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Over the last 20 years, Belitsoft has become one of the top companies in the web and mobile development. It's a member of the Forbes Technology Council and has received a 5-star rating from Gartner Insights users. Clients recognize Belitsoft for creating innovative, scalable, high-performance, user-friendly, and easy-to-maintain React.js interfaces.

Our React Development Services

Our React engineers will meet all your custom requirements. They will quickly create business applications with engaging UX. Custom interfaces will match your industry standards or branding. The app will dynamically respond to user actions. Complex data will be displayed in intuitive ways with rich data visualizations. Custom navigation flows and URL structures will be tailored to how your employees or customers actually use the application

React Web App Development

We build real-time single-page (SPA), progressive (PWA), and server-side rendered (SSR) web apps with highly interactive animated interfaces that earn users' love. Our React engineers know how to efficiently work on large-scale web projects where multiple team members collaborate and how to achieve the greatest user experience. They use advanced React features to write less code that does more, organize it with reusable React components that are easy to scale up without major rewrites. They expertly achieve faster load times by optimizing React functions that perform heavy computations, and preventing extra renders.

React Mobile App Development

While ReactJS is primarily used for web development, its principles and syntax extend to React Native for mobile application development. React Native enhances React's features for fast, responsive and attractive mobile app development with JavaScript. We assist in creating user interfaces, updating functional components, and adding new features quickly. Your mobile apps will get top-level performance and engagement.

Seamless Migration to React

We assist in a hassle-free migration of your application to React from any front-end framework. Starting with an in-depth analysis, we craft a customized migration strategy for your system. Whether it's a complete rewrite or gradual, component-by-component transition. Our team handles the development process, adapting your code to React's structure and integrating it with your application. We deliver a customized React app that effectively caters to your needs.

MVP and Prototyping

Our focus is on delivering a viable product quickly and setting a solid foundation for your future application. We may create a prototype to visualize the product. Our team designs and develops individual React components, building a functional MVP. Rigorous testing ensures the MVP meets expectations, followed by iterative improvements based on feedback.

React Integration with Existing Web App

We can enhance your application by integrating the ReactJS library. This allows for incremental improvements without requiring a complete rewrite. Our React JS development service also includes the creation of custom plugins, extensions, and widgets tailored to your app, enriching your offering and enhancing user experience to help drive improved business conversions.

React audit and consulting

If you're uncertain about the best technologies for your project, we're here to help. Belitsoft’s experts analyze your project from A to Z to choose the best programming language & framework. In case you already have a React-based app, our team conducts an in-depth code review, performance analysis, and security audit to identify areas of improvement. We evaluate your application's architecture for scalability and maintainability and scrutinize dependencies for potential vulnerabilities to offer actionable recommendations for enhancements.

Select Your React Development Model

Dedicated Team
Delegate your React development needs to our team of skilled software engineers who specialize in working on specific parts of your project. By outsourcing to our dedicated software development team, your project will benefit from the focused attention and expertise of our professionals.
End-to-End Product Development
Opt for our comprehensive React development services to build your software product from scratch. Equipped to handle the entire development cycle, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, delivering your software product punctually and within budget.

Why Choose React for Web Development?

Uncompromised Performance

We ensure your solution operates at peak efficiency with React. Harnessing the power of virtual DOMs, we selectively render elements for optimal performance. This strategic approach enhances optimization by managing data updates and reducing unnecessary re-renders. The result? Your software functions seamlessly on any device. Our tech experts meticulously fine-tune performance, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Online Visibility

We leverage React's capabilities to maximize your web application's SEO potential. Utilizing server-side rendering (SSR), we ensure initial page content is generated server-side, enhancing crawlability and indexability for search engines. With React Helmet, we expertly manage meta tags, delivering crucial information to search engines. Our SEO specialists meticulously optimize each aspect, leaving no stone unturned in boosting your online visibility.

Perfected Testability

We make testing your React apps a breeze, thanks to the unique features of the technology. Our testers skillfully monitor your UI performance using click events (special JavaScript elements), ensuring a user-friendly, effective, and flawless layout. Beyond that, we offer a plethora of options for technical testing, employing both manual and automated methods. Our testing specialists meticulously scrutinize every detail, ensuring your application performs flawlessly under any conditions.

Cross-Platform Design

Our software development team crafts cross-platform apps with ease by using JavaScript components based on iOS and Android components. This allows our developers to share up to 90% of the code across different platforms, promoting efficient software development services, code reusability, and fast results delivery.

Powerful Ecosystem

We tap into the immense power of the React ecosystem - JavaScript, native UI elements, platform APIs, and design patterns - to build modern and functional applications. Regardless of complexity, our React developers handle the components of the React ecosystem effectively, ensuring no detail is overlooked in delivering a robust and high-performing application.

Rapid Development

We unlock rapid software development with React's One-Way Data Binding and JSX. These features ensure seamless data flow and intuitive, dynamic User Interfaces, simplifying the development process. Our experts leverage these tools to deliver efficient, high-quality applications swiftly, optimizing every detail for a streamlined app development experience.

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Belitsoft React Development Pipeline

Belitsoft stands as your dedicated React development company, providing you with the essential tools and comprehensive support required for successful service delivery in the digital market.

NDA Prior to project initiation, we sign an NDA with our customers to safeguard their confidential information.
Interactive UX/UI Design We create user interfaces that respond to user interactions and provide a dynamic and engaging user experience. Our team utilizes React's architecture to create interactive UIs with state management and performance optimization. These dynamic and engaging interfaces respond effectively to user interactions, thereby attracting and retaining users, and ultimately resulting in improved conversions.
Architecture Building We help build a solid architecture for your React application. The right architecture allows maintaining and scaling the app easier. Our team proficiently employs various state management libraries, such as Redux, MobX, and the Context API.
Agile React Development We divide the work into "sprints" that last 1-4 weeks depending on the project. At the end of each sprint, we host a demo session where you can observe the functionality we've developed.
Software delivery As the project nears completion, we conduct integration testing to ensure all the pieces work well together. The source code is transferred to the customer.
Software Support and Maintenance Following release, our development team can continue to work on your software, improving and expanding its features. Partner with our ReactJS development company, and rest assured your project will be in expert hands!

Ready to elevate your project with Belitsoft?

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Frequently Asked Questions

React is a front-end library based on JavaScript for creating interactive UI web apps. React Native is a cross-platform framework for mobile app development on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Although both technologies use reusable code, they still have some minor differences. For example, in React JS, components are named in the HTML format (p, h2, etc.), while in React Native they are View, Text, etc. Replace these, and you get a reusable code with minimum effort. Details information and real-life cases in our article about the Differences between React and React Native.

React is a client-side library that is used to develop UI and single-page applications. Node JS is a server-side runtime environment that executes JavaScript outside browsers and creates HTTP servers.

Thus, React is the best choice for creating projects that focus on the front-end and apply dynamic elements like social media. Node JS is your option for server-side web apps like streaming platforms. However, note that both may be used in one project simultaneously.

React and React JS are interchangeable terms. Even the library’s official website is called “,” although the headline says “React.” Thus, there is no difference.

React is a front-end JavaScript library. It is used to create interactive user interfaces and their components, meaning that it runs within the user’s browser.

React is a powerful JavaScript library used to create fast & responsive web and mobile applications. The technology is mainly responsible for user interfaces and view layers. It is already applied in apps like Instagram, showing all its potential. Here are some other apps that already use React:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook;
  • Netflix;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Twitter, etc.

Explore our comprehensive guide on React performance optimization for valuable insights and practical strategies.

Let's make your app the next effective web application thanks to Belitsoft React JS development company!

Outsourcing to React software development company will bring you the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective development and operations
  • Time zone adaptability for seamless collaboration
  • Access to a team of highly skilled React JS developers
  • Reduced development time for swift project completion
  • Quality services with a guarantee of satisfaction
  • Utilization of the latest, state-of-the-art technology
  • Expertise across a variety of platforms

The cost of React JS development services varies based on factors such as the development platform, app categories, complexity of the web application, country of operation and development, and other specific features required for your app. We've got you covered with a range of pricing models, whether you prefer a Fixed price, Time-and-material, or a dedicated software development team.

To obtain an accurate estimate for your application, please don't hesitate to reach out to our development team. Our React development company would be happy to assist you.

React provides reusable components for dynamic user interfaces and supports code testing during compilation, enhancing development efficiency. With the ability to code for both the client and server sides of the application, React reduces app development costs.

React.js is a versatile framework that can be utilized to develop a wide range of web applications. Some notable applications include single-page web apps (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), enterprise web apps, e-commerce apps, server-side rendered apps, chat apps, landing pages, complex online forms, dashboards, rating systems for users, and more.

React is a front-end library, which means it doesn't dictate what backend you should use. It can work well with any backend that can provide it with a RESTful API, GraphQL, or even SOAP. In our React JS web development company, we mostly use Node.js, Laravel, Python, Ruby on Rails, and many more.


Custom LXP for Corporate Training
Custom LXP for Corporate Training
Belitsoft has helped the training company to deliver highly effective, personalized online learning through a custom LXP to their first corporate client.
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
The Client is the US-based digital health company partnered with Belitsoft to make the patient recruitment workflow much more effective by developing a brand-new custom CRM Database.
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Custom Marketplace for Agriculture Industry
Our Client, the US farm-tech startup, came to Belitsoft to create a mobile and web app that resolves a rural labor shortage challenge across the USA.
Custom Insurance Medical Case Management System Development
Custom Insurance Medical Case Management System Development
Our client is a healthcare consulting company from the USA focused on helping insurance companies from Europe to adjust their claims.
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Agile development of an application for the flower pot. Our main goals were to decrease the time for requests processing and improve other features without a budget increase.
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
For our client, chief executive officer of a startup company from Germany, we successfully developed a chatbot to convert website visitors to leads and a database application to store them.
Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children
Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children
We created for our Client the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child.
Online Web Store for Marketing With Social Media
Online Web Store for Marketing With Social Media
The client from Germany came to us with a request to order a webshop development for retail. The result of our cooperation is a convenient store with an embedded payment gateway and an effective system facilitating social media leads conversion into sales.
Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile  Development For a Video Surveillance System Company
Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile Development For a Video Surveillance System Company
It’s a video streaming server capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users from a single source. Belitsoft created 3 video streams for the following platforms: Windows Client, iOS, and Android.
Custom Marketplace for Beauty Services Industry (MVP version)
Custom Marketplace for Beauty Services Industry (MVP version)
A business owner located in the US came to Belitsoft to build a web and mobile-based startup marketplace with scheduling functionality.
Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Mobile Applications for a Sports IoT devices Manufacturer
Our client is a successful manufacturer of an innovative sports IoT device named Sportstation. We developed IOS and Android applications which can communicate with it. We also made Integration with several third-party systems, e.g. with the system of the children’s football camp of Real Madrid.
Healthcare Education Mobile App
Healthcare Education Mobile App
Our Client, an eLearning startup from Boston, wanted to create an app based on the microlearning approach to help people study on the go. React Native was chosen for the project with 80% code reuse with the aim to save over $7k compared to estimated development costs with platform-specific technologies.
Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company
Project Management System for a Health, Security and Environment Company
Belitsoft’s client, a French company providing services in Health, Security & Environment, required software which would exclude the paperwork and replace Excel spreadsheets with the industry-specific functionality. They got a convenient project management tool and could improve the transparency of work processes.
Mobile App for Golfers
Mobile App for Golfers
A startup founder from Ohio has developed a special set of sensors for golf players to improve their strength and accuracy. The client then contacted Belitsoft to create a mobile app complementing the hardware.
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Our client is a software product company from the USA. They came to us with an idea of a truck load tracking web application (a custom trucking tracking). The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device.
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Virtual Stock Exchange was developed for an investment company to emulate stock exchange information platform with capability of participation in a tendering simulation.

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