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SaaS Application Development

Belitsoft SaaS Development Company has significant experience in the development of successful custom SaaS applications for different industries. We have helped businesses from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe (both startups and enterprises) to cut costs by outsourcing development of their SaaS products in Europe. Check out our recent SaaS case studies.


SaaS Development Services we provide

  • Software Team Augmentation for SaaS Product Companies
  • SaaS Product Features Development
  • Migration to SaaS
  • Mobile Development for SaaS Companies
  • SaaS Startup Development
  • SaaS UX design
  • SaaS Form Building
  • SAAS Consulting

Software Team Augmentation for SaaS Product Companies

Our management style is to integrate directly into your team. We listen to you from a business perspective and then write the code to support this specific business case. 

Augment your US-based development team (or other locations) with the outsourced SaaS development firm Belitsoft to operate on a 24-hour basis!

Out-sourced and out-staffed teams

Belitsoft provides UI/UX designers, senior architects, platform front- and backend SaaS application developers, lead engineers, scrum masters, product managers, cloud architects, delivery managers, and project managers.  

With Common or Specific Expertise

Belitsoft SaaS app development company provides developers with:

  • proficiency in the most common cloud platforms;
  • domain expertise in key industries;
  • capability to integrate sophisticated infrastructure.


  • We provide SaaS developers as contracting resources. 
  • Later in the project, the number of team members can be reduced or enlarged to the necessary quantity of teammates to fit your needs. 
  • You can continue working on the source code produced by Belitsoft using your own SaaS platform developers.
  • We’re extremely flexible and allow you to transit from an out-sourced to an out-staffed model.

Synced Mentally With Your Team

  • Fill in the necessary positions from cultural and engineering perspectives, work with persons who understand the US business climate and are easily adaptable to US businesses requirements.
  • Supplement your development staff, support your internal team’s development efforts, and create a hybrid composition with engineers working virtually in tandem, side by side with your existing team members.

Quickly and cost-effectively get key resources, onboard them, and scale your team with highly capable members to meet the emergent market demands.

SaaS Product Features Development

  • If you want to improve some of the features within your SaaS application, our SaaS software developers listen to your specifications and develop an initial frontend view along with backend support.
  • We work diligently to conduct product testing and ensure that each solution we produce is functional.
  • Then, we review it with you. Your team can test it. We get feedback, be it good or bad, and we revise from there.
  • If it meets all the requirements, you push it to your production environment for the end-users to utilize.
  • As a part of our SaaS product development services, over time, we add more and more components and features covering integration, reporting, and other functionalities.

Partner with Belitsoft for ongoing custom SaaS development if you have a very aggressive timeline, and need to maintain and add most requested features from your customers to an existing SaaS platform that you have developed.

Migration to SaaS

If your company primarily did development in-house, and now faces that moving into the cloud space is a bit outside of your realm of expertise, hire Belitsoft SaaS software development services company. 

We help you develop a multi-tenant distributed SaaS application based on your existing on-premises application.  

Get a cloud-based version of your on-premises software packages! Easily grow and integrate with other systems and cloud products.

Meticulous Project Planning and Documentation

Belitsoft takes projects out-of-house, manages the requirements-gathering process, and converts requirements to functional stories that can be interpreted by developers and engineers. 

Our specialists are very thorough in our requirements gathering and documentation, which leads to no stone being left unturned.  

Well-Known Project Management Tools 

We use a suite of tools for project management, including Jira and Confluence. For example, the user stories are entered into Jira, and we manage them from there. We also use code repositories like GitHub and Bitbucket.

No Question Goes Unanswered

We have weekly status meetings. We release bi-weekly sprints and give functionality demonstrations. No question goes unanswered, since our people with expertise in all areas of development are always present.

Mobile Development for SaaS Companies

The mobile version is a very good value proposition from a SaaS business because you could have a larger user base.

Do you want to build a native iOS or Android version of your B2B/B2C SaaS platform? Need a development partner to take on both the design and development parts? 

Hire Belitsoft B2C/B2B SaaS applications development company to create your smoothly working and well-designed mobile app, and put it on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to help you get 5-star reviews and a high adoption rate.

Launch your MVP with our SaaS app development services to get great responses from the users and achieve lots of traction. 

Start by presenting us with your idea. Then, we create a document outlining milestones to make the project happen.

We can use Figma to design the app entirely, including the storyboards and user journeys.

We develop all necessary functionality like splash screens, home screens, search bars, side menus, category list screens, and detail screens, as well as "my favorites" functionality, "notes" functionality”, offline functionality, and user installation process.

We work on the frontend/backend and do all of the mobile technology including developing some custom APIs and integrating multiple other third-party APIs.

Your app will be built using the native script, so it natively renders the appropriate way on either iOS or Android. 

Belitsoft also provides the development of a back-end site where you can easily make changes to the database and monitor all of your app users including adding and removing them, post banners and seeing metrics like how many users are onboarding and interacting with your app.

SaaS Startup Development

SaaS companies we have developed software for - go on and get funding as well as get the highest possible positive feedback from customers and users. 

You are not just another customer to us, we care about your work. 

Do you want to build a solution from scratch, something you have never done before? 

Do you need a programmer who will help you in translating your ideas into tools on a screen? Looking for a development team that could program your idea into a functioning SaaS platform? 

Does the platform have to be designed to be usable by business users, not just technology staff? 

What type of SaaS developers do you want to hire? Ones that just care about signing you up, getting an upfront deposit and doing whatever it is they are assigned to do? Ones that intake an issue ticket and process that feature or bug? 

Or others that take the time to understand your primary product or your customers’ profile and focus to become thought partners in the development? And suggesting better ways to implement the architecture rather than just doing what they're told? 

Hire Belitsoft to handle the full life cycle of development of a SaaS product, starting with wireframes and mock-ups and advancing through the launch. 

We work with startups, so we understand that you have budget constraints. 

We help to design the long-term roadmap for Proof-of-Concept and MVP delivery. 

Already made presales before the software actually launched, and have a massive interest in the market?

We do all kinds of coding work and IT management for you. Whether it’s writing code, working on the backend platform, database management, or server management. We do API work as well.  

Hire a Belitsoft SaaS software developer to make the product come out of its alfa and beta phase into the market!

We take your designs and create the technical capability you want. 

We build an architecture that enables you to scale the business. 

You don’t need to stress about work not being done and have the ability to see eye to eye with developers.

Never have to worry about data integrity and security with us. 

If you build a security solution, everything will be done in-house, and the work won’t be outsourced to unknown third parties.

Give us minimal input, and we take control of the projects and run with it. 

We provide thoughtful estimates for our sprints and then deliver on those expectations.

You know who’s responsible for which decisions. We have productive presentations and demos of what’s been achieved in a sprint. You can see what the tasks are on a page that we share, so it’s easy to register issues and assign them to people in our team.  

If we have questions, we come back to you to get clarification. 

We adjust our timetables to make the schedule work for you.

If something is truly urgent or critical, we know how to prioritize our actions for you. 

We also write the certification, architectural, and security documents around your SaaS software.

SaaS UX design

Having a great user interface is important for the adoption of any software product, and bodes well for the product's future. Users should provide very good feedback on the UI/UX, look and feel, and intuitiveness of SaaS app.

Are you looking for a software partner to support you with some of the design aspects of your SaaS app? Does special care need to be taken when designing because your app’s users aren’t very tech-savvy?  

Hire Belitsoft as a partner with whom you can work as a team and get positive user feedback!  Users will find your platform easy to use and intuitive. 

We implement a bright and energetic design that engages users with your complex SaaS platform. Any improvements your clients give you, Belitsoft executes flawlessly. 

Approach Belitsoft with what you think is important, and then we start to work on designing the solution. 

Our work focuses on the user and great, animated design. We are in charge of the design and user experience parts of the application based on your visual standards. 

Our designers are competent at UX designs and creating graphics on your color schemes, icons, logo, and page layouts. They will be involved in finding out how your app would work for your users and understanding its deeper workings. 

Approach us with some of your mockups, processes, and ideas already formed. 

SaaS Form Building

Does your app have multiple layers of forms, and there is a task to create them or make more user-friendly, especially on a web interface? Some forms in your workflow are still being completed manually, in person, and you want to streamline the process by making them completely electronic?

Belitsoft is experienced in creating custom electronic forms with triggers, including digital feedback assessment forms. 

We create forms that can be triggered and processed based on complex matrices. For example, sending internal and external email communications and recording messages on your platform. 

We also create an administrator portal to manage forms, communications, and other properties. 

All backend work will be done: field logic, field validation, data mapping within the forms, and forms within forms. 

SAAS Consulting

Do you have a very nebulous idea of your SaaS app? Don’t know what you want or what it would look like?  Expect developers to come to you with solutions, not questions about where you want things? Don’t want to answer where you should put the site's components, like the login button and other things?

We are available to answer all of your questions, in-depth, from scripting on the UI to design to database technologies.

Hire us as consultants to tell you how to do things better and receive consulting or advisory from our side, including advisory prototyping.  

We come up with examples, suggestions, and recommendations. 

We also can make a code review prior to bidding on the project to weed out inquiries that are not serious (and avoid wasting time) and better understand the work to be done instead of under- or over-bidding due to unknowns.

The way we build SaaS applications

  • Statement of Work (SOW). Before the development process, we sign a SOW that defines in details how we will develop your project, shows you budget, duration, Scope and Warranty Periods and much more.
  • Software Requirements Specification. We will gather requirements and create a project's specification if it is needed.
  • Architecture designing. Creation of core SaaS solution multitenant modular architecture (Application Layer, Database Layer, and Infrastructure Layer), design specifications, and content based on the requirements and your business goals.
  • SaaS Application Programming. We pursue Agile-based development that makes our development process more flexible.
  • SaaS Testing. Operational, continuous, unit, load, and regression testing approaches, which cover SaaS security, performance, and scalability.
  • SaaS API Integration. Third-party API Integration (with legacy systems) and easy-to-deploy Data Integration (with on-premises back-end systems and databases).
  • Deployment and Training. We help you navigate through SaaS application adoption to minimize total cost of SaaS product ownership. We also strive to automate a SaaS application as much as possible to minimize the time spent on service assistance.
  • SaaS Maintenance and Support. We provide you with 6-month warranty with SLA (Service Level Agreement) on the developed Saas solutions.
  • Enhancement. Business environment and requirements are constantly changing. New functionality can be easily added to SaaS applications anytime it is needed and without delay.
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