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Software Development Outsourcing Services

At Belitsoft offshore software development company we offer software development outsourcing services.

As an experienced application development service provider, Belitsoft can assure that software outsourcing is a great way for businesses to compensate for the lack of their internal expertise and limited budget. Working with Belitsoft, you team up top experts ready to outsource your software projects with quality and enthusiasm.

Our Outsourcing Software Development Services

Get a qualified development team to create your desktop, mobile, and web applications. The team also covers custom software testing, design, and support.

Outsourcing developers

Hire motivated, technologically capable developers that are great at finding creative solutions. Our outsourcing software development company will help you get junior, middle, and senior engineers that have mastered all kinds of technology stacks.

Software product development outsourcing

Cover the complete software development lifecycle with our professionals. We build your product from A to Z, creating software that can sustain any number of users, be fast, responsive, and good-looking.

Get your website & web app created by the leading developers. Our team applies modern technologies to get even robust, complicated projects done.

Create your mobile application with our professional software outsourcing services. Belitsoft will provide resources at a good cost to build out the product hitting the dates that you set out.

We provide powerful enterprise-level data centers and hardware for all kinds of projects. This saves your time, money, and enhances security.

Get a team that blends incredibly well with yours to make one team. You will reduce recruitment costs, get top-notch talent, and scale faster to push your product forward.

Our test designers, leads, and engineers will ensure you get a bug-free application. Get people who can take responsibility and ownership over their work without the need to direct people every day, telling them what to do.

We build a dedicated support team for projects of any scale. The specialists work with online tickets, live chats and ensure your product is supported 24/7.

Outsourcing models we offer

Staff augmentation

Hire experienced developers that could ramp up and down, depending on your project scope. Our seasoned engineers have experience in various industries, including EdTech, MedTech, FinTech, e-commerce, and other development areas. Hire our experts now!

We will keep the appropriate technology staff on your project long enough to make meaningful progress and solve your business challenges. We analyze your project’s requirements to select the experts with the appropriate backgrounds and tech stacks. They create flawless software that reaches your business goals.

Full process software development

Our professional team takes on your project from the requirements to delivery, covering the complete product development lifecycle. You get designers, engineers, and testers who ensure you get a top-tier application.

Outsourcing process of software development

Belitsoft’s outsourcing software development services will provide resources as quickly as you need them, expand your development capacity, bring high-level skills or domain knowledge, and fit with your team perfectly. Check out our processes below.

  • Defining the requirements. Before taking on any project, we analyze all your requirements in detail. This helps us determine the needed specialists and choose the experts with the most appropriate backgrounds.
  • Setting milestones. Our project managers set the deadlines for each development stage. They also apply Agile, Scrum, and other methodologies to make the work process more efficient.
  • Designing a prototype. The team creates a preliminary version of your product’s MVP. You can evaluate the project’s features and general appearance in practice. During this stage, you can still add new functions to the app.
  • Testing the app. Our outsourcing QA team ensures your software is error-free. The testers apply manual and automated testing methods to detect all issues. As a result, you get a perfect solution.
  • Deployment. Once the development and testing stages are complete, the outsource team deploys your software. Your target audience can now use the application.
  • Maintenance & support. After completing the project, the team can provide updates and fix detected bugs. You can discuss the terms in advance to ensure there’s an outsource team to back you up.

Why choose Belitsoft

Our it outsourcing team is ready to start right away, add people and scale up or down quickly when you need it. In addition, we provide resources at a good cost.

Agile outsourcing
Agile outsourcing

Our team combines the advantages of different methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and others when developing your software. This results in a flexible and efficient approach.

No-Compromise Quality
No-Compromise Quality

Belitsoft’s Quality Management System ensures the design, development, testing, and technical maintenance of the software meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Adequate security in place to protect your IP
Adequate security in place to protect your IP

You own all intellectual assets, patents, copyrights, and all project data created by our developers during your collaboration. Read more in our article about outsource software development Agreement.

Labour costs reduction


If new business tasks require specific knowledge that your in-house workers do not possess, you either can train them or find new qualified developers.

Imagine what could have happened if your staff was struggling with both core and non-core duties while trying to update themselves on the latest industry tendencies. It would not only be hard for them to finish current tasks successfully but also to take up new ones.

Outsourced developers are usually much cheaper to hire than in-house specialists:

no recruitment, training, and personnel retention costs;

no need to pay for a social package, insurance, etc;

these specialists work on their own premises and have their own equipment;

there is no need to transform the organization (for example, to create an IT department from scratch) and no need to postpone IT plans;

in Eastern Europe - local IT experts’ salary is much lower as compared to those in Western countries.

Valuable knowledge exchange

Offshore dedicated teams share tasks with onsite specialists. Your employees will cooperate with the outsourced dedicated teams. In fact, the right approach may lead to a valuable knowledge exchange between your home specialists and outsourced developers, good both for them and for the whole company.

Risks of outsourcing software development

Here are some points that might pose a serious threat to the success of outsourcing arrangement and need to be taken into consideration.

Lack of technical skills, methodologies, and experience of your possible outsourced vendor to fulfill your project effectively.

Your vendor will not stay in business for the whole duration of your project.

Misunderstanding between outsourced developers and a customer caused by cultural differences, technical reasons, and different time zones.

Poor understanding of customer’s business by your vendor.

Very complex legal issues. Offshore outsourcing services cover many areas of law, for both the client’s and vendor’s countries

How to control risks

Being specialists in software outsourcing, Belitsoft can assure you that these problems can be solved or avoided if approached professionally:

Assess the capabilities of a vendor

by examining its previous projects and turning to their customers for references. The best companies that provide outsourced software development care much about gaining a positive reputation.

Take your time to examine the legal issues

for both sides – it will save you from hassle in the future. Your potential vendor should be careful with your confidential data.

Make your demands clear to your vendor

(your objectives, expected results, etc.) and discuss the finest technical details beforehand. Find out what solutions they offer to guarantee the success of your project.

Make sure the communication infrastructure is stable and secure

Agree on time adjustments if you outsource to a company located in another time zone.

Pay attention to scheduling

Set intervals of time at which you expect to receive information on the progress of your project development. If you define what and when should be done, you are more likely to be in control at all stages and to actually know at which stage the development process is now.

You should know how your software works

Architectural documents and installation instructions (knowledge management) should be written along with software development.

We live in a competitive world. To be successful, IT outsourcing services providers must ensure maximum quality of the cooperation process. Top-level vendors always do their best to maintain a good reputation. Belitsoft is no exception.


Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Offshore Dedicated Team at 40% Lower Cost
Our client is a high-tech company. They’ve grown into a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions (both software and hardware). Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises.
15+ Senior Developers to scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment
Senior Developers to scale BI Software
Belitsoft is providing staff augmentation service for the Independent Software Vendor and has built a team of 16 highly skilled professionals, including .NET developers, QA automation, and manual software testing engineers.
FDA Cleared Software as a Medical Device (Mobile Stethoscope App) Development
FDA Cleared Software as a Medical Device (Mobile Stethoscope App) Development
Our client is a Canada-based HealthTech startup, aspiring to transform global clinical outcomes by making heart condition detection and diagnosis more accessible. Collaborating with Belitsoft's development team, the company revolutionized healthcare with the creation of their unique medical device software.
Proof of concept for validating the Idea of Cloud-Based Virtual Fuel Cards for a Logistics Startup
Proof of concept for validating the Business Idea for a Logistics Startup
We made Proof of Concept and Business Analysis to help the logistics startup validate the business idea of cloud-based virtual fuel cards before starting the full-scale development process.
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Belitsoft has helped the Client to customize web and mobile applications that сombine EHR clinical data with patient-generated health data.

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