premade libraries and code snippets, which allowed us to launch the application quicker.

The Solution

The app turned out fast and feature-rich. Its main functions were:

  • Menu. A customer could order the food and pay for it online, decreasing the burden on the service staff.
  • Rewards. The app user could earn points for scanning the QR codes at restaurants and redeem them for rewards (e.g. free meals).
  • News + push notifications. The customer could inform the app users about the new dishes on the menu, promotions and locations.
  • Social. App users could message their friends, contact the management of local restaurants and join clubs (the “fishing club” being the most popular).
  • Personal cabinet. A place where users could check their points, see the order history, adjust payment preferences and more.
  • Offline mode. A partially implemented offline mode, allowing to store the user’s order until it could be sent to the server.

The Results

Besides the app itself, the customer invested in promoting it among their clientele. And it paid off - according to the restaurant chain management, more than half of their regulars preferred ordering online and the number of visitors grew by an undisclosed number.

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