Database Modernization

Achieve TCO savings from 20% to 60% with cloud-native database management systems

The point of the database modernisation/moving to cloud native database is to reduce costs and maximize resilience.

Reduce time for data processing from hours to minutes and ensure up to 100% database availability on demand. Achieve high scalability to serve database requests from millions of people per day, with hundreds of submissions per second at peak times.

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Business-Driven Results:

consider whether you still need to maintain you own physical data centers with expenses from space leasing, server electricity, and cooling

want a transition to an immediately scalable cloud-native database, moving away from old-style infrastructure that puts your business at risk by only handling a few spikes before crashing or slowing down

want to reduce dependency on specialized personnel for critical security and compliance tasks such as encryption, DDoS/cyber-attacks/data breaches protection, identity management, regular security patches, backups, disaster recovery, and adherence to regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc)

want to make your data accessible for real-time analytics and machine learning, and compile it efficiently from various sources offering access to multiple stakeholders

IT-Driven Results:

want to reduce the number of separate license-based, on-premises databases (instances) on which your products were originally built and historically run by merging them in the cloud to escape data duplication

want to use one or a few database platforms across the organization rather than a mix of many

aim to restructure how data is organized and stored, to enhance data access speed, instead of a mere "lift and shift" moving to the cloud with minimal change

aim to reduce storage costs while confronting rising data volumes by using Automated Data Relocation to place high-use data on faster storage and move less-accessed data to cheaper storage, Compression Tools to reduce data size, and Information Lifecycle Management for data archiving, and deletion

Database Modernization Services

Migrating to Managed Databases on Cloud

Your go-to option if you want to cut operational and maintenance costs by 40% and get rid of unplanned downtimes

  • You save budget and resources as the service provider (Azure or AWS) handles your day-to-day database operations, maintenance, backups, and updates. For example, on-premises PostgreSQL moves to Amazon Aurora or self-hosted SQL Server to Azure SQL Database with full PostgreSQL and MySQL compatibility respectively.
  • You benefit from minimized disruption and fast delivery as no changes to the DB schema, data types, and table structure are required during migration.
  • You rest assured of total data safety and easy recovery thanks to Azure or AWS applying automated backups, patching, failover, and recovery.
  • You benefit from the high availability of your data globally with databases like Azure CosmosDB or Amazon Aurora Global Database, which offer multi-region replication, allowing data to be distributed and synchronized across multiple regions worldwide, providing global scale, low-latency access to data, and fast recovery from region-wide outages.

Modernizing to Open-Source Cloud Database

Your go-to option if you want to scale workloads to petabytes of data saving up to 90% of the licensing costs of your commercial database.

  • You break free from legacy costly databases by migrating from commercial engines with complex vendor licensing to open-source cloud databases with a pay-as-you-go policy. For example, from Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Azure Database for PostgreSQL.
  • You can modernize from a relational database to a specialty database, such as document-oriented Azure CosmosDB or serverless graph database Amazon Neptune, optimizing database operations for each use case.
  • You can choose from various compute, memory, and storage options for your databases based on your workload type, ensuring smooth operations even during peak times.
  • You can transition monolith applications to scalable, event-driven microservices and serverless architectures with Azure SQL Database Serverless or Amazon Aurora Serverless.
  • You can use the enterprise-level performance with high scalability and cost efficiency of such DBs as Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL or Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Database Modernization Services

Belitsoft helps achieve the performance, scalability, and flexibility your application demands at a reasonable cost through our portfolio of database management services. We offer low-latency data access and migration across your databases.

Transitioning from Legacy Databases. We'll transfer your legacy databases (e.g. Informix, Sybase ASE, older versions of MySQL, Oracle) to modern SQL/NoSQL/NewSQL options for better scalability, performance, and real-time processing of large data volumes. Our process for enhancing infrastructure for modern applications and data workloads involves:

  • migrating data
  • transforming schema
  • rewriting applications

Implementing New Database Management Tools. To enhance database management and operations, Belitsoft helps adopt:

  • Automated database monitoring tools for performance optimization, backup management, and overall database health.
  • Data virtualization, that simplifies data management, improves access speed, and enhances flexibility by unifying real-time data views across multiple sources without data movement.

Database Refactoring Services. Belitsoft modifies database structure and storage and access methods to improve performance and add features while keeping basic functionality. To achieve this, we analyze the database, devise a refactoring plan, and execute it. The service often requires optimizing database queries, reorganizing tables and indexes, or adjusting the data model to fit application needs.

Database Replatforming Services. Our database replatforming services migrate your database to modern platforms, reducing costs, enhancing scalability and reliability, and simplifying management. The service includes data migration, application modification, and environment setup. Managing and operating the database on the new platform may require adopting new tools and practices, such as managed database services or cloud-native features.

Migrating Databases to the Cloud. Transitioning databases from on-premises servers to the cloud is part of database modernization. This migration process offers several benefits, including improved scalability, accessibility, and cost savings by adopting a flexible pay-as-you-go model. Database Cloud Migration starts with assessing the current architecture and dependencies, followed by a detailed migration plan, and the actual data migration. We monitor and optimize continuously for optimal performance.

Database Modernization Consultation Services. Belitsoft's database team advises and guides modernization efforts for a well-planned and strategic outcome. The services include database infrastructure assessment, strategy development, implementation guidance, and IT staff training on modernization strategies and new technologies.

Database Integration Services. Belitsoft will synchronize and integrate the data ecosystem for better connectivity with other systems and applications. To break down data silos, improve data flow, and enable comprehensive data use, our database experts perform data mapping, transformation, and synchronization tasks. Middleware or integration platforms may be used to manage and monitor data flows, handle complex integration tasks, automate data synchronization, and provide error handling and recovery mechanisms.

Modernization Services for Azure Database Migration

HL7 Integration

Database Modernization Consultation. Belitsoft assesses your databases to identify areas for modernization and improvement. We help you choose the appropriate Azure database solution, such as "Azure SQL" for SQL Server and other closed-source SQL databases, or "Open-source and NoSQL" for open-source SQL databases and NoSQL databases.

Database Modernization for Azure Migration. Our database team employs Azure services to modernize specific databases. Options include migrating to Azure SQL or SQL Server on VMs, moving MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL to Azure services, or transitioning to Azure Cosmos DB or Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra.

Database Modernization Services with AWS

>HIPPA EDI X12 Transactions Integration

    Consulting on a New Database Implementation: We assist in selecting and implementing the right AWS database engine from over 15 options, supporting various data models like relational, key-value, document, in-memory, graph, time series, wide column, or ledger databases.

    Enhancing Database Security and Availability: Our specialists secure and ensure high availability of your databases using AWS services, including set up multi-region and multi-primary replication, and advanced security measures, like isolation and end-to-end encryption.

    Database Modernization for AWS Migration: Our database developers begin by consulting with you to understand your needs and guide you in selecting suitable AWS database services, such as Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS for relational databases, to Amazon DynamoDB for key-value databases, and more. We manage the migration process, and optimize performance and cost-efficiency. Ongoing maintenance ensures robust and reliable databases.

Database Modernization Process by Belitsoft

If your legacy application lags, you need to upgrade it. The challenge is that as a business owner, especially without tech expertise, you don't know how to modernize legacy applications. Who's creating a modernization plan? Who's executing this plan? How do you find staff with the necessary experience or choose the right external partner? How much does legacy software modernization cost? Conducting business and technical audits helps you find your modernization path.

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Belitsoft offers cost-effective database management services with performance, scalability, and flexibility. We offer low-latency data access and migration across your databases.

Assessment and Planning. You receive a thorough database evaluation, which includes structure, dependencies, performance, and limitations. Belitsoft develops a modernization strategy based on your business needs. It includes selecting modernization methods, new database technologies, and planning the sequence of actions.

Design and Refactoring. Belitsoft team designs new database architecture, choosing a new database management system and cloud/on-premises solution. We may refactor the database schema or data storage and access to improve efficiency.

Replatforming and Integration. We'll transfer your database to a better technology stack or a more suitable platform, including cloud-based solutions. We may integrate your database with other systems for seamless data flow and improved functionality.

Database Migration. The database developers move your data from the old database system to the new one with minimal downtime and data loss. This could be a one time transfer or a phased migration.

Testing. To ensure its functionality, we extensively test the new database system by running queries, checking data integrity and performance under load.

Database Optimization. Our specialists optimize the database's performance through query tuning, index optimization, and configuration adjustment.

Monitoring and Maintenance. Our database team sets up tools, performs tasks, and checks metrics to monitor and maintain the system's health and performance after optimization.

Technologies and tools we use

databases, warehouses and storage
SQL Server
Postgre SQL
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon EC2
Azure Datalake
Blob Storage
SQL Database
Synapse Analytics
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Datastore

Frequently Asked Questions

Database modernization is upgrading an organization's existing database infrastructure and systems, enhancing performance, functionality, security, and scalability.

This can involve 

  • migrating databases to the cloud, 
  • transitioning from legacy relational databases to modern NoSQL or NewSQL databases,
  • implementing new database management tools and practices,
  • optimizing existing applications by refactoring them to offload database processing,
  • upgrading the database infrastructure by replatforming to a cost-effective solution.

Self-managed database

  • Self-managed database lacks flexibility in integrating with other systems.
  • Upfront and ongoing maintenance costs of the database are expensive.
  • The database's scaling capability is slower in meeting evolving demands.

Cloud database

  • Decouple storage from computing and leverage consumption-based pricing to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increase overall flexibility and business agility.
  • Enjoy worry-free operations with built-in auto-scaling and maintenance cycles.

By leveraging the power of PaaS and IaaS, the software vendor provides scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for managing databases in the cloud.

  • PaaS for Database Modernization. PaaS solutions allow managing both the underlying infrastructure and the database platform. This allows you to focus on what matters most - your data and applications. Our PaaS solutions handle tasks such as backups, patching, scaling, and high availability automatically, reducing operational overhead and complexity. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a modern, cloud-based database without the need for extensive database management expertise.
  • IaaS for Database Modernization. IaaS solutions offer a flexible approach to database modernization. The software vendor manages the underlying cloud infrastructure, while you retain control over the operating system and database management. This model is perfect for migrating existing databases to the cloud with minimal changes, making it an ideal choice for legacy applications that require specific database configurations.


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