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Logistics and Transportation Software Development

Digitize and Transform Business Workflows for Logistics & Transportation Industry with Custom Software Solutions

Get a scalable, fully-featured custom Logistics & Transport Management System to deliver freight quicker than ever before and mitigate the risk of human errors due to automation of the key business processes in the company. Use it as a single entrance point with all the necessary data for analyzing and optimizing business performance and profitability.

Custom Integrations with Carrier Marketplaces and Portals

Relieve freight brokers from posting requests for a new load in 3rd-party marketplaces and portals manually. Your custom logistics & transportation management system will be integrated with such services as Trucker Tools, DAT, TruckStop, and others. It will allow posting new requests on their load boards automatically to find a suitable and trusted carrier quickly.

Custom Integrations with Carrier Onboarding Services

Safeguard business against carrier identity fraud and save brokers’ time by digitizing the entire process of carrier setup. Your custom software will get an API integration with such services as MyCarrierPackets or others by your choice to automatically create carrier profiles and monitor their compliance.

Custom Integrations with Accounting Software

Mitigate the risk of accounting errors by automating the transfer of payment data and documents between a logistics & transportation software and an accounting systems, such as QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

Custom Integrations with Document Management Platforms

Refocus brokers' time on working with customers instead of dealing with repetitive back-office tasks. The integration of your logistics and transportation software with Hubtran or other document management platforms automates the uploading and resending of the documentation for a delivered load to a customer and accountants.

Custom-built Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions about business optimization based on historical data. The custom logistics & transportation management system will gather and calculate the profitability of working with every customer and carrier, the performance of every freight broker, and other KPIs by your request.

Custom Integrations with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Improve the service quality level by notifying customers about every load status and location change in real-time. Thanks to the integration of your logistics & transportation management software with such services as Trucker Tools or others, both brokers and clients get full load visibility in one click instead of manually searching, mailing, or calling for every update.

Custom Integrations with EFS Money Transfer System

Let freight brokers manage and monitor drivers' on-the-road expenses directly through your custom logistics & transportation software. The integration with the EFS money transfer system enables brokers to issue EFS checks in one click and have the data visible and accessible for accountants.

Logistics Marketplace Development

Marketplaces in logistics serve as an intermediary between suppliers and end-customers interested in a delivery.

Mobile-first Marketplaces with Industry-Specific Integrations

Create an intuitive custom marketplace that allows drivers to instantly receive new delivery requests and manage orders, while enabling customers to monitor the drivers’ status and locations on a map in real-time.

Support of real-time data updates to keep customers informed about a current delivery status. It can be implemented thanks to integration with libraries, such as SignalR and others upon request.

Prevention of data loss in case of internet connection failures. Performed due to the integration with special databases, such as Realm, SQLite, or others, for storing and managing data locally, on the users’ mobile phones.

Providing analytics and reporting with the help of the integration with Firebase, etc.

Monitoring the current courier location by integrating Google Maps.

Supporting the ability of scanning codes on parcels upon pickup using the integration with code processing libraries like ZXing.

Portfolio for Logistics & Transportation Industry

API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
Our Client, a US-based freight management company, needed a custom core business app to optimize their workflows.
Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Our client, a European medium-sized logistics provider, came to Belitsoft with a long-term strategy for entering the same-day delivery market with the help of a mobile app.
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Our client is a software development and product company from the USA. This company came to us with an idea of a truck load tracking web application (a custom trucking tracking). The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device.

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