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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Our migration solutions and expertise can help you achieve business objectives through the cloud more efficiently and consistently.

We support businesses of all scales to make a successful transition to and excel in AWS.

Belitsoft has the organizational, operational, and technical capabilities needed for a seamless migration of either individual workloads or entire data centers.

With a wide range of app modernization and AWS cloud migration services based on applying industry-specific solutions and advanced tools, you can maximize the business advantages of AWS.

infrastructure cost savings
increase in administrator productivity
lower time to market for new features
increase in staff focus on innovation
fewer security-related incidents

AWS Cloud Migration Services

Belitsoft offers end-to-end migration services that help businesses in moving their applications and the entire infrastructure to AWS. We create an iterative process, leading to a faster and more smooth transfer. Our team uses rich AWS migration tools to automate and accelerate each step of the migration process.

Discovery and Assessment

Before migrating to the cloud, the cloud specialists from Belitsoft assess your organization's readiness and identify desired business outcomes. We rely on official and reliable AWS tools to evaluate on-premises resources, build cost projections, and provide detailed guidance for migration and modernization strategies, best practices, and manuals.

Migration Plan Development

The Belitsoft cloud team refines your business case and creates a thorough migration plan. We consider the common migration strategies to examine transferring options. Our team uses official tools like AWS Application Discovery Service or Migration Partner Solutions to automate the planning and foundation of a baseline environment. We improve business agility while maintaining control over cost, compliance, and security.

App Modernization for Migration

We accelerate the process of updating your software applications, making it easier to gradually improve your existing code without changing its function. Our team can manage both your existing applications and newer, microservices-based systems as part of this modernization process. We ensure your business can quickly recover from any technical disasters, and we help upgrade your operating systems or licenses to the latest versions. We take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud computing provider, and tools like Migration Hub Refactor Spaces to assist in the comprehensive process of application modernization.

Application Migration Services

Belitsoft helps businesses quickly and efficiently migrate their Windows, SAP, VMware, and mainframe workloads to the cloud. We use AWS tools like AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) or VMware Cloud on AWS for rapid lift-and-shift migration of multiple applications. We ensure uninterrupted business operations while replicating applications, streamline your migration to AWS, and simplify the management of dependencies between different tools. To achieve that, our team automates the lift-and-shift process to eliminate many labor-intensive manual tasks involved in migrating large-scale enterprise applications.

Data Migration Services

Belitsoft team streamlines, automates, and speeds up data migration to and between AWS storage services, considering the nature of data and its type, network resources available, and other factors. Data transfer is easy with our services. With AWS, you get access to various tools that cater to different data types, including files, databases, machine images, block volumes, and tape backups, to facilitate a smooth migration process. AWS also offers simple scripting, or CLI tools to move data from your site into AWS cloud storage. Encryption secures data in transit and at rest.

Optimizing Cloud Operations

Moving to a reliable, secure, and well-established AWS cloud platform can also help businesses lower and reduce business costs. For that, our developers optimize the operations of your AWS infrastructure in line with application performance in the cloud. We help businesses achieve optimal outcomes from their migration efforts by enhancing security and compliance, leveraging existing tools and processes, and maximizing the benefits of migration.

Migrate your application workloads to AWS

Migrate Microsoft Infrastructure

Belitsoft has been assisting businesses with migrating their Microsoft workloads to the cloud for years. As a result, we have gained the confidence of millions of active customers who now benefit from improved performance and reliability, enhanced security, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and adaptable licensing options for their Windows Server, SQL Server, and .NET workloads.

Migrate NET Applications

Belitsoft enables businesses to migrate and modernize their .NET applications on the AWS Cloud. Our industry-leading services in containers, serverless, databases, machine learning, and more can help you develop high-performance .NET applications. We also proficiently incorporate AWS tools that streamline the .NET process.

Migrate SAP Solutions

Whether you intend to shift your existing ECC to reduce costs, migrate to SAP S/4HANA, or explore novel opportunities with AWS services, you can rely on our unparalleled experience, infrastructure, and comprehensive platform to derive innovation and greater value from your SAP investments.

Migrate Mainframe Ecosystem

AWS provides solutions for migrating and modernizing your mainframe infrastructure and applications. You can utilize our certified partners, automated tools, and proven methodologies to rehost, refactor, or re-platform your mainframe infrastructure and applications. This will enable you to drive innovation, agility, and cost savings. You can confidently move your critical mainframe ecosystem to a secure and scalable cloud environment with global reach.

Top 5 AWS Tools We Use to Migrate Your Software

AWS Application Discovery provides comprehensive insights into organization’s on-premises data centers prior to starting the migration process. The key benefits of using AWS Application Discovery Service include detailed migration planning based on collecting data about server specifications, performance metrics, and network connectivity details to facilitate accurate cost estimates. Data encryption both in transit and at rest ensures your data is secure throughout the migration process.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program contributes a comprehensive strategy for efficient and easy migration. This program identifies any gaps in the migration plan and prioritizes the needs. The organization and their migration partner work together to create a robust transition plan that enables the business to move their workloads on scale.

AWS Application Migration Service suggests MGN, suitable for lift-and-shift migrations because of its modern automation. MGN reduces overall costs with its all-in-one solution. It minimizes interruption and downtime, so that your business can keep working normally during the migration process.

AWS Database Migration Service helps migrate databases to AWS rapidly, securely, and with minimal disruption. AWS Database Migration Service is easy to use - only a few clicks. The service is highly resilient and self-healing, ensuring that databases remain fully operational and synchronized throughout migration, leading to very little downtime. It supports data sourcing from most commercial and open-source databases, and data migration between different platforms is possible.

AWS Prescriptive Guidance provides strategies, guides, and patterns to optimize your migration plan. Strategies involve business perspectives, methodologies, and frameworks for cloud migration and modernization. Guides provide best practices, planning and implementation strategies, and tools to help architects, managers, and technical leads during the migration process. Patterns offer step-by-step instructions, architectures, tools, and code for implementing common migration, optimization, and modernization scenarios.

Why Migrate with Belitsoft

quality Years of Hands-on Expertise

You get desired business outcomes using a comprehensive suite of first-party and third-party tools and services provided by Belitsoft. We are constantly improving our services based on customer experience.

Flexibility End-to-End Services

We apply a broad set of AWS capabilities, including programs, tools, and solutions designed to help you streamline your cloud migration process at its every phase.

Time Security and Confidence

The team of Belitsoft's cloud professionals safely migrates your infrastructure to the cloud and delivers a secure and worldwide cloud presence for your apps by using authorized, reliable, and time-proven tools and strategies.


Proof of concept for validating the Idea of Cloud-Based Virtual Fuel Cards for a Logistics Startup
Proof of concept for validating the Idea of Cloud-Based Virtual Fuel Cards for a Logistics Startup
We made Proof of Concept and Business Analysis to help the logistics startup validate the business idea of cloud-based virtual fuel cards before starting the full-scale development process.
Azure Cloud Migration for a Global Creative Technology Company
Azure Cloud Migration for a Global Creative Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated to Azure the IT infrastructure around one of the core business applications of the global creative technology company.

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