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Full Guide on How to Hire a SaaS Developer

This article aims to provide insights into SaaS application development and outsourcing, helping you turn the technical advantages of SaaS into opportunities for business growth. Whether you're creating a SaaS app from scratch or transforming your existing solution into SaaS, you need skilled SaaS app developers for hire. Partnering with a proficient SaaS development company is essential, as projects of this nature can easily fall apart if handled by inexperienced individuals. This article aims to provide insights into SaaS application development and outsourcing, helping you turn the technical advantages of SaaS into opportunities for business growth.


What is SaaS?

SaaS application development involves creating modern applications that are hosted on the cloud and accessed over the internet through a subscription-based model.

Organizations engage SaaS developers to forge innovative solutions aimed at enhancing user satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall customer experience. These developers adopt a product development approach that is user-centric and prioritizes swift market delivery. This strategy also strengthens aspects such as software security, availability, and scalability.

The market for SaaS is exploding, and it is projected to reach $10 trillion by the year 2030. The average revenue per customer using SaaS was $52K, and the top-performing SaaS IPOs in 2021 had an average net revenue retention rate of 119%. Furthermore, in 2021, on average, organizations utilized 110 SaaS applications.

The SaaS industry offers tremendous opportunities both for startups and large enterprises. Are you considering building the next Slack, Bitrix24, or Shopify? We’ll find the right talent for you.

What is a SaaS developer?

A SaaS developer, whether an individual or a company, specializes in designing and maintaining SaaS applications. Using web-based technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby, they employ relevant SaaS development frameworks, manage database development and apply software design patterns like MVC.

Required Skills for a SaaS Developer

  1. Expertise in Javascript frameworks. In today's front-end web development, JavaScript plays a pivotal role, enabling the construction of dynamic, scalable web applications. Many companies incorporate such technologies as a core component of their tooling, making proficiency in JavaScript a must for almost every SaaS development job. This includes a strong understanding of popular libraries and frameworks like jQuery, React, D3.js, Underscore, Lodash, Algolia Places, Anime.js, and Animate On Scroll.
  2. Proficiency in software programming. While academic qualifications are valuable in SaaS development, real-world experience carries equal weight. As you hire dedicated SaaS developers, find those skilled in the entire stack—from front end to back end, network, and database. A senior SaaS programmer should excel at all stages of software product development and solve problems at any phase. Key technical skills for a SaaS programmer include C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Ruby.
  3. Knowledge of development platforms. Your prospective SaaS software developers should have a firm grasp of the Microsoft Web technology stack, including website creation, SQL Server instances, and working with Azure resources. Having a deep understanding of Windows command line and PowerShell is a must for forming secure connections through SSH and SSL. Prior experience managing and maintaining SaaS applications, particularly on Azure or AWS, is highly beneficial. Additionally, familiarity with Office 365 and/or Office or SharePoint JavaScript APIs can offer an edge.
  4. Ability to work independently within a team. SaaS development is a complex, ongoing process that often requires teamwork. Look for individuals who can balance collaboration and autonomous work, whether on-site or remotely. This approach promotes a cohesive and effective team committed to creating a robust codebase.
  5. Proficiency in software testing, debugging, and problem solving. Success as a SaaS developer extends beyond coding; it demands a commitment to thorough software testing, robust debugging, and efficient problem-solving. Our developers ensure top-notch software functionality by performing systematic testing at each stage:
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Infrastructure and security testing
  • API integration and testing
  • Maintenance testing

    Further, given that challenges can arise not just during development, but also throughout maintenance and updates, it's crucial for your SaaS developer to have excellent problem-solving skills. To effectively assess this ability, consider integrating case studies into your screening process. This approach will reveal the developer's capacity to tackle challenges head-on and deliver practical solutions.

Where to Hire SaaS Developers: 4 Models

For startups, selecting the best engagement model for your SaaS platform can be a challenge. Here's a helpful guide.

Type 1. In-house development team

Hiring remote SaaS developers involves posting a job and screening candidates for your SaaS project. This approach gives full control over the development process and eases team communication. Additionally, the team can quickly address any urgent issues.


  • In-house developers working in your office environment typically understand your project better.
  • They uphold strict security protocols, reducing influence from third-party developers.
  • You maintain full control over the source code for complete project ownership.


  • Building an in-house team can be costly and challenging. You're responsible for taxes, salaries, medical expenses, and workspace overhead.
  • The recruitment process is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Even with sufficient funds, assembling a reputable team isn't guaranteed.
  • Hidden costs in the hiring process can quickly accumulate.

Type 2. Local development agency

A local development agency consists of a SaaS development team operating within high-income countries, such as the UK and the US.


  • Enhanced communication due to alignment in time zone and cultural context, fostering smoother exchange of ideas.
  • Easier legal proceedings in case of contractual disputes, thanks to coinciding legal jurisdictions.


  • Building a minimum viable product (MVP) for a basic SaaS platform could be extremely costly, possibly demanding a substantial budget.

Type 3. Freelance developers

Freelance full-stack developers often bring a wealth of experience in crafting Software-as-a-Service websites across various technology stacks. You can find these independent professionals on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, as well as on social media sites.


  • A freelancer with substantial SaaS experience can provide an insightful understanding of system intricacies.


  • Freelancers may leave your project midway if they receive a more appealing offer, leaving you in a lurch.
  • You have limited control over both the development process and the freelancer's work schedule.
  • Before making any payment, ensure you have legal safeguards in place, like a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), to legally bind the freelancer to your project and protect confidential information.

Type 4. Outsourced development agency

Outsourcing to a software agency offers the combined benefits of different hiring models with minimized risk. These agencies provide dedicated development teams to businesses worldwide, making it possible to bring any tech idea to life, regardless of technical complexity or project size.

Outsourcing SaaS development is a go-to option for solutions requiring advanced features like machine learning or blockchain technology. It's deemed the most efficient of the four discussed models, and is popular with SaaS startups in high-income countries like the UK, Germany, the US, and Canada.


  • Offers the best cost-value ratio, reducing recruitment, infrastructure, salary, and other expenses.
  • Provides access to a professional development team, including business analysts and project managers, all adhering to agile methodologies.


  • Requires regular monitoring of the team's activities to ensure alignment with the founder's vision. This hands-on involvement, though, can also foster stronger collaboration between the team and the founder.

Contact Belitsoft´s expert in building dedicated teams for SaaS development projects to discover more details.

How to Hire a SaaS Developer

Tips to Consider Before You Hire a Dedicated SaaS Developer

After identifying a potential SaaS programmer, consider the following guidelines to streamline your hiring process:

  1. Determine the budget. Understanding the project scope and the work required can help you estimate the number of hours needed for completion, which will help you set an appropriate budget.
  2. Check references. At this step, focus on how effective project management, workflows, and communication was with previous clients to get an insight into their past work and level of expertise.
  3. Set a short deadline. Implementing a timely turnaround for interviewing will provide an efficient way to control the process and get results quickly.

3 Steps of the Hiring Process

  1. Connect with one of SaaS development experts to discuss your requirements. This specialist will help identify your goals, technical requirements, and team dynamics. Don't worry if you don't have everything perfectly outlined—just share as many details as you can about your project.
  2. Gain access to a carefully curated selection of candidates perfectly tailored to your distinct engineering needs. Each candidate has undergone rigorous screening to ensure their expertise aligns with your requirements. Explore their comprehensive profiles to identify the most suitable talents for further interviews.
  3. Kickstart your project promptly with seamless communication. With transparent project management and regular touchpoints via chat, video calls, and file sharing, you're always in the loop. Stay informed with real-time project progress tracking and watch as your vision comes to life.

How to Screen the Vetted SaaS Developers for Hire

Belitsoft, among other software development companies, acknowledges the crucial need to hire SaaS developers who can fulfill their business requirements. Therefore, we're implementing a thorough interview process that includes multiple rounds of evaluations to ensure satisfaction.

  • Candidate screening. We're rigorously evaluating potential candidates, assessing their technical and soft skills, logical thinking abilities, and cultural fit through interviews.
  • Test task. We're conducting comprehensive testing as part of our evaluation process for SaaS developers to gauge their SaaS skills and level of interest.
  • Technical test. We're assessing developers' SaaS development knowledge and problem-solving abilities by posing open-ended questions and challenging problems. Our aim is to evaluate their technical skills and understand their thought processes. Additionally, we're conducting a background check to ensure a good fit.
  • Feedback Provision. After evaluating the expertise of potential SaaS app developers for hire, we're providing them with clear feedback on both the test task and the technical test.

What to Do After Hiring

Once you've hired a SaaS developer it's vital to ensure the project progresses in line with the agreed scope and budget. Here are a few tips for successful project management and collaboration:

  1. Monitor progress. Regularly tracking the project's progress is crucial. Establish a project management board and maintain consistent communication with your developer.
  2. Ensure Clear Communication. Clearly communicating your expectations and requirements to your SaaS software developers is essential. Foster a two-way communication channel to ensure mutual understanding of expectations.

Why Businesses Outsource SaaS Development

Case 1: The Demand for Proficiency.

Finding skilled IT talent for SaaS application development can pose a significant challenge for many companies. At Belitsoft, we can help ease this issue. Our team, with its extensive experience, adeptly handles the latest technologies and a wide range of tasks, including automation, security, and data management.

Case 2: Overburdened Internal Teams.

Sometimes, if a company's internal team is fully occupied, they may opt to hire remote SaaS developers. This could be due to handling multiple projects simultaneously or focusing on specific areas of a single project. By partnering with us, businesses can maintain peak efficiency without compromising work quality.

Case 3: The Need for Speed.

Outsourcing allows companies to quickly scale their development teams according to project needs, saving time and resources that would be spent on recruiting and training in-house developers. Additionally, outsourcing provides access to a diverse range of tools and technologies, facilitating faster development and more efficient project completion.

Elevate your business by running it smarter, growing it faster, and scaling it easier with our expert Software-as-a-Service solutions. Our team will collaborate with you to create custom applications that meet your specific needs and elevate your customers' experience.

Choosing a Reliable SaaS Development Partner

Turning your innovative idea into a successful SaaS solution relies heavily on your choice of development team. Regardless of the brilliance of your concept, without the right expertise behind it, success can be elusive. Therefore, selecting a reliable SaaS development partner becomes a decision of paramount importance. Here are key considerations to guide you in choosing a trustworthy partner for your SaaS Project:

Tip 1. Expertise

Evaluate your potential team's experience in SaaS development and their understanding of its intricacies. Successful SaaS development requires more than software engineering skills; it necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the market and your business model.

Tip 2. Project Portfolio

Reviewing a team's previous projects can offer insights into their capabilities, particularly in SaaS development. Focus on their past cloud computing projects to confirm their relevant experience.

Tip 3. Successful SaaS Projects

Don't just review their portfolio, consider the success of their previous SaaS projects. If they have had failures, understand why and at which stage they occurred, and assess if these issues could impact your project. This will provide you with a clearer picture of the team's ability to build effective SaaS solutions.

Why Choose Belitsoft as Your SaaS Development Partner

Experienced SaaS software developers for hire

Our team of seasoned SaaS app developers for hire offer part-time, full-time, and hourly services, crafting top-quality SaaS solutions tailored to your budget and timeline. They are committed to delivering exceptional results that best serve your business needs.

Modern tech stacks

Our experts utilize a wide range of advanced web technologies to build robust applications that adhere to the highest technology standards. The tech stack and tools are selected specifically for your project to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up delivery while ensuring quality.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize robust protective measures, implementing practices such as SSL and TLS encryption, risk management techniques, and rigorous testing to protect your application from threats. We also incorporate necessary compliance protocols specific to your industry, like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI.

In-depth SaaS expertise

With extensive experience in top domains including eLearning, Healthcare, FinTech, Logistics and Transportation, we swiftly translate your unique SaaS ideas into reality, creating products that stand out in your niche and satisfy your users.


Our approach is budget-friendly. We assemble a dedicated team of SaaS developers to work on your project, carefully planning the development process to avoid superfluous features and overhead costs.

Quick time to market

Regardless of the project's technical complexity, we align the development process with your timeline. Leveraging our vast experience and proven techniques, we expedite product releases without compromising quality. Our Agile methodologies and DevOps practices allow for new versions every 2-3 weeks.

Ready to turn your SaaS idea into a competitive solution with a strong brand identity? Our business analysts and SaaS developers are here to help! Contact us now to get started.

How much will my SaaS app cost to make?

The cost of building a SaaS application is determined by various factors unique to each project and business:

  • Required features: The specific functions your app needs to perform.
  • Project's scope: Whether you need a simple tool for one department or a company-wide platform.
  • Complexity: Advanced features or external integrations can boost the time and cost.
  • Type of developer: Freelancers might charge less but could risk quality. Agencies offer end-to-end services like discovery, design, QA, maintenance, and support.

For instance, an average U.S. SaaS developer may charge around $60/hr. So, if your project takes four months, that's roughly 600 hours or an approximate total of $36k.

Remember, these costs can vary greatly based on the factors above. So it's essential to balance cost, quality, and expertise to find the right solution for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure you choose the right vendor for your SaaS application development, it's important to consider their experience and track record. Take a look at their portfolio and case studies to see if their work aligns with your project requirements. Additionally, you can check out client testimonials and reviews on websites like Clutch and Goodfirms to get an idea of their past performance and how they work with clients.
Multi-tenant app architecture, in both of its forms, offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, and better management for adding new tenants compared to single-tenant architecture. It enables you to start with a smaller setup and grow as your business expands while providing your clients with an excellent software experience.
The timeline for launching a product from planning to launch can vary widely, typically ranging from 2 to 10 months. However, the exact time frame depends on several factors such as the complexity and scale of the application, the chosen tech stack, and the size of the development team.
The cost of developing a SaaS application depends on the location of your team. For instance, if you choose to hire a team from the US, the cost could go up to $120,000 per app. On the other hand, if you opt for a team from Eastern Europe, the costs could be as low as $50,000.
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