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Create your own unique software for fitness and sports industry with dedicated developers from Belitsoft

Belitsoft plays on a wide field of product delivery doing mobile, web and desktop sports application development. Whether you want a sports software from scratch or an enhancement of the existing one - we’ll deliver a cutting-edge solution!

Years of experience
in the sports domain
Our sports software solutions

Management software for sport clubs and organizations

We develop platforms that help to monitor registrations, players’ home and international transfers and include such features as games calendar, schedules, automated notifications, match reports and more.

Real-time score tracking & Scoreboard app

We develop real-time sport applications that provide a profound user experience. Also, our apps can be fitted with leaderboards with the latest results constantly updated, event management panel, and data input tool.

Personal training mobile apps

Our personal sports training applications may be created with features such as training modules, premade workouts on the interactive videos, progress stats, in-app challenges, voice control, automatic reports, etc. and may be integrated with social media.

Fitness tracker mobile software

Wellness applications closely follow the development of a user’s activity by GPS tracking system, HealthKit and Google Fit integration and other. We offer fitness tracker sports apps developed with iOS and Android compatibility.

Betting applications

Betting software we create may be fitted with analytical systems, tables with the latest statistics which update automatically, browser extensions and more.

Web platforms

Belitsoft will help you to create Sport Club Management Systems with modules like Training Optimization, Training Management, live chats and others.

Fantasy Sports Applications

A $10 billion-worth industry gathers audience from all over the world. Join the fantasy sports market with Belitsoft!

Fantasy Sports App development

Belitsoft creates fantasy sports applications for iOS and Android, both native and cross-platform. We make the apps for the fans of football, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, auto racing etc.

Fantasy Sport software design

We primp our sports applications with the cutting-edge UX/UI to look beautiful on any device, be it a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

League Software solutions

Our teams build league software solutions, i.e. Head2Head, total points, all play, salary cap, auction, dynasty, two quarterback, SuperFlex, IDP, pirate league, etc.

Custom Fantasy Scoring System

We offer custom development of scoring systems for H2H, salary cap, league style, predictor and others.

Fantasy analytics software services

For the finest in-app analytics we build custom statistical software. It would provide the accurate historic data gathering and real-time tracking for players.

Augmented Reality Solutions

To create deep experience for players our developers create fantasy sports AR and VR games. They have proven effective at motivating users to start and join communities in hosts websites.

Raise your user engagement by multiplied enthusiasm on fantasy stadiums!

Tools and Technologies

Belitsoft has over 10 years of experience in custom sports app development.

Our teams use the latest and most reliable technologies to create cutting-edge software:

Bluetooth Low Energy

Finest sports apps features

We fill your sport software with functions your target audience enjoys:

Training process:

Automatic Training Plans Hints
Workout Plans
Health-Driven Challenges

Sports Progress:

Progress Tracking Charts
Progress Retrospective Stats
Social Media Integration

Management and Reporting:

Trainee & Coach Modules
Training Optimization & Management
Reports Delivery


Achievements Rewards
Progress Bars
Training Reminders & Alerts

Speech Recognition:

Voice control
Voice Authentication

Other Features:

Smart Devices integration
Offline Mode
Multi-Language Support
Video Streaming

Belitsoft can help you to improve your sports application or totally re-do it with the key features all the modern technologies have been focused on.

Why choose us
1-2 weeks

Is an average time period for preparation before we start your project development

1 main point of contact

Your sales manager becomes your account manager and stays with you till the project release

Turnkey scalability

We create sports apps with an ability to develop their operational strength and performance so that they would engage as many users as you wish following the rising popularity and further expansion on the market.

Full-cycle development

Apart from our sports software developers, we can provide a wide scope of specialists including BA, QA engineers, PM, etc.

Always in touch

Regular (daily/weekly) communication through voice and video meetings, emails, etc.

IP protection

The code is stored in the neutral area of GIT repository a customer has a root-access to. All the rights to code, designs, specifications, etc. belong to the customer alone.

Sports Software Portfolio

Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Our client is a successful manufacturer of an innovative sports IoT device named Sportstation. We developed IOS and Android applications which can communicate with it. We also made Integration with several third-party systems, e.g. with the system of the children’s football camp of Real Madrid.
Sports Betting Solution & iGaming Platform Development
Sports Betting Solution & iGaming Platform Development
The core of the analytical system we’ve delivered is based around processing huge amounts of data gathered from reputable sources on the Web.
Custom C# Desktop Application Development for a Football Federation
Custom C# Desktop Application Development for a Football Federation
Belitsoft task was to create a football management system to register and store information about each player, club, event and related information for the National Football Federation. As a result we created a scalable system of information repositories and modules working seamlessly and effectively.
Sports Team Communication App Development
Sports Team Communication App Development
A convenient platform for sports clubs, amateurs, and professionals.
Mobile App for Golfers
Mobile App for Golfers
A startup founder from Ohio has developed a special set of sensors for golf players to improve their strength and accuracy. The client then contacted Belitsoft to create a mobile app complementing the hardware.

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