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Belitsoft SaaS Development Company has significant experience in the development of successful custom SaaS applications for different industries. We have helped businesses from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe (both startups and enterprisers) to cut costs by outsourcing development of their SaaS products in Eastern Europe. Check out recent sucessfull SaaS case studies.

SaaS Development Services we provide:

  • SaaS Product Development;
  • Software Reengineering for SaaS (multitenant re-architecture);
  • Tenant Management (resources usage, payment processing);
  • Subscription Management (license usage,
    subscription sign up);
  • User Experience (user-friendly and responsive design, extensive mobile experience);
  • API Integrations (SaaS application integration with other software);
  • Operations Management (continuous integration, operational testing and monitoring);
  • SaaS Product Architecture Consulting.

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SaaS Application Development Services

Belitsoft offers SaaS services of high quality providing you with flexible, scalable, and rich in functions SaaS solutions, which accelerate your business processes and help you reach better ROI. We are ready to understand your business goals, analyze your specific requirements, and create a unique SaaS solution right for your needs.

Belitsoft creates custom SaaS applications for Education, Finance, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Logistics, Tourism, Social Media and much more. We use Windows Azure, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS,, OpenStack, Java, PHP, C#, .NET, and other platforms / languages. 


    With 12 years of experience in SaaS development, our dedicated SAAS developers have deep expertise in designing innovative SaaS solutions exactly for the needs of our Clients. Using different SaaS development accelerators and reusable frameworks, we provide you with market-driven and high-performance SaaS solutions. Hire our team of professional SaaS developers (PHP, Magento, Angular JS, jQuery, Sencha) to make your business grow.


    Choose Belitsoft SaaS application development company to get software of high availability, accessibility, and performance. Our company has been specializing in either re-architecting existing software or developing new applications since 2004. We understand your business goals and know how SaaS solutions can help you to achieve them.


    Talented team (170+ IT professionals) that focus on your business needs and goals. Full responsibility for the whole process of your software product development.


    12+ years on the market. We create rich in functions and scalable SaaS applications of high quality that drive ROI. We have a portfolio of user-friendly and easy to use SaaS applications that meet your customers’ needs and requirements.


    Focus on budget and Quality Assurance to deliver high performance SaaS applications.


    SaaS products support and enhancement.

    What is a SaaS?

    SaaS business model is based on recurring revenue, where the customers pay a monthly fee to use the service. Today, the SaaS market is growing quickly and globally, and this trend seems to be long lasting. According to the IDC 2014-2018 forecast, by 2018, 27.8% of the worldwide enterprise applications market will be SaaS-based, generating $50.8B in revenue up from $22.6B or 16.6% of the market in 2013.

    Software as a service (on-demand software, software plus service) is a software distribution model, which delivers applications as a service and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS is a term related to cloud computing, alongside with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), desktop as a service (DaaS), managed software as a service (MSaaS), mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), and information technology management as a service (ITMaaS). In this delivery model, software is licensed on a subscription basis (a monthly or annual subscription fee) and is centrally hosted. Such cloud-based model does not require physical distribution and is instantly deployed.

    Today, SaaS is widely used and has become a well-established software delivery model for various business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management, payroll service software, human resource management software (HRM), content management software (CMS), service desk or help desk software etc.

    Advantages of SaaS:

    • High scalability due to multitenant architecture (access to more or fewer services on-demand);
    • Flexibility (SaaS applications can be customized to that degree they were designed for);
    • Frequent updates (on a weekly or monthly basis);
    • Effective administration, high accessibility from any Internet-enabled device and location;
    • Fast time-to-market.

    More and more businesses are striving to use scalable and secure cloud-based software to implement core business functions effectively. To reach the maximum value of SaaS delivery model, close collaboration of IT and business is required. Belitsoft is here to start SaaS application development and create a custom application right to your specific needs and requirements.

    SaaS Application Development Process

    Nowadays SaaS is one of the most appropriate models supporting business operations and functions.

    Here is the way we build SaaS applications:

    • Design. Creation of core SaaS solution multitenant architecture and design specifications based on the requirements and business goals of our Client.
    • SaaS Development.
    • Testing. Operational, continuous, unit, load, and regression testing approaches, which cover SaaS security, performance, and scalability.
    • Debugging.
    • Integration. Third-party API Integration (with legacy systems), easy-to-deploy Data Integration (with on-premises back-end systems and databases).
    • Maintenance. SaaS is the best solution if you do not want to burden yourself with additional software maintenance. Try our SaaS development services to get a highly flexible and scalable solution.

    Our SaaS Solutions

    Belitsoft creates powerful SaaS-based applications for your business requirements. SaaS applications have a wide use among such spheres as communications (blogs, online platforms), customer relationship management, human resources management, financial management, performance management, administration, sales, procurement, order management, transport management etc. For 12 years, Belitsoft has been delivering professional SaaS applications right to evolving business needs and industry trends and for businesses of any size. Developing SaaS applications, we use only modern programming languages, a document-oriented database, a message queuing system to provide effective communication with third party integrations, APIs, etc., and a content delivery network to serve content with high performance. We provide you with profitable customized solutions to increase the efficiency of your business.

    We develop a wide range of SaaS applications, from complex enterprise systems to separate functional modules:

    • SaaS CRM for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large business enterprises;
    • SaaS-based Professional Services Automation Software;
    • SaaS Ecommerce Platform;
    • SaaS Learning Management System;
    • Web/Enterprise Content Management SaaS;
    • Accounting and Financial SaaS;
    • SaaS Payroll Service;
    • Cloud-based SaaS Purchasing Software;
    • SaaS-based Expense Management Software;
    • Digital Asset Management SaaS;
    • Business Intelligence SaaS;
    • Business Process Management SaaS;
    • Channel Management SaaS;
    • SaaS collaboration solutions;
    • Risk Management SaaS;
    • SaaS-based Document Management Service;
    • Software as a Service for Interactive Voice Response;
    • SaaS HR Software / SaaS Talent Management Software;
    • SaaS Help Desk / Service Desk Solution;
    • Call Center SaaS;
    • Application Monitoring SaaS Solution;
    • Hosted SaaS Knowledge Management Applications;
    • Vendor Management SaaS;
    • SaaS for Project & Portfolio Management;
    • Product Lifecycle Management SaaS;
    • Productivity Software as a Service;
    • Cloud-based ERP software;
    • Online Project Management Software;
    • SaaS for Supply Chain Management;
    • Web Analytics SaaS;
    • SaaS Work Order Management Platform;
    • SaaS Field Service Software and other types.

    Case Study: Custom SAAS ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service Stations

    A Canadian enterprise firm that provides software solutions for car service stations came to Belitsoft PHP Development Company with the idea of a brand-new ERP/CRM for its clients, which should work as a SAAS platform. We successfully developed this cloud-based web application – now it is widely used by customers of our client in Canada and has English, French, and Spanish language versions. This SAAS platform is scalable and flexible enough to be helpful and cost-effective both for large car service centers with subdivisions in different locations and small local auto body repair shops.

    SAAS PHP-based ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service StationsSAAS PHP-based ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service StationsSAAS PHP-based ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service Stations
    • Technologies and platforms: Server side: AMP, Yii2; Client side: Bootstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI; DBPlatform: MySQL 5.6 Tests: Codeception (Acceptance tests).
    • Effort: 16 man-months

    Functions of the ERP/CRM SAAS platform

    ERP-system is a software for the management of a company’s workforce and financial resources with the aim of reducing costs. CRM-system is a software for the management of a company’s clients with the aim of maximizing profits.

    The platform that was developed by Belitsoft engineers has functions of both the ERP and CRM systems for car service stations:

    • The wide range of reports, including reports for the car service station’s top-managers: financial reports (how much the company has earned from each order), reports about cost-effectiveness of employees and services, business reports about dealing with 3rd party suppliers and so on;
    • Customers and orders management tools. Car service station’s managers can add information about their customers and orders (including the list of current vehicle’s problems), order’s tasks, order's cost, schedule lead-time and etc.
    • Workload Management tools. The system defines automatically, which car service station’s employee (mechanics) is busy at the current time with what task and who is available for new tasks from the order;
    • Time tracking system. Mechanics can fill in information about tasks they are currently working on, enter spent hours, costs etc.
    • Automatic notification system notifies customers (including SMS-notification) about their orders’ statuses (was resolved or was postponed because repair parts are required) etc.;
    • Procurement management tools helps in managing repair parts suppliers: for example, managers can mark “bad” suppliers;

    The platform was developed as SAAS (service as a software); it means that the platform’s clients (car service stations) pay a fixed amount for using the platform without installing any additional software. The owner of the platform (our client) is searching for new clients for his platform, registers them on it, trains them to work with the platform and guarantees security of data stored in the cloud. All rights of the platform belong to the owner of the platform and the appropriate data inside of the platform – to his clients. We signed a NDA, hence cannot distribute more details on how this complex platform works.

    Belitsoft is continuing to perform maintenance and improvements of this platform.

    Agile methodology to create complex system in simple steps

    We have 1-week sprints and our client was in touch with us during 3 working overlapping hours in Canada and Belarus (to achieve this Belitsoft developers leave office 8 PM Belarus time and client comes to work 9 AM Canada time). This really helped us to be flexible and to make requested changes on very short notices.

    The client used Jira tasks for the management of our work. Over a period of one year of complex developing process, we delivered the 1.0 stable version.

    QA testing

    To increase stability and quality of the system, we started QA Automation and manual QA activities. This provided our client with a lot of feedback about the system components and helped identify disputable moments and weak spots. After the testing was done, the quality and stability of the system had increased.

    Case Study: Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation

    We successfully developed chat-bot to convert website visitors to leads and web application to store them.

    Intelligent  Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform Intelligent  Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform Intelligent Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform Intelligent  Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform
    • Technologies and platforms: Node.js, Meteor, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB, Angular JS, Bootstrap, MySQL
    • Effort: 20 man-months

    One of the major problems almost every business has is getting quality leads from it’s website in a cost-effective way. A “lead” is a marketing term that refers to a potential customer who has expressed an initial interest in a business' products or services and has left his/her contact information. However, there are not so many effective lead gathering web tools to solve this problem. Additionally, more and more website visitors have become indifferent towards classic lead gathering tools such as standard pop-up chats and contact forms.

    In order to effectively solve this challenge, our client (the founder and CEO of the startup from Berlin) had to come up with a new approach in this business and patent several ideas. Intelligent chat-bot became a crucial part of his ideas, as it would imitate very naturally the human consultant interested in helping website visitors.

    Once the preparation stage was completed, our client started to look for engineering resources to help him. He found Belitsoft via Google and chose us out of several nearshore and local companies.

    We successfully developed chat-bot to convert website visitors to leads and web application to store them. Over a period of one year, Belitsoft’s cooperation with the client has grown into a strategic and friendly relationship, where the client started to recommend us to his partners/friends and left a positive review of his experience working with us.

    How does the SAAS Web Platform work for website owners?

    "Simplicity of usage" and "high efficiency" of the platform are the main keywords to define its capabilities.

    • After creation of a personal account inside the SAAS Web Platform a website owner gets a piece of code (like the Google Analytics Counter’s code), which he has to paste once into his website;
    • Soon after that Chat-bot starts to convert the website visitors to leads in 24/7 intervals;
    • Gathered leads are privately stored inside the personal account of the website owner within the SAAS Web Platform;
    • To use the capabilities of the platform, the website owner has to pay a monthly fee.

    How does the Chat-Bot work for lead generation?

    • The chat-bot imitates trained human consultant specialist who provides a dedicated attention to every website visitor;
    • The chat-bot adapts automatically its design and “call to action” phrases (aimed at encouraging the dialog) to the current webpage’s design and content;
    • The chat-bot understands the context of the conversation to be able to answer not just the lengthy questions, but also the short ones;
    • The chat-bot can follow the topic of conversation and change it depending on the situation;
    • The chat-bot can gather contact details of the user in a very natural manner during the conversation rather than at the beginning;
    • Machine-learning is another interesting feature of the chat-bot, which allows it to test and apply the most effective lead-generation strategies for different groups of users (boring A/B testing is off).

    Approach to the Development

    After signing an NDA, our project manager/business analyst and lead developer went on a business trip to the client’s office in Berlin. The goal was to gather the software requirements. Soon after that, a software requirements specification was prepared and the contract was signed. We successfully started software implementation process in September 2015. The client monitored our work remotely (via Jira and Skype), and visited our office in Minsk several times.

    We used Agile methodology to meet deadlines; development was divided into sprints of 1-2 weeks each. Functional and regressive testing has been performed each time before delivery.

    Used Technologies

    The following technologies and platforms are used for this project: Angularjs, Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL. These modern instruments allow getting and transferring data in real-time and can handle multiple requests simultaneously.

    Case Study: Custom SAAS Web Application for the International Calling Company

    One of our strategic client and partner (a large telecommunication company) provides a prepaid calling service that allows the making of cheap calls inside and outside the USA via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).

    SAAS Web Application for the International Calling CompanySAAS Web Application for the International Calling CompanySAAS Web Application for the International Calling Company
    • Technologies and platforms: ASP.NET MVC 5, Razor; Entity Framework 4.5; T4MVC; NLog; FluentValidation; SimpleInjector; ValueInjecter; NPoco; StyleCop; Unobtrusive ajax; Knockout; jqGrid, datatabeles.js; Oracle 11g; Redis 2.8.x; Tests: NUnit
    • Effort: 20 man-months

    One of our strategic client and partner (a large telecommunication company) provides a prepaid calling service that allows the making of cheap calls inside and outside the USA via Internet (PIN-less VoIP).

    This is a very popular service. At the start of 2015, it had over 3 million active users. However, the technical platform behind the service that was used for the business process management had faced performance issues up to that time. Additionally, the scalability limitation of the legacy platform prevented any significant business growth from taking place. The client requested our help.

    In 2016, we have created a scalable, well-designed SaaS web application from scratch for our client. The new system has 11 separate versions with multiple languages and different functionality (depends on the legislation of each country).

    At the beginning of 2017, the web application was being used by 7 million (!) users without any performance issues.

    The Features of the SAAS Web application

    • Administration panel;
    • Management of statistics regarding incoming/outgoing calls for each user;
    • Customer billing system;
    • Tariff plan management;
    • Money transfer without bank account;
    • Some marketing tools such as landing page builder etc.

    The Web Application has three basic levels of access: for personal users, corporate accounts and the functionality for retailers.

    Agile Methodology to Meet Deadlines

    To meet project’s deadlines we used Agile methodology. For example, we created very detailed documentation just for the next one sprint (each sprint = 2 weeks). This really helped us to be flexible and make requested modifications from the client in very short time.

    QA Automation to save about 30% of testing budget

    Another great point that provided success on this project was using QA Automation together with QA manual activity. Our QA team started to use QA automation from the very beginning till the final release. This helped the client to save about 30% of the budget for testing processes and provided excellent result in the quality of the developed software.

    Case Study: Custom Agritech SaaS for Farmers

    One of our customers from Israel asked us to help him with the development of special informational/expert system for agriculture. Main goal of this system is providing detailed information about servicing exact dozes of fertilizers for exact kind of plant and quantity.

    Fertilizer Expert System Developed by Belitsoft
    • Technologies and platforms: .Net, Asp.Net, MSSQL Server, HTML, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt
    • Effort: 3 man-months


    The system has huge databases of hundreds of items of vegetables and plants connected with some special conditions for growing. The system can create special programs for growing each item using inserted data based on selected crops, type of soil, type of tissue, water analysis, temperature, types of fertilizers, and etc.

    The system was planned as a SaaS platform for thousands of users. Potential users of this system are farmers who specialize in growing vegetables and plants in greenhouses with installed and complicated systems of watering and fertilization. This fact together with requirements of providing ability to show a lot of statistic data (using special graphics, dashboards, etc.) required special approach on creating system architecture and using special frameworks to show tens of statistics dashboards.


    Our main part of development was Front-End (mostly dashboards with showing statistic data) and we made special investigation for choosing proper framework for that. As a result, we’ve made decision to use Angular JS for all dynamic views in this system. We decided to use Angular JS also because it provides possibility to make statistic dashboards in a very fast way. Short terms of implementation were very important because it correlates with the final budget.

    As a result, our customer got fully functional software with perfect views of statistic data developed in very short terms and within quite a small budget.


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