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Our professional automation testing team applies advanced automation testing tools and has excellent reporting, time management, analytical, and communication skills.

Be confident in the product quality and move faster with our QA automation team who'll find problems in your software early.

Advantages of Our Automation Testing Services

Faster ROI on the Investment in Test Automation

Well-written automated tests from our test engineers will break the pattern of recurrent regression bugs by highlighting the root cause, proactively improving the quality trajectory of your software product. We will help you understand the health of the current build and how the build qualities have been changing with the test automation success rate KPI. We will optimize the ratio of test automation time to deployment time to help you move quicker.

Highest Long-Term Test Automation Stability

With QA automation company Belitsoft, you’ll ensure the health of your deployment pipelines. We'll reduce test failures to near-zero compared to the total number of test runs. Eliminate concerns about false positives and false negatives – we write reliable, stable automated tests that bring you trust in the testing process. The feedback you get from the automation will be accurate. As your software evolves, you can rely on our tests to continuously verify functionality and catch regressions.

Test Automation Effectiveness With the Goal 99%+

Hire a QA engineer to get expertly developed and refined automation scripts designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your software testing. Our goal is to make it harder for new defects to slip through undetected, and eliminate the need of additional testing efforts.

Comprehensive Test Automation Coverage

QA automation services help increase coverage. Our automated tests will validate every critical feature, component, and functionality of your application. You will be aware of what is not covered by the test automation suite and will understand exactly what manual testing efforts are needed.

Automated Software Testing Services We Provide

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing

This type of testing is used for automation of mouse clicks, keystrokes, select menu items, call object methods and so on to ensure the correct program behavior. GUI testing tools let record user actions, replay them as many times as needed, and compare actual results to what is expected. GUI testing is usually used for websites and mobile applications testing.

Unit Testing

Using this type of testing means the creation of a number of unit tests that determine if various parts of the code are acting as expected under various circumstances. Unit testing is usually used in Agile software development, and such development process is known as test-driven development (TDD). When all the tests pass, the code can be considered completed.

API Testing

API testing means verifying if APIs meet expectations for functionality, performance, reliability, and security. This type of testing is used to validate software behavior under test.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is a software testing process in which applications are tested continuously throughout the entire software development life cycle. The goal is to assess business risk coverage.

Mobile Testing Automation

Mobile test automation services include using automated scripts to run tests on multiple mobile devices simultaneously, saving time and improving app compatibility.

Native App Automation Testing
Hybrid App Automation Testing
Web App Automation Testing
Testing with emulators and physical devices
Parallel Testing on Multiple Devices

Web Testing Automation

Automated software testing company Belitsoft provides experienced automated testing engineers to thoroughly check even the most complicated web applications and ensure their speed, reliability and security are up to par. Hire a dedicated QA tester from Belitsoft to enhance the quality of your software applications through automated tests!

By type
Load Testing
Volume Testing
Compatibility Testing
Stress Testing
By approach
Data-Driven Testing
Keyword-Driven Testing
Object-Driven Testing
Hybrid Testing Methodologies
By structure
Back-end Testing
Front-end Testing
API Testing

Technologies and tools we use

Automation testing
Test Complete
Robot Framework
Quick test Pro
Security testing TOOLs
HCL AppScan
Performance testing tools
Load Runner
Visual Studio

When to Use Automated Software Testing Services

Automation testing services are especially important in the following cases:

Regression testing

to re-check many existing features after adding a new one

Repetitive tests

the ones that are the same over every testing cycle

Smoke testing

to quickly assess whether the main functionality is working and whether more testing is needed

Data-driven testing

when it is important that a feature works well with a wide variety of data

Load testing, performance testing

load testing is the process of determination of behavior of system when multiple users access it at the same time

Test Automation Frameworks We Use

To implement automated testing, a test automation framework is required. A test automation framework is an integrated system that simplifies the automation effort by offering a set of rules for the automation of a specific product. A test automation framework is responsible for creating tests for a certain type of an application, executing those tests, and generating detailed test reports. Here, at Belitsoft, we use Record & Playback, Keyword-driven, Data-driven, and Hybrid automation frameworks, depending on the project’s testing goals and budget, environment, and time frames.

Record and Playback Framework and its extension

This test automation framework helps to record user actions and replay them as many times as needed. It is rather cheap and easy to deploy. However, it has limited performance and maintenance costs can be rather high.

Data-Driven Frameworks

This advanced framework supports multiple environments and large data inputs. It has high usability, reusability, and wide test flow coverage. Even so, a Data-driven framework requires regular maintenance and manual intervention.

Keyword-Driven Framework

This framework is a good choice for many projects, different applications, environments and data sets. It has good script usability, reusability, and test flow coverage. However, it also requires regular maintenance and deep knowledge of meta-languages.

Hybrid Framework

This is the most complex framework that supports data import and export, external objects integration, and large datasets. It covers multiple applications, environments, and platforms. This framework is also highly usable and re-usable. Even so, using this framework means significant upfront investment and requires good design and implementation skills.

Our Testing Automation Tools

Using testing automation tools lets minimize our work effort and deliver high-quality software. Our applications are efficient and high- performing due to the fact that we use various automation tools such as Selenium, TestingWhiz, HPE Unified Functional Testing, TestComplete and much more. We choose our testing tools based on some criterion such as scripting language use, ease of use, a possibility of database testing, image testing, availability of detailed test reports, support for different types of test, testing frameworks, certain platforms and technologies. As a rule, we choose such automation tool that fits your overall requirements more.

Selenium is one of the most popular testing automation tools we use. This tool is widely used for web application testing, supports different OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and programming languages (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, Python and other). Selenium is the base for most other software testing tools and UI testing frameworks. This testing automation tool can execute multiple tests at a time, supports autocomplete for Selenium common commands, walkthrough tests, stores tests in different formats and has many other advantages.

Selenium WebDriver

to create regression automation suites and tests and to distribute scripts across various environments

Selenium IDE

is a plug-in for the Firefox browser that can record user actions, play them back, and generate code for WebDriver or Selenium RC.

Automated Testing Process

Testing Automation Tool Selection

First, a selected testing automation tool should fit your automation requirements and correspond to the project conditions.

Definition of Automation Scope

Here we define what test cases should be automated and what features should be covered by tests.

Test Automation Design and Development

At this stage, we develop automation scripts and schedule our activity.

Test Execution

When automation tests are ready, it’s time to run them and analyze the provided reports.

Test Automation Efficiency Measurement

After test execution is conducted, we analyze metrics as percentage of defects found, customer satisfaction index, productivity improvements and other.

Test Maintenance

Automation scripts need to be added and maintained for each release to provide their accuracy and efficiency.

Our Test Automation Engineers

Our well-versed QA-team includes experienced test leads, test designers, and team automation engineers who follow the best test automation practices. We carefully plan and design our work. Our QA-engineers start testing as early as possible and run tests as often as needed because the more you test – the more bugs can be identified, and it’s much cheaper and easier to fix them at the very beginning of project development than at the production and deployment stages. We also divide our effort according to the skill set of each QA-engineer to create robust and powerful scripts. In addition, our automated tests are reusable due to the fact that we use quality test data. With the QA-team of Belitsoft, you test faster and save your costs.

Test lead/manager

Our test lead ensure that our software test automation services meet your requirements and testing needs. This person is responsible for any arising challenges and costs.

Test designer

This person defines what test cases should be automated. In other words, he/she form the list of requirements for the automation effort.

Test automation engineer

Our test automation engineers have deep knowledge of various automation technologies and frameworks and closely work with our development team.

Quick turnaround

  • Depending on the location of the client, our working days can share 2-8 hours. This speeds up communication and improves mutual understanding.
  • Choose Fixed Price, T&M, Dedicated team or their combination - whichever is best for your project.

Domain expertise

  • Everyone claims to be among the best companies for automation testing. We can show a few things to back it up.
  • Our automation testing company successfully tested multiple projects in eLearning, eCommerce, Healthcare, Finances and other fields. 100% of our QA engineers have a Computer Science degree.
  • Belitsoft employees stay with the company for at least three years, minimizing risk to your team consistency.

Be Confident Your Secrets are Secure

  • We guarantee your property protection policy using Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract signed prior to the start of work
  • Your legal team is welcome to make any necessary modifications to the documents to ensure they align with your requirements
  • We also implement multi-factor authentication and data encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information while working with your software

Mentally Synced With Your Team

  • Commitment to business English proficiency enables the staff of our offshore software development company to collaborate as effectively as native English speakers, saving you time
  • We create a hybrid composition, where our engineers work with your team members in tandem
  • Work with individuals who comprehend US and EU business climate and business requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Automated software testing is a process when special software tools are used to execute pre-scripted tests. Sometimes, manual testing does not meet expectations, is rather laborious, time and cost consuming. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to apply automated testing that significantly simplifies the testing effort and provides fast test execution. Automated testing tools are used for executing tests, reporting results, and comparing them with earlier test runs. Test automation is intended to the automation of repetitive tasks, product installation, test data creation, defect logging, GUI interaction and much more. Automated testing is important for providing continuous testing and continuous delivery.

Automated tests can run repeatedly and quickly with minimal human intervention, making the process more cost-effective in the long run, especially for projects with lengthy development cycles or frequent releases. Automated tests are required for continuous integration and delivery.

Automated tests can cover complex test cases that would be time-consuming and error-prone if performed manually. Automated tests can accurately simulate load testing that may be challenging or impossible to replicate manually.

Automated tests can be run in parallel, allowing for efficient testing of  platforms, or scenarios simultaneously.

Automated testing should focus on the core functionalities and features that are critical to the business. These are typically the areas that have the highest impact on users and revenue.

Test cases that need to be run repeatedly, such as smoke tests, regression tests, or test suites that run after every code change, are ideal candidates for automation.

Test cases that require large amounts of data or need to be executed with various data sets are well-suited for automation.

Tests that involve verifying an application's behavior across different browsers, operating systems, or devices are excellent candidates for automation.

Test cases that require significant effort and time when performed manually are prime candidates for automation. Examples include tests involving complex setup or teardown processes, tests that require multiple steps or interactions, or tests that involve waiting for specific conditions or timeouts.

Tests that involve repetitive tasks, precise calculations, or complex data manipulations are susceptible to human errors and should be automated to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Certain tests, such as load testing, performance testing, or simulating large numbers of concurrent users.

Tests that need to be executed across multiple hardware or software environments, such as different operating systems, databases, or servers, are well-suited for automation.

Tests that take a significant amount of time to complete, such as stress tests or tests involving long-running processes, are good candidates for automation.


Manual and Automated Testing to Cut Costs by 40% for Cybersecurity Software Company
Manual and Automated Testing to Cut Costs by 40% for Cybersecurity Software Company
Belitsoft has built a team of 70 QA engineers for performing regression, functional, and other types of software testing, which cut costs for the software cybersecurity company by 40%.
Software Testing for Fast Release & Smooth Work of Resource Management App
Software Testing for Fast Release & Smooth Work of Resource Management App
The international video production enterprise Technicolor partnered with Belitsoft to get cost-effective help with software testing for faster releases of new features and higher overall quality of the HRM platform.

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