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Our Client is an international enterprise Technicolor SA that specializes in providing video production services globally. The company has offices in the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, and India.

During the last years, Technicolor and Belitsoft have worked on 2 projects, where software testing has always accompanied the software development to ensure high functionality, security, and UI of the solutions.


Managing human resources within a company with 17,000+ employees on board requires full visibility of all HR processes. They can achieve this by using a robust Resource Management system.

And Technicolor had a custom Resource Management app in use. But as the company was growing in line with the number of employees and projects, their software couldn't fully and effectively manage the company's Human Resource and Project Management processes anymore. It definitely required an upgrade.

When contacting Belitsoft, the primary goal and request of the enterprise was fast and quality delivery of new functionality while maintaining the high performance of the entire platform.

The company was looking for a supplier to count on not only in developing but also in testing the functionality of the newly developed features.

So they needed a partner, capable of providing a full scale of software development services, for having a single point of contact and a single team responsible for delivering a top-tier product.

Having a positive experience with Belitsoft in developing a custom LMS, Technicolor pitched on our team as a partner for their new project.


Technicolor needed a team to cost-effectively help them with automated and manual QA for faster releases of new features and higher product quality.

And that's what Belitsoft has been successfully fulfilling for over 2 years.

Our team has applied both automated and manual software testing:

  • Automated software testing is perfect for highly repeatable functional test cases and checking large amounts of data in the shortest term.
  • Manual testing is the core approach in usability testing, complex or specific test scenarios.

QA Software Testing Services

The key purpose of software testing is to ensure a smooth and fast work of a software product to make it easy to use and highly responsive for end users.

Our team examines the functionality of the newly developed features from various aspects by applying different software testing.

Ensuring excellent overall software performance

  • Functional testing helps verify the conformance of the application or system to functional or requirement specifications.
  • Performance testing identifies and eliminates the performance bottlenecks in the software. The test focuses on checking the stability, scalability, and speed of a system under a certain workload.
  • Migration testing is performed when moving data to new databases to compare migrated data with the original to detect any discrepancies.

Enhancing User Experience

  • Usability testing implies observing users' behavior while using an app to uncover areas of confusion and to find where to improve the UX.
  • GUI testing is the check-up of the Graphical User Interface of the software to ensure that its functionalities work as per specifications. It involves checking screens, menus, buttons, icons, and other controls.

Integrating New Features Smoothly

  • Integration testing is performed to make sure that an added feature works smoothly and correctly with the existing feature set.
  • Regression testing of previously developed functions is applied after adding every new feature. It helps to ensure that adding new functionality doesn't affect the overall system functionality.

Tools and Technologies

Visual Studio
SQL Server Management Studio
Katalon recorder
Google Sheet
Vue Tools


Arranging Software Testing Process

Phase 1. Performing testing of previously built features.

When Technicolor assigned the project to Belitsoft, they had certain platform functionality that had to be tested.

The company didn't have enough in-house capacity, so they needed to outsource these tasks.

Our team tested, fixed bugs when necessary, and delivered a bug-free result.

They applied mostly functional and regression testing types at this stage.

When a milestone was complete, the next phase began immediately.

Phase 2. Applying a bundle of testing methods for ongoing development.

At this stage, Belitsoft has worked both on customization of the existing functionality, custom development of new features, and software testing.

Once a new feature is developed, the team of QA engineers steps in to test new functionality. They tested separately the new features at first (performance, usability, GUI testing, etc.), and then again after integration into the system and before launching (regression and performance testing).

Agility in Software Testing

The cooperation of Technicolor and Belitsoft is based on the Agile approach to guarantee full flexibility.

We have chosen it as the best option in the situation when tasks scope and priority frequently change.

The Client can reach out anytime to put a new task, and the stakeholders feel assured in getting results in time.

When additional work was needed spontaneously, our team jumped in without hesitation.

The team responded to all the Client's questions and feedback immediately. The entire team did their very best to fulfill the Client's goals to the highest standard.

Team Scope Scalability

Belitsoft had a pool of resources to assign full time specifically for Technicolor needs. We could easily pull in or out QA engineers with the required specialties as the Client needed them.

In the first phase, when previously developed features had to be tested, assigning 1 experienced QA engineer sufficed to complete the tasks.

In the second phase, the workload significantly grew up due to the testing of new features. And Belitsoft added two more specialists to the project.


The primary result of the provided software testing services is the timely delivery of a smoothly working app with all the requested functionality and great UX.

While steadily developing and testing new features for the Resource Management software on a grand scale, our teams have communicated regularly to make sure the right things are getting addressed. Belitsoft's team has held regular meetings to stay efficient, and they have always supplied the Client with honest and frank upfront feedback.

Because of our mutual work, we've customized and improved the functionality of the Technicolor Resource Management Software and helped the international enterprise automate important business flows and save their resources.


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