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Belitsoft SaaS Development Company has significant experience in the development of successful custom SaaS applications for different industries. We have helped businesses from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe (both startups and enterprisers) to cut costs by outsourcing development of their SaaS products in Eastern Europe. Check out recent sucessfull SaaS case studies.

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SaaS business model is based on recurring revenue, where the customers pay a monthly fee to use the service. Today, the SaaS market is growing quickly and globally, and this trend seems to be long lasting. According to the IDC 2014-2018 forecast, by 2018, 27.8% of the worldwide enterprise applications market will be SaaS-based, generating $50.8B in revenue up from $22.6B or 16.6% of the market in 2013.


Types of SaaS We Are Ready To Develop

  • SaaS CRM for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large business enterprises
  • Cloud-based ERP software
  • SaaS Ecommerce Platform
  • SaaS Learning Management System
  • Web/Enterprise Content Management SaaS
  • Accounting and Financial SaaS 
  • SaaS Payroll Service
  • Cloud-based SaaS Purchasing Software
  • SaaS-based Expense Management Software
  • Digital Asset Management SaaS
  • Business Intelligence SaaS
  • Business Process Management SaaS
  • Channel Management SaaS
  • SaaS collaboration solutions
  • Risk Management SaaS
  • SaaS-based Document Management Service
  • SaaS Help Desk / Service Desk Solution
  • SaaS HR Software / SaaS Talent Management Software
  • Software as a Service for Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Center SaaS
  • Application Monitoring SaaS Solution
  • Hosted SaaS Knowledge Management Applications
  • Vendor Management SaaS
  • SaaS for Project & Portfolio Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management SaaS
  • Productivity Software as a Service
  • SaaS-based Professional Services Automation Software
  • Online Project Management Software
  • SaaS for Supply Chain Management
  • SaaS Transportation Management System
  • Web Analytics SaaS
  • SaaS Work Order Management Platform
  • SaaS Field Service Software and other types

Cloud and SaaS Consulting Services

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