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Software Support and Maintenance Services

Here at Belitsoft we provide software maintenance and technical support services for all products we develop, all solutions we integrate for our clients and third-party custom software. Besides that, you can order your clients’ technical support service.

Cooperation with the client is not limited to product development, delivery and communication during the warranty period. Belitsoft goes beyond that by offering ongoing lifetime maintenance service for software products and solutions we build. We create custom software for mass use too, and in this case we provide technical support for its users or your clients’ support.

With Belitsoft you will have confidence in your software environment or product 24/7 availability to its users. You will have timely upgrades of the software solutions you use or provide. Your users and clients will receive professional technical support on demand.


Software maintenance and technical support services we offer:

Adherence to Deadlines

Ongoing product / system maintenance - troubleshooting, bug fixing, backups, stability monitoring, and 24/7 option is available

Application or system enhancements and upgrades, new functionality integration

Streamlined Communication

Software solution reengineering to meet changes in environment and business needs

Adherence to Deadlines

Product migration to another platform

Clear Estimates

Product / solution end-users’ and clients’ support (using online chats, ticket systems), 24/7 option is available

Streamlined Communication

Dedicated development team for hire (for big projects, custom and off-the-shelf products)

Belitsoft has in-depth knowledge of software maintenance and technical support service, owing to the fact many long-term customers
and end-users are satisfied with our work. We can help you run your business smoothly and make your system, website, or software
product bug-free and ensure up-to-date features.


Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
Dedicated Support Center for a Youtube Video Marketing / Monetization Company
The customer wanted to form his support team by young, initiative and smart people with the good level of knowledge of media marketing, international communication, customer support, and fluent English.
Support of Software Dedicated Communities
Support of Software Dedicated Communities
This project is one of most popular Software dedicated communities for bringing any non-programmer into the world of software. It encompasses several product families which are permanently updated.
E-Learning Community Support
E-Learning Community Support
The present project is the support of the well-developed learning management system (LMS) and the community around it.

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