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Cross-platform mobile app development

Create high-performance cross-platform apps for different mobile ecosystems with up to 40% in cost and time savings.

Cross-platform app development is the most cost-effective way to enter the market quickly while providing the user experience that is as good as with native apps.

Being ranked among the top software development companies in Belarus, Belitsoft effectively combines the best web & native app development practices with the capabilities of modern cross-platform frameworks. We deliver highly-performant native-looking apps that are immediately available on the major mobile platforms.

Benefits of cross-platform app development

Fast time-to-market

Leveraging cross-platform technologies allows us to write a single codebase and export it to each platform. Instead of building a dedicated app for each mobile market, we deliver one fully functional app that runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS. As a result, your app is ready for launch much faster.

Easy maintenance

Once the app is published, having the same codebase for all platforms allows our experienced team to make updates only once while they are synced across all platforms. It ensures robust app support and speedy launch of new features and bug fixes.

Low development costs

Having only one team responsible for developing, testing and maintenance of apps for all OSes, cross-platform development can save you up to 40% compared to native development.

Great user experience

With the capability of cross-platform frameworks to access device APIs, users can enjoy the same hardware and UI functionalities as with native apps.

Our domain expertise

Healthcare & fitness
  • EHR/EMR systems
  • E-prescribing applications
  • Fitness trackers etc.
E-learning & Education
E-commerce & Shopping
  • Mobile shopping apps
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile CRM
Internet of Things
Media & Entertainment
  • Social networks
  • Streaming apps
  • Messengers etc.
Banking & Finance
  • Insurance apps
  • ERP systems
  • Stock exchange software etc.

Special features we can use in cross-platform apps

Voice recognition
Integration with smart devices
Offline mode

Choose Belitsoft as a cross-platform development company

Belitsoft is actively engaged in providing cross-platform development services to customers from startups and non-profit organizations to medium businesses and large enterprises. Our geography of completed projects spans USA, UK, EU, Israel, Canada and other countries.
Personal accountability

We assign a personal Account Manager and ensure free communication with other project participants as well. The low attrition rate (less than 10% per year) guarantees a profound understanding of your project by each every team member.

Expertise in
cross-platform development

With more than 32000 hours of hands-on experience with cross-platform technologies, we know ins and outs of cross-platform mobile app development.


94% of our projects were completed within the set time frame while retaining the highest software quality .

Frameworks for cross-platform app development

React Native - a JavaScript framework created and actively supported by Facebook and adopted by big names like Walmart, Bloomberg, and Pinterest. Native components added to the Javascript core ensure platform-specific UI and equal to native performance and rendering both on Android and iOS.

Xamarin - a Microsoft-owned mobile development solution that targets Android, iOS, and Windows with C#. The framework is also embraced by a number of industry leaders like Bosch and Honeywell. With access to native APIs, Xamarin apps look, feel and perform as good as their native and React Native alternatives.

Ionic - a platform designed specifically for hybrid mobile app development with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Essentially, hybrid apps are small websites running in a browser shell in an app with access to native platform layer. Ionic delivers a native-styled app with smooth UI interactions. It is ideal for businesses that are low on time and budget, but want to get support of native browser apps and can do with less complex features and graphics.

Apache Cordova/PhoneGap - a mobile application development framework for developing cost-efficient hybrid apps based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS in a short time. Similar to Ionic, Cordova/PhoneGap is a good choice for non-complex apps that do not need rich animations and high-end security. To enhance the framework’s performance and access device features, plugins are used.

Sencha Touch - a hybrid app development framework, which is renowned for its rich and intuitive touch user interfaces and flexibility in providing a native feel based on the device platform with JavaScript. As with other hybrid frameworks, Sencha Touch apps don’t support sophisticated functionalities, but are good for quick market enter at a reasonable price.

Cocos2d-x - a game framework with a thin platform dependent layer apt for developing cross-platform 2D games and other apps that require rich GUI and high interactivity with JavaScript or C++.

Tools and languages we use

Microsoft Visual Studio
Xamarin Studio +
Android Studio
React Native Debugger
Html5 & CSS
C++ etc.

What we offer

Guaranteed app stores approval

We develop cross-platform apps in strict compliance with OSes’ guidelines and make sure they are successfully published on app stores.

Belitsoft always makes sure its products work seamlessly throughout their entire lifecycle. That’s why your apps get full support and maintenance under SLA.
progress reports

We provide weekly reports with detailed records and estimates so that you always know the current state of your project.

Flexible engagement models
We offer various pricing models to address your specific business demands. Choose between fixed price, time & material and dedicated team or combine them as your project moves on.
Overlapping time zones

We share from 2 to 8 hours of the workday with our customers (depending on their location). This helps us address their concerns as soon as possible.

Impeccable reputation

We have a 4.9/5 (Clutch) rating from our clients, which reflects the uncompromising quality of our app development services.

Portfolio for software development

Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Our client is a successful manufacturer of an innovative sports IoT device named Sportstation. We developed IOS and Android applications which can communicate with it. We also made Integration with several third-party systems, e.g. with the system of the children’s football camp of Real Madrid.
Custom Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows) for an E-learning Company
Custom Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows) for an E-learning Company
We created for our Client (with 4 million clients in 40+ countries) mobile apps for the existing LMS to increase customers’ loyalty and meet the global trend of using mobile devices for learning. Developed for Android, iOS, Windows with the supports 12 language versions.
Android and iOS Mobile App Development for a Drone Company
Android and iOS Mobile App Development for a Drone Company
Our Client, one of the world’s largest drone companies, decided to create a convenient mobile video editing app. Belitsoft has provided the Client with a team of Android and iOS mobile developers to create custom mobile apps for editing videos recorded using the drones, produced by our Client.
Indoor Positioning System Using Bluetooth And Beacon Devices
Indoor Positioning System Using Bluetooth And Beacon Devices
Our client, the NYC-based company with R&D labs in Israel, came to us with the idea of an application that can provide detailed and accurate navigation inside the corporate buildings. Both mobile and web apps with real-time updates were developed using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Beacons, and Cloud-based technologies.
Instant Payment App Development for Mobile Banking
Instant Payment App Development for Mobile Banking
Belitsoft was contacted by the founders of a startup from one of the EU Member States. They wanted to create a mobile app that would support SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme to make real-time payments.
Custom Mobile App for a Learning Management System
Custom Mobile App for a Learning Management System
We developed a simple-to-use and intuitive mobile app for a Learning Management System. Available for Android and iOS. It’s a good complement to the web version.
E-learning Mobile App
E-learning Mobile App
Our Client, an eLearning startup from Boston, wanted to create an app based on the microlearning approach to help people study on the go. React Native was chosen for the project with 80% code reuse with the aim to save over $7k compared to estimated development costs with platform-specific technologies.
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Belitsoft has successfully developed an MVP version of a cloud-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform for a well-known Company in the healthcare industry.
Sports Betting Solution & iGaming Platform Development
Sports Betting Solution & iGaming Platform Development
The core of the analytical system we’ve delivered is based around processing huge amounts of data gathered from reputable sources on the Web.
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Agile development of an application for the flower pot. Our main goals were to decrease the time for requests processing and improve other features without a budget increase.
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
With 15 dedicated developers on board in Belarus, our US client can handle quite big and complicated Yii and mobile projects. This helps our client save about 60 000 USD per developer or about million of USA dollars a year!
E-commerce Mobile App
E-commerce Mobile App
Belitsoft was approached by an e-commerce startup from Israel that had an innovative coupons app in its MVP stage, but needed optimization and improvement.
Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company
Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company
Belitsoft’s client, a French company providing services in Health, Security & Environment, required software which would exclude the paperwork and replace Excel spreadsheets with the industry-specific functionality. They got a convenient project management tool and could improve the transparency of work processes.
Mobile App for Golfers
Mobile App for Golfers
A startup founder from Ohio has developed a special set of sensors for golf players to improve their strength and accuracy. The client then contacted Belitsoft to create a mobile app complementing the hardware.
SCORM Player for Mobile
SCORM Player for Mobile
The Client received an offline SCORM Player for learning and passing exams even without a constant network connection. Among other benefits he received there is secure storage of SCORM content and students' attempts information during system utilization.
Sports Team Communication App Development
Sports Team Communication App Development
A convenient platform for sports clubs, amateurs, and professionals.
Mobile App for a Seafood Restaurant Chain
Mobile App for a Seafood Restaurant Chain
An American restaurant chain has reached out to Belitsoft to take their quality of service to the next level with a bespoke mobile app. And it paid off - more than half of their regulars preferred ordering online and the number of visitors grew by an undisclosed number.
PDF Auto Converter For iOS/Android Applications
PDF Auto Converter For iOS/Android Applications
We created standalone mobile applications from digital materials of our Client, one of the biggest creators and distributors of educational materials in a Central European country. It involved 300 textbooks for iPhone and 300 for Android). Also, the “iOS/Android applications store” to sell these textbooks was created.
Music Social Network Mobile Application
Music Social Network Mobile Application
Our client asked us to create an iOS mobile application for his music social network web portal which we've previously created for him. The distinctive feature of this iOS application is to give its users an opportunity in recording their own multi-tracks with user-friendly interface.

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