Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

Build GDPR and HIPAA compliant custom mobile apps and web portals with custom healthcare software development company Belitsoft.

Full-cycle software development company Belitsoft has been delivering healthcare solution development services since 2015. Our expertise in medical software development, accompanied by MedTech consultants, has allowed us to complete 10+ projects (2000+ hours each).

We successfully engage with third-party security auditors, such as OWASP and TrueSec, to guarantee safety and compliance with health IT standards and regulations.

Our digital health software developers focus on long-term partnerships that are proven by clients from the United States, the UK, Europe and Israel who have been working with us for over 5 years.

Our clients include
Healthcare startups
Medical ISVs
Hospitals, healthcare centers
Private medical practices
Pharmacy organizations
Medical and research laboratories

Healthcare Software Development Services

Custom healthcare development

Our medical software developers offer a complete range of product engineering services, including custom hospital software development from scratch, prototyping, and add-on development. Our team of healthcare software developers and dedicated QA resources gives equal attention to software usability and compliance with regional and industry standards.

Healthcare Integration Solutions

We optimize the organization's workflows and create a highly efficient and unified healthcare business with ready-made solutions through their APIs by following Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards: ERPs, healthcare insurance databases, HRM software, etc. The microservices technique allows us to integrate any third-party solution as microservices.

Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Our team experienced in custom healthcare technology software development builds complex cloud-based custom healthcare software products leveraging deep domain expertise in cloud-driven healthcare software engineering, including migration of existing software systems to the cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud platform, or others.

Medical big data and analytics

Our custom medtech software development experts build systems to capture data, process it and give it back in a flexible and easy-to-understand interface. Data analysis and insights discovery help to provide better care and improve business processes and financial outcomes of the organization.

Healthcare Software

EHR Software Development

EHR development from scratch is the way for healthcare organizations and medical startups to enter a market with a new EHR system, get full control, add the functionality your clients are ready to pay for, and scale it as your business grows. With your own custom EHR, you don’t pay license fees, avoid provider access restrictions, and get protected from altering an EHR system without your consent.
EHR software
Example of a custom EHR software with health tracking, medication regimen notifications, appointment scheduling, and other functionality
  • Medical scheduling module to automate booking, record-keeping. Integrates with billing modules. Adds optional alerts and notifications via email or SMS can be added.
  • Medical charting for systematic documentation of all the data and interactions with patients (medical history, checkup results, progress notes, personalized treatment plans, etc.). Saves medical personnel time on typing and lets focus on patients.
  • Telemedicine to connect patients and medical professionals around the world quickly and securely via video or audio. During online sessions, such extra features as screen sharing, notes creation, and others are on demand.
  • Medical billing module to generate invoices, track payment status, submit claims to insurance agencies, get alerts, use E/M and copayment calculator, insurance card scanning, eligibility verification, etc.
  • EHR voice recognition to decrease time spent on clerical tasks. Includes voice input, automatic expansion of medical acronyms and abbreviations, voice commands for navigation inside the system, and many more.
  • Lab integration module to submit patient lab orders directly from chart, receive test results and share them with patients, automated results analysis, and reporting lab results to public health agencies.

Patient Engagement Software Development

Build an MVP of Patient Engagement Software with our offshore software development services. We help you get an extensive roadmap for your vision ➞ go through pilots ➞ deploy the instance to a cloud ➞ receive a live production version with paying customers ➞ and prioritize development of extra features.
patient engagement solution
A custom patient engagement dashboard designed by Belitsoft for mental health self-assessment, with medication intake reports and other activities involving a patient into the health care process
Patient engagement software is a responsive web or mobile app used by patients, their families, and the health care team to manage their health more effectively. Apps for patient engagement aim to help patients know their conditions better and make considered decisions about their care, lifestyle, and habits. The top demanded functionality of patient engagement software includes:
  • Telehealth to provide timely health aid via video or audio calls
  • Patients' access to personal health data in EHR
  • Health tracking to manage medication regimen and overall treatment, reporting to medical staff in real-time
  • Appointment scheduling to provide booking doctor’s visits online
  • Health education to inform patients and let them communicate with one another

Patient engagement has proved its beneficial impact on clinical results and overall patient experience.

Clinical Trial Software Development

Build custom patient recruitment software to recruit enough cases for a trial on time. Speed up and automate the time-consuming process of recruitment, screening, and management of patients for clinical trials.
patient recruitment software
Example of a custom patient recruitment software for clinical trials
  • Screen new patients and check their eligibility by enabling online forms and assign patients to certain trials by predefined criteria;
  • Manage a patient database through a single gateway with controlled access;
  • Schedule appointments for research and clinical trial automatically thanks to the integration with communication tools that message to patients based on predefined triggers;
  • Track and keep cases along the recruitment pipeline by sending follow-ups and notifications;
  • Get advanced reporting and analytics with various KPIs, such as the number of screened participants, patient conversion rate, and much more;
  • Integrate your patient recruitment software with EHR, patient engagement software, and other tools.

Patient Portals

Our team develops software to optimize patient experience. Thus, our customers can manage patient flow, maintain patient records and provide customized care. Professionals can keep constant remote monitoring of patient vitals and conditions with a synchronized system with health tracking devices, such as wearables and sensors.

Other Healthcare Solutions We Develop

Features for Healthcare Solutions

Speech Recognition

Voice Biometrics
Voice Control

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI-enabled chatbots
Image Interpretation
Nature Language Processing

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Video Streaming
Healthcare Image Recognition
3D Imaging


Progress Bars
Achievements and Rewards
Reminders & Alerts


Two-Factor Authentication
Data Encryption/Decryption
Log Aggregation

Other features

Offline accessibility
Case Price Calculation
Financial Reports

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Belitsoft creates medical software applications, both for doctors and patients, and transfers the existing experience to a mobile environment. Our team is experienced in native iOS and Android development, as well as creating web and cross-platform mHealth solutions.

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare CRMs
Mobile Patient Monitoring Platforms
Clinical Communication & Collaboration Software
Patient Rounding Apps
Mobile CPOE Systems

Mobile Apps for Patients

Remote diagnostics
Fitness Apps
Calorie Counter Apps
Medication Reminders & Pill Trackers
Chronic Condition Self-Management
Mobile app daily
Microsoft Partner
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Why Belitsoft

Focus on UX design

We start the collaboration with the requirements analysis and the initial design discussions. Your app will look properly, whether used by patients or doctors.

Scalable Architecture

We believe you invest in building an extendable foundation platform. While developing the platform from scratch, we use custom technologies to ensure the right level of flexibility in the future.

Effective Project Management

We keep you informed and engaged with no burden on you. You get a comfortable project documentation process and the amount of calls per week.

Work With A Focus Group

We have a positive experience working with a focus group of active users throughout the health software development process. For example, our team allied with hospital workers to improve a software prototype and find new and, above all, necessary features to include in the MVP release.

Comply with the Industry Standards

At the outset of the project, we coordinate with a client on software compliance with health IT standards. Our teams work with different data exchange standards, such as HL7 and FHIR; DICOM and PACS for medical images; C-CDA for clinical document architecture and many others.

Uphold the Industry Security Standards

Belitsoft enters an NDA before we know the client’s project ideas. Experienced in working with security audit companies, we can confirm that the client’s medical software solution meets HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

hipaa compliant architecture

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the following software development services for healthcare:
  • building electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems
  • patient portals
  • medical practice management solutions
  • inventory management systems
  • ongoing medical education platforms
  • and more
To date, we have successfully completed 10+ medium-to-large-scale medical projects (2000+ hours each). We also have experience working with MedTech consultants and in-depth domain-specific knowledge.
We create mobile applications for medical professionals and their patients. Our team has a proven track record in both native Android and iOS apps, as well as their cross-platform counterparts.
For the safety of your business, its stakeholders, employees and clients, it's vital to choose a trustworthy vendor who follows the recognized security protocols. To ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and standards, our developers follow HIPAA (for the US market), GDPR (for EU data exchange), and PIPEDA (for Canadian data privacy).
Yes. We offer a complete range of product engineering services, including new product development, prototyping and add-on development. Our team of healthcare software carefully works to ensure that the software is both convenient to use and compliant with national industry standards.
We implement speech recognition, machine learning, gamification, interoperability, and much more.

Augment Your Development Team

    The dedicated development team approach allows you to change the team composition based on current needs. This is one of the key economics of outsourcing. We recruit and keep experienced people who are motivated to get the job done. We can flex the team from one-three up to more people (development specialists, the project/account managers, etc.) in the development phase. The support and contact are available during your range of working hours. We also can work at developing your solution while you’re sleeping.
    DevelopersUX/UI DesignerDevOps Engineer QA engineerArchitect/Team LeadProject ManagerBusiness AnalystAccount Manager

    Belitsoft builds its development teams around the key staff who have practice in healthcare software development. 80% of Belitsoft programming staff are mid/senior developers with an average of 4+ years of experience.

    Our Business Analysts, technical experts and industry consultants work together to help promote the idea when the client understands the business goals but could not define business requirements. They get rid of half-baked ideas that will not satisfy end-users, and thus could not pay off.


Migration from .NET Framework to .NET Core for a Healthcare Technology Company
Migration from .NET Framework to .NET Core for a Healthcare Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated EHR software to .NET Core for the US-based Healthcare Technology Company with 150+ employees.
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Belitsoft has helped the Client to customize web and mobile applications that сombine EHR clinical data with patient-generated health data.
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
Custom CRM Database to Recruit and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials
The Client is the US-based digital health company partnered with Belitsoft to make the patient recruitment workflow much more effective by developing a brand-new custom CRM Database.
LMS for a Healthcare Training Company
LMS for a Healthcare Training Company
We helped the UK Doctor and Educator to build a elearning platform to host his bespoke distance learning courses for dentists and grow his business from scratch.
Telehealth Software Development for Mental Health Providers
Telehealth Software Development for Mental Health Providers
A founder of a healthcare startup from the USA reached out to us. His idea was to develop a turnkey telemedicine portal that would connect mental/behavioral health professionals and their patients.
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Belitsoft has successfully developed an MVP version of a cloud-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform for a well-known Company in the healthcare industry.
Ecommerce Inventory Management System Development for a Medical Store
Ecommerce Inventory Management System Development for a Medical Store
Our client from the USA sells inventory management software for dental clinics in order to maintain control of their materials, equipment, tools, and supplies.
Custom Insurance Medical Case Management System Development
Custom Insurance Medical Case Management System Development
Our client is a healthcare consulting company from the USA focused on helping insurance companies from Europe to adjust their claims.
Speech recognition system for medical center chain
Speech recognition system for medical center chain
For our client, the owner of a private medical center chain from the USA, we developed a speech recognition system integrated with EHR. It saved much time for doctors and nurses working in the company on EHR-related tasks.
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Custom Healthcare Web Development
The client's idea was to create a community of people challenged with different diseases to provide live communication among them. The dimensions of the community grow (5000+ members) and that proves the fact that it is a popular site to find friends, share experience and support each other.
Custom .NET-based Software For Pharmacy
Custom .NET-based Software For Pharmacy
Our customer received a complex, all-in-one solution that includes all major, high-demanded features suitable for any pharmacy branch.

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