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Database Modernization Services

See benefits from database development services that support modernization in months, not years. TCO savings from 20% to 60%; up to 99.995% app availability after migration to Azure/AWS; 20%+ increased speed of development and deployment on new features; from hours to minutes reduced time for data processing. Achieve progress in application modernization with less funding due to the incremental modernization approach.

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Business-Driven Results:

consider the costs and risks of maintaining your own physical data centers: from space leasing, server electricity, and cooling to ensuring physical data security against threats like fires or break-ins

want a transition to an immediately scalable cloud-native database, moving away from old-style infrastructure that puts your business at risk by only handling a few spikes before crashing or slowing down

attempt to minimize dependency on specialized personnel for critical security and compliance tasks such as encryption, DDoS/cyber-attacks/data breaches protection, identity management, regular security patches, backups, disaster recovery, and adherence to regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc)

expect to make your data accessible for real-time analytics and machine learning, and compile it efficiently from various sources, offering access to multiple stakeholders

IT-Driven Results:

plan to reduce the number of separate license-based, on-premises databases (instances) on which your products were originally built and historically run by merging them in the cloud to escape data duplication

hope to use one or a few database platforms across the organization rather than a mix of many

aim to restructure how data is organized and stored, to enhance data access speed, instead of a mere "lift and shift" moving to the cloud with minimal change

intend to cut down storage costs while confronting rising data volumes by using automated data relocation to place high-use data on faster storage and move less-accessed data to cheaper storage, compression tools to low data size, and information lifecycle management for data archiving, and deletion

Database Modernization Services

Modernizing to Cloud-Optimized Database

We migrate your database data to the cloud, applying minor code changes to optimize your database for the cloud, and unlocking the advantages of the cloud, like automatic adaptation to the increasing number of users, ensuring app availability without manual intervention

  • We transition your data to a cloud-managed version of your database, retaining your core database type (e.g., SQL to Azure SQL) without spending on modifying your application to fit a different database type
  • Based on your app's needs, we choose the optimal configuration of CPU, memory, and networking capacity for your database instances to use all the speed and efficiency you're paying for without slowing down
  • We make minor tweaks in database schema, like optimizing and reorganizing indexes for your new cloud environment to accelerate data retrieval
  • We fine-tune database parameters such as buffer sizes, cache settings, and query execution plans to accelerate response times, especially in peaks

Modernizing to Cloud-Native Database

We migrate your data to the cloud, re-architecting or rewriting your database adding cloud-native features like instant scaling, full compatibility with microservices architectures, and secure management of multiple tenants within the same database environment

  • We implement critical database schema changes, like partitioning data tables into smaller segments for fast reactions to queries that make your app more responsive
  • We integrate the most suitable database model, whether graph-based for relational data, time-series for time-based data, or others to enhance query speed in each individual case
  • We incorporate advanced cloud-native features, such as data replication across multiple geographic regions for disaster recovery
  • We restructure your existing SQL queries in a way that they execute more efficiently and return results faster using fewer hardware resources
  • If transitioning from monolith to microservices, we divide your database into a microservices-oriented set of databases and maintain data consistency among them using event-driven architecture, when changes in one database trigger events updating other relevant databases

Stay Calm with No Surprise Expenses

  • You get a detailed project plan with costs associated with each feature developed
  • Before bidding on a project, we conduct a review to filter out non-essential inquiries that can lead to overestimation
  • Weekly reports help you maintain control over the budget

Don’t Stress About Work Not Being Done

  • We sign the Statement of Work to specify the budget, deliverables and the schedule
  • You see who’s responsible for what tasks in your favorite task management system
  • We hold weekly status meetings to provide demos of what’s been achieved to hit the milestones
  • Low personnel turnover rate at Belitsoft is below 12% per annum. The risk of losing key people on your projects is low, and thus we keep knowledge in your projects and save your money

Be Confident Your Secrets are Secure

  • We guarantee your property protection policy using Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract signed prior to the start of work
  • Your legal team is welcome to make any necessary modifications to the documents to ensure they align with your requirements
  • We also implement multi-factor authentication and data encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information while working with your software

No Need to Explain Twice

  • With minimal input from you and without overwhelming you with technical buzzwords, your needs are converted into a project requirements document any engineer can easily understand. This allows you to assign less technical staff to a project on your end, if necessary
  • Our communication goes through your preferred video/audio meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and more

Mentally Synced With Your Team

  • Commitment to business English proficiency enables the staff of our offshore software development company to collaborate as effectively as native English speakers, saving you time
  • We create a hybrid composition with engineers working in tandem with your team members
  • Work with individuals who comprehend US and EU business climate and business requirements

Azure Database Modernization

Data modernization is essential for maintaining or gaining market share by driving rapid innovation and mitigating cybersecurity threats. One approach is migrating your on-premises SQL Server-based data platform to cloud Microsoft Azure SQL Data Platform, which includes Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and SQL Server on Azure VMs. A huge part of migration is moving databases and objects from one location to another. We certainly fulfill those fundamentals but go further with a more holistic approach by considering security and trust concepts, budgeting and cost management as well as executing key postmigration steps.
Belitsoft makes sure you neither overpay for excess capacity nor face slow performance due to under-provisioning. Using Azure Migrate that maps database dependencies, we analyze your database storage and compute needs and choose the right database option to migrate based on a level of capacity, performance, and features you need
Our team ensures global data accessibility and fast performance for your mission-critical apps using Azure Cosmos DB's Global Distribution and Multi-Master Replication. This combination automatically copies data across regions for low-latency access and ensures your apps keep running even if one storage location fails
We help you boost ROI and minimize total cost of ownership by using Azure Hybrid Benefit to move your current SQL Server licenses to Azure. We also optimize costs with Microsoft Cost Management by monitoring usage, setting budget alerts, and suggesting ways to use resources efficiently, ensuring you get the best value from Azure.
Our developers ensure enterprise-grade data security and privacy using Azure SQL Database's security features like Advanced Threat Protection and Always Encrypted to monitor threats, alert you, and safeguard data. We also ensure data backup with Automated Backups and enhance security with Managed Instance's VNet Integration, keeping your database isolated and safe
We provide peak performance and stable operational efficiency with Azure SQL Managed Instance's Automatic Tuning that allows us to identify and fix inefficiencies and optimize queries for faster execution. If a tuning change doesn't boost performance, we quickly undo it, ensuring your database always keeps its peak efficiency.
The database specialists dynamically scale up and down your database resources with Azure SQL Database's Dynamic Resource Allocation that adjusts CPU, memory, and IO based on demand. Using Serverless Tier Autoscaling, we pause during inactivity and auto-resume when activity picks up, optimizing costs and keeping your database always responsive.

AWS Database Modernization

Break free from legacy databases, including on-premise and commercial ones, to fully managed AWS databases like Amazon RDS, Aurora, or Redshift
Our database experts select the right AWS purpose-built engine from 15+ options. Whether it's an in-memory database for gaming requiring microsecond responses, or a ledger database for fintech and healthcare apps requiring a complete and verifiable history of all data changes, or another use case - we’ve got you covered.
We create a clear template that describes all the required AWS resources for cloud infrastructure setup. As your business expands, we use AWS CloudFormation’s repeatable template-driven approach for deploying and managing the same AWS resources across new regions in a single operation, ensuring effortless global scaling
Our team saves weeks to months of manual database adjustment thanks to applying AWS Schema Conversion Tool that automates the conversion of the current database schema from one database engine to another
We move your data to AWS quickly, securely, and with zero data loss using AWS Database Migration Service. Then, your data can be securely stored in Amazon S3 object storage, ensuring its safety and accessibility
Our development team ensures the security you need for business-critical, enterprise workloads, harnessing AWS KMS for end-to-end encryption, Amazon VPC for network isolation, Redshift for automated backups, and more.
We help you achieve close-to-zero downtime using the built-in failover mechanisms and automated backups of Amazon RDS and Aurora. By using Amazon CloudWatch's alarms and automated actions that get activated at predefined thresholds, we're promptly alerted when anomalies arise, keeping your systems running optimally.

Database Modernization Process by Belitsoft

Belitsoft offers cost-effective database management services with performance, scalability, and flexibility. We offer low-latency data access and migration across your databases.

Smart Launch

To proceed with your migration promptly, we suggest starting and iterating with small versions. We restrict the initial project scope to a single database or a few interoperated databases for a specific business system or department.

During preliminary due diligence, we ensure that chosen systems, necessary data, and any departmental applications in use aren't omitted.

At this stage, we consider the feasibility of migrating database workloads to the Azure/AWS cloud as is, or if additional work is needed prior transitioning.

2. We set up a consistent, scalable cloud environment for the database

We use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for database modernization to automate the setup of a robust cloud foundation, including virtual networks, storage, and security configurations. Instead of manual processes, IaC uses code to build, test, and deploy databases, helping control costs and reduce risks.

3. We handle schema mapping and conversion for smooth database migration

Using specialized tools, we facilitate schema mapping, which aligns the source and target database structure and design, and conversion, which adjusts data types for the target system. This ensures data compatibility and integrity across databases.

Depending on the source's complexity, we may apply manual adjustments or custom scripts for a seamless transition.

4. We implement a stepwise data migration for optimal results

We start with a prototype migration of select tables to ensure proper configuration and address complexities. After the successful prototype, we proceed with the complete data migration, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime. This could be a one-time transfer or an incremental approach.

5. We facilitate seamless data synchronization and integration

We ensure data synchronization between the old and new systems, maintaining consistent and up-to-date information. Additionally, database developers integrate with other systems and applications, employing middleware or integration platforms to enhance seamless data flow and system interoperability.

6. We conduct thorough data testing and ensure safe deployment

We rigorously test data integrity and performance using automated frameworks, ensuring every database object is validated post-migration. Through functional and load testing, we assess user stories and system stress, adapting our monitoring to post-migration changes. In case of deployment issues, we offer a seamless rollback option.

7. We monitor and optimize post-deployment database performance

After deployment, we focus on database performance tuning to ensure future sustainability, security, and compliance with regulations. We actively monitor thresholds and anomalies, assessing database activity. Additionally, we prioritize data cleanup and decommissioning, enhancing storage efficiency and reinforcing data integrity.

8. We provide comprehensive database maintenance & support

We schedule regular maintenance windows for every DB instance, during which we implement either updates to the database engine (cluster maintenance) or the instance's underlying OS (instance maintenance) to improve database performance and enhance security. As a part of database maintenance, we leverage backup for data loss prevention and replication for resilience.

Technologies and tools we use

databases, warehouses and storage
SQL Server
Postgre SQL
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon EC2
Azure Datalake
Blob Storage
SQL Database
Synapse Analytics
Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Datastore

Frequently Asked Questions

Database modernization is upgrading an organization's existing database infrastructure and systems, enhancing performance, functionality, security, and scalability.

This can involve 

  • migrating databases to the cloud, 
  • transitioning from legacy relational databases to modern NoSQL or NewSQL databases,
  • implementing new database management tools and practices,
  • optimizing existing applications by refactoring them to offload database processing,
  • upgrading the database infrastructure by replatforming to a cost-effective solution.

Self-managed database

  • Self-managed database lacks flexibility in integrating with other systems.
  • Upfront and ongoing maintenance costs of the database are expensive.
  • The database's scaling capability is slower in meeting evolving demands.

Cloud database

  • Decouple storage from computing and leverage consumption-based pricing to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increase overall flexibility and business agility.
  • Enjoy worry-free operations with built-in auto-scaling and maintenance cycles.

By leveraging the power of PaaS and IaaS, the software vendor provides scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for managing databases in the cloud.

  • PaaS for Database Modernization. PaaS solutions allow managing both the underlying infrastructure and the database platform. This allows you to focus on what matters most - your data and applications. Our PaaS solutions handle tasks such as backups, patching, scaling, and high availability automatically, reducing operational overhead and complexity. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a modern, cloud-based database without the need for extensive database management expertise.
  • IaaS for Database Modernization. IaaS solutions offer a flexible approach to database modernization. The software vendor manages the underlying cloud infrastructure, while you retain control over the operating system and database management. This model is perfect for migrating existing databases to the cloud with minimal changes, making it an ideal choice for legacy applications that require specific database configurations.


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