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Custom Software Development for Startups

Benefit from the service of software development for startups, focused particularly on helping startup entrepreneurs to translate their most disruptive ideas into market-ready software products.

Belitsoft Software Development Company for Startups as Your Reliable Tech Partner

Belitsoft software development agency will use 18+ years of expertise in custom app development to deliver a world-changing software product that will bring you constant and growing revenue.

Our expert team will guide you through the entire process of software development for startups: from making a business analysis and creating a technical development strategy to quick end-to-end implementation, reliable support, and further scaling.

Choose the Best Option for Software Development for Startups

Software Upgrade & Scaling
Come to Belitsoft with your existing software or MVP, and our team will redesign, update, scale, or modernize it to meet the needs of your customers.
Code and architecture audit;
Product improvement thanks to 3rd-party integrations;
Feature management technique to enable quick changes to feature availability on demand;
Product evolution by adding new features that will let you beat the competition.
Full-Scale Software Development
Come to Belitsoft with your idea, and we’ll take complete responsibility for the full-cycle product development from idea to product.
Validating your idea;
Making the Proof of concept (PoC);
Software design;
DevOps services (automating software development life cycle (SDLC), developing security and tech solutions for effective software deployment);
Post-launch continuous support for secure and smooth work.
Extra Resources for Your Dev Team
Come to Belitsoft to close the skill gaps in your current development team that impede building the selling and secure software product quickly.
Product requirements analysis;
Filling in lacking skills with a dedicated developers (DevOps engineers, programmers, data scientists, QA specialists, etc);
Adding advanced features (AI, IoT, VR, BI and analytics tools, etc);
3rd-party software integration.

Belitsoft Offers End-to-End Software Development Services

One of the secrets of successful startup product development is a quick release, which becomes possible only if you have a well-established development workflow and the right skills and resources. Belitsoft offers a turnkey development process that will help you successfully enter the market.

Discovery Phase Services

Idea validation. We evaluate your product idea to clearly see how valid the product is, who its users are and what they need, what competition and market conditions are.

Gathering requirements. Our engineering team works with you closely to define a list of key project requirements. It includes key features, their priority, and the scope of work. The result is stated in the priority backlog (a list of product features with descriptions) and the project vision (description of a project idea in detail, with competitors’ analysis, product benefits, etc.).

Wireframing. After defining project requirements, we create wireframes, which is a product visualization. Our designers make a static or interactive design to help you see the product logic and functionality.

Infrastructure architecture. We create an architectural diagram that outlines the suitable software architecture design, the interaction between software components, and its response to diverse development environments.

Project estimation. Our team calculates how many hours the project implementation will take, based on the requirements and feature set, necessary resources, chosen technology stack, and potential risks.

Development Phase Services

PoC development. Proof of Concept is a detailed description of the product specifications. PoC development allows verifying the product feasibility before its actual development.

MVP development. Our team develops a minimum viable product version with key functionality and scalable architecture. The MVP helps test the market and prove business assumptions quickly and within a low budget.

UI/UX design. Our designers create user interfaces that create great user experience and boost the product conversion and KPIs.

Mobile-first design. As most traffic comes from mobile gadgets now, we create Android, iOS, or cross-platform apps that drive more traffic and that your users will love.

Automation solutions. Our team analyzes which business challenges can be resolved thanks to automating your key processes. And we suggest AI/ML implementation or integrations for both economic and technical improvement in your business.

Delivery Phase Services

Software quality assurance and testing. Our QA engineers ensure the correct functioning of the built software by performing manual and automation testing. The end-to-end testing allows our team to eliminate bugs and ensure enjoyable user experience.

Continuous maintenance and support. We perform constant software development monitoring, make regular tech and security software updates, do continued development by adding new features, keep on fixing bugs with reactive development, and support the entire system.

OA startup will succeed on condition of a quick product MVP launch and regular updates. This becomes possible thanks to outsourcing the necessary tech skills and resources. As your technology partner, Belitsoft will assign to your project developers with the right tech expertise, QA engineers, software architects, DevOps, support engineers, business analysts, etc. Our team will take responsibility for creating and implementing a well-thought product management roadmap to launch a reliable and quality product with a great UX design in 2-6 months.

Why is Belitsoft a Reliable Software Development Partner?

We are a software development company that offers a full cycle of services in software development for startups. Our specialists have years of expertise in IoT consulting, DevOps consulting, big data, quality management (ISO 9001), and data security management (ISO 27001) for startups over the world.

400+ employees
with over 50% of senior-level specialists
200+ projects
medium and large projects are completed
90% retention
of customers after MVP development
How Does Your Startup Benefit from Working with Belitsoft?

Quick product delivery

We help with strategic planning, kick off the projects quickly, and deliver it 2 to 6 months from starting the MVP development to its market validation.

High code quality

We ensure clean code, supreme safety from security issues, and advanced unit tests.

Smart project management

We deliver releases every 2-6 weeks. As for minor updates, you may get them daily. We tend to adhere to DevOps, Agile, and Lean project management tactics.

Innovative technologies

We implement latest frameworks, architecture designs, advanced technologies (IoT, AI, machine leaning, big data, blockchain, speech recognition, augmented reality, and many more).

What Software Will You Get?

Inbuilt AI Scalable

You get a product that grows in line with your number of users. It becomes possible due to applying scalable cloud resources.

Social learningReliable

Your product features centralized embedded monitoring systems for fast and easy app recovery from failures. So you get almost 100% software uptime and fault tolerance.

AnalyticsEasy to upgrade

You can modernize your product quickly and at a low cost because we will build a layered or modular architecture of your software, apply separation of concerns (SoC), and use multiple APIs.

Flexible UI Innovative

Your software can get such advanced features as AI, IoT, ML, and others to create personalized customer experiences, make forecasts and informed decisions, empower connected products, recognize images and videos, hold human-like conversations, and much more.

Want Future-Proof Software that Will Make Your Startup Thrive?

Our Tech Stack for Startups

  • Azure;
  • AWS;
  • Google Cloud, etc.
  • SQL: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Postgre SQL, etc;
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Cassandra, Hive, RethinkDB, etc.
  • Traditional 3-layer;
  • Microservices-based;
  • Cloud-native, etc.
Innovative technologies
  • IoT;
  • AI and ML;
  • Big Data, Blockchain, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good idea doesn’t necessarily convert into successful business. However, thanks to years of experience, we know some best practices that help create a successful tech startup:

  • Choose a reliable software development company for a startup that will provide necessary technical resources for your innovative idea;
  • Create a product that resolves the pain points of your users;
  • Focus on creating personalized solution and user experience;
  • Resolve current bottlenecks and be flexible in improving your product constantly.
In a nutshell, it’s the process of translating innovative ideas of a startup into a product. Usually, for that, young businesses address to software development companies for startups that use automation tools, advanced technologies and approaches.
The estimation of custom startup software development depends on the number of involved specialists, the volume of their working hours, the project complexity, and other details.

Belitsoft can guarantee that you’ll get your software on time and within the budget. 

Want to know the cost of your project? Contact our team to get free estimation.

The success of startup projects significantly depends on the team behind the process of software development for startups. A solid and experienced team is the key to winning the harsh competition. In Belitsoft, we always form a team for a startup project individually based on your goals, product specifics, an expected market delivery date, and more parameters.

We usually assign a Tech/Team lead who knows both front and backend to monitor the process and set goals. The core of a team are typically back and frontend developers, as well as DevOps and QA specialists. Depending on a budget and needs, we may scale your team with a business analyst and project manager. These team members may work part-time for your project to save your budget.

Our Startup Clients' Feedback


Custom Training Software with Coaching/Mentoring Functionality to Develop Leadership Skills in Employees
Custom Training Software with Coaching/Mentoring Functionality to Develop Leadership Skills in Employees
Our Client, Jeff Otis, a US entrepreneur, turned to Belitsoft to build a unique personal leadership development program. Now, we have launched an MVP of this game-changing personalized interactive web platform with coaching/mentoring functionality.
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup
Belitsoft helped a British company develop an award-winning SaaS platform. Since its release, the platform has already gained recognition. It was shortlisted for “Most Innovative Cyber Company” and called a “Rising Star in Cybersecurity”.
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Our Client, the US farm-tech startup, came to Belitsoft to create a mobile and web app that resolves a rural labor shortage challenge across the USA.
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
We developed a custom game-based online typing course for our Client - instructional designer from the Netherlands. This is the fastest typing course on the market that won the prestigious award and has about 100,000 users who have successfully completed the course.

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