Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile Development For a Video Surveillance System Company

Our client is a company involved in video cameras installation for live streaming and surveillance. The company needed a convenient web portal with the ability of live streaming from cameras. According to the requirements of the software, any registered user should be able to connect to the cameras and receive the image on Windows systems or mobile devices. In addition to the real-time streaming, it was necessary to implement the ability to view videos recorded earlier.

Platform: Laravel React.JS PHP
Solution: Web Development
Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Russia
  • Technologies and platforms: React.JS, JavaScript, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Flussonic (ErlyVideo) API
  • Effort: 160 man-hours

Belitsoft PHP Development Company  had an experience in similar projects. We’ve successfully created this project too.

Flussonic streaming server

As the server part we’ve decided to use Flussonic API. It’s a video streaming server capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users from a single source. Also users can choose any date using history filters and see the records with the exact recording time. Due to Flussonic server users are able to have an access to videos at any time.

Live Streams for Windows, Android, and IOS

The main difficulty we faced with was the fact that video transmission was over RTMP protocol, thus making it hard to transmit on mobile devices. Belitsoft created 3 video streams for the following platforms: Windows Client, iOS and Android.

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