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Belitsoft was contacted by a founder of an eLearning startup from Boston. They wanted to create an app which would help people study on the go. Applying the microlearning principles would help users improve their professional knowledge while they are traveling on the subway or standing in a traffic jam.


The client has received a seed round of funding for their project. As the co-founders were educators, not programmers, they needed a reliable development team to turn their idea into an app.

Why Belitsoft?

After considering their options, the client chose Belitsoft for the following reasons:

  • Efficient communication. During the project discussions the managers were professional in understanding the client’s needs, helpful and open to contact;
  • Transparent quote. The estimate that the development team has provided was detailed and realistic, demonstrating their competence;
  • Impressive portfolio. The previously completed projects proved the technical knowledge and reliability that the customer was looking for;


The client has visited Belitsoft office to get to know the team before starting the project. After that, they were regularly participating in the meetings to clarify their ideas and provide specialist knowledge. Belitsoft handled all the stages of product development, from specifications and design to post-release support.

The requirements were not strictly defined and could’ve changed to fit the market better. At the same time, the client wanted the team to provide input on how to deliver the app best. So Agile methodology and time and material cooperation model were the best options here. They allowed the developers to quickly adapt to the new requirements and make most decisions on their own to speed up project release.

The work was split into 2-3 week long sprints. Each sprint ended with a demo session, where the team showed the results of their work. This approach allowed the client to see the progress and made adjustments or change requests.

The client wanted to go to market as soon as possible. To speed up the development and decrease costs, the team used React Native development for the mobile apps. This framework allowed using over 80% of the code for both iOS and Android.


The Belitsoft team has created a mobile app and a web app. The iOS and Android apps were a top priority. They featured:

  • Brief lessons in dentistry or law (more courses are being added);
  • Quizzes;
  • Gamification (achievements, progress tracker, motivational reminders);
  • SCORM player so the app could process standardized courses;
  • Offline mode. The app synchronized with the web when the connection was available.
  • Messaging;
  • Push notifications about practicing;

The app was to be used in distracting environments, so the cleanliness of the design was especially important.

The web part was mostly directed towards the instructors. It featured:

  • GDPR-compliant secure backend to store user information;
  • Learning path creation and management;
  • Course management;
  • Assignments and calendar for personalized learning experience;
  • Messaging.


Choosing React Native for the project turned out to be a good decision for the customer. Thanks to over 80% code reuse, they were able to save about $7.450 compared to estimated development costs with platform-specific technologies.

The Belitsoft team is currently busy with adding more features, including authoring tools and a certification system.


Our Clients' Feedback

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